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May 2004

Supplier Newsline

Tigercat 5702 Felling Saw
Tigercats latest addition to its felling head line-up is the 5702. This big timber single post saw supersedes the 5700. It is lighter and includes such enhancements for big timber felling as a full 23 (585mm) cut and a 52 (1,320 mm) throat opening. Strength to weight ratio has been optimized. The 5702 is suited to tall and oversized trees, natural stand felling, swamp timber and top heavy hardwood. It can be fitted to the 822/L830 series machines and 860/870 series bunchers, but is best suited to the 724D and 726 series drive-to-tree models. The 5702 is available with three wrist options when equipped on track feller bunchers: 30 degree single cylinder; 110 degree dual cylinder; or 340 degree motor drive. Like all Tigercat felling heads, the 5702 accumulates smaller diameter timber for improved productivity. www.tigercat.com  Readers Service Card #4108

BioForest Partners With BVQI
Craig Howard, managing director of BioForest Technologies, a multi-disciplinary forestry services company in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, and BVQI have partnered to provide forest certification and environmental management system services for the Canadian market. BVQI, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bureau Veritas Corporation, is a global company providing a full range of value-added, second and third party registration and auditing services. It has a worldwide client base of over 52,000 and a network of offices in more than 60 countries. It can provide global reach with a local touch service, through the expertise of its highly skilled professional auditors. For more information contact Craig Howard at (705) 942-5824 choward@bioforest.org, or Steve Ruddell of BVQI at (716) 484-9002 sruddell@bvquin.com. Readers Service Card #4109

Caterpillar 247B and 257B Multi Terrain Loaders
The Caterpillar 247B and 257B Multi Terrain Loaders are replacing the original 247 and 257 models. They feature new turbocharged engines, improved hydraulic forces, redesigned operator station components, and design changes that improve reliability and serviceability. The loaders are compact, rubber-tracked machines designed for versatility, flotation, traction, stability and ride quality, combining the technology of the Cat Skid Steer Loaders and a suspended track undercarriage. The suspended undercarriage transfers machine weight to the ground through 24 wheeled contact points bearing against 59 (1499 mm) of track on ground for very low ground pressure. The 247B has an operating capacity of 1,950 lbs (885 kg). The 257B is 2,310 lbs (1047 kg). And both loaders feature the Cat 3024C T engine. The models offer greater breakout forces than their predecessors. The 247B has radial lift linkage, and the 257B features vertical lift linkage for improved loading and materials handling capabilities. www.cat.com. Readers Service Card #4110

Leadership Changes for USNRs
Quebec Operations USNR, the largest US-based manufacturer of sawmill equipment, has announced that Eric Brousseau and Pierre Berthiaume have been promoted to co-manage USNRs operations in Plessisville, Quebec. Eric Brousseau and Pierre Berthiaume replace Ron Brousseau, who recently retired after a long and productive career in the forest products equipment business. USNR acquired its Plessisville operations from the Forano Group in June 2001. Readers Service Card #4111

SOFTAC - MORRIS INX Lineal Grade Scanner
SOFTAC Systems Ltd of Surrey, British Columbia and MORRIS-SOFTAC of Creola, Alabama have recently completed an exclusive agreement with INX of Finland for the distribution of the SOFTAC INX Lineal Grade Scanners in North America. The Lineal Grade Scanner detects knots, holes, splits, decay, defect and wane on high speed applications on edger lines for both softwood and hardwood. Precise wane profile, high scan density and true colour definition make for high investment returns in both new and retrofit applications. Infeed tables that are smaller, less complicated, low maintenance and non-skewing are all that is required to transfer flitches through the scanner. SOM (self organized mapping) programming technology makes calibration and defect identification easy. The INX Lineal Grade Scanner will add to SOFTACs existing line of transverse scanners and will be complete with all associated infeed and outfeed lumber handling equipment. www.softacsys.com  Readers Service Card #4112

