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March 2006 - The Logging and Sawmilling Journal





Baker Products

The model 3650E Baker Super Streak stationary band sawmill was built for high-production, industrial sawmilling. It’s equipped with a 50 hp electric motor and other production-boosting features. The 2”, thin-kerf band blade is driven by two 36”, all-metal band wheels.

Computer setworks are standard on the Super Streak. It uses a servo motor, so the setworks are three times faster, yet still very accurate, according to the company. After making a cut, the saw head is quickly returned for the next pass. Cut material can exit the saw in either of two directions.

The 21’ mill has four fence arms, dual clamps, heavier chain drive, and is hydraulically controlled with joysticks and a foot pedal. There is even an “Auto Mode” in which the computer setworks will make several cuts in a row without operator intervention.

Clarke’s Custom Steel Inc

The Clarke portable sawmills are manufactured in Lindsay, Ontario, by Clarke’s Custom Steel Inc. Clarke’s has been a family operated business for over 35 years, and produces five models of manual and hydraulic sawmills. All the mills will cut hard and softwood logs up to 30” in diameter and 20’ long. Bed extensions of any length are also available.

Mills are designed with a solid twin rail frame on a single axle. They all come with an easy-to-change, 1-1⁄4” or 1-1⁄2” band saw blade available in .042 gauge for accurate cutting and less lumber waste; four jacks with a 20,000-lb capacity that can be set up in 10 minutes; a trailer package featuring a single axle with 3,500-lb capacity, steel fenders, a 2” ball and safety chains; and a clamping system to secure round or square logs.

Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge offers customized sawmills to suit each operation. The basic models start at 30” wide, and come in 16’, 20’ and 24’ lengths, with the option of having them built longer, taller or wider.

The company’s sawmills have the capacity to cut logs 30”, 40” and 50” in diameter and come with the features operators want, including: a mechanical log leveler (with or without rollers); hydraulic turner; clamp and dog, bevel siding attachment; trailer package; gas, electric or diesel motors; and hydraulic mud knife/debarker, among others.

The portable sawmills incorporate a unique, twin-pack power system. One power pack drives the saw hydraulics on the top half of the unit, while the lower power pack handles all other functions. This design enables the user to run a conveyor or other machinery, and still operate the sawmill at maximum capacity.

D & L Double Cut Sawmills

D & L Double Cut Sawmills has improved on its versatile EcoSaw, and is now offering a hydrostatic model. A separate power pack provides a higher level of power and performance, says the company. The lightweight carriage assembles quicker and easier, yet provides a more stable cut.

The company is also introducing its D & L Swing Blade model. Combining the powerhouse performance of its TwinSaw Model with the swing blade technology of its EcoSaw, this new line of portable sawmills is fast, versatile, and powerful enough to