Extended Hauling Season in BC
The BC provincial government has approved the use of automated tire pressure control systems to allow industrial hauling on the back roads during previously closed time periods, helping increase opportunities for BCs forest industry. BCs forest, mining and oil and gas industries will achieve increased cost savings and improved product quality as a result of increased access to back roads during the spring thaw ban, says Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon. The tire pressure control systems allow truckers to automatically reduce and increase tire pressures to pre-set optimum levels over the course of their trip, based on data entered into an on-board computer. Companies participating in ministry pilot programs in 2001 and 2003 reported significant cost savings with the systems. One company said they saved as much as $200,000 over four weeks. Tire pressure control systems are expected to cost approximately $20,000 for a typical truck/tire combination. www.gov.bc.ca. Readers Service Card #4113

Key Planer Head
The Key Planer Head is providing the lumber industry with increased production potential and a superior lumber finish, says the manufacturer. The innovative head design and the use of Key Knifes patented ridge strip knife allows for up to 100 per cent more knives in the same diameter head. By increasing the number of cuts per inch, Key Knifes Key Planer Head delivers a superior quality finish and allows for an increase in the production rate without sacrificing quality. Additional benefits include longer knife life and the elimination of knife grinding. www.keyknife.com  Readers Service Card #4114

Volvo Launches L50E Wheel Loader
The new Volvo L50E wheel loader is powered by Volvos latest inline four-cylinder D4DLAE2 diesel engine, capable of delivering 101 hp at 2,200 rpm and certified according to Step 2 emission legislation. The new low-emission engine delivers high torque at low rpm for high performance and low fuel consumption. The L50E features an intelligent and powerful load sensing hydraulic system that delivers the exact amount of hydraulic oil flow when and where its needed. The rear axle cradle is greased for life. And it has a standard fuel filter with water separator and oil trap to reduce service and maintenance time. The machine weighs 18,078 to 20,723 lbs, and has a bucket capacity of 1.6 cubic yards. www.volvo.com  Readers Service Card #4114

New Line of Rotators and MPB Swing Dampers
Hultdins is introducing a complete new line of Indexator Rotators and MPB Swing Dampers for forwarders and harvesters. The MPB Multi Plate Brake system features a large disc brake assembly with high braking power, long life, and extended service intervals. The new MPB Swing Dampers are service friendly with long periods between adjustments and are simple to maintain. The company says users have reported increased productivity, with smoother and more accurate attachment control. www.hultdins.com  Readers Service Card #4115

LOGOSOL Announces New M7 Sawmill
Logosol announces the new M7 Portable Sawmill. Swedish designer Mattias Bystrom says, This sawmill is longer, stronger, and more accurate than the M5. Logosol has sold over 15,000 of its sawmills worldwide, and this model is the culmination of years of designing quality, simple, safe and inexpensive solutions for processing timber. This model uses the same cutting technology as the 50 kg M5, but the sawmill framework has been completely reworked. It is made of anodized extruded aluminum, precision-tooled to fit together perfectly. http://silvanatrading.com/logosol/index.htm. Readers Service Card #4116

Komatsu PC300LL-7
Komatsu Canada Limited (KCL) had introduced the PC300LL-7, its first Dash 7 purpose-built forestry machine featuring two new forestry track frame optionshigh/wide and standard clearanceand woods-tough guarding and cab/riser packages. Durability and performance are increased by incorporating swing and track components from the next-larger-size-class excavator. Built standard with many of the undercarriage protection and performance features formerly handled at aftermarket, the PC300LL-7 operates at 242 hp with a swing torque of 96,503 ft/lbs for log loading (both heel-type and butt n top methods), shovel logging and road building applications. The PC300LL-7 can be configured to meet two applicationslog loader and road builderto offer a truly purpose-built machine tailored to the industrys needs. The Dash 7 cab, with a newly-designed guarding system that meets all current and known future regulations, will be available with three cab risers: 15, 48 and 60. www.komatsu.ca  Readers Service Card #4117

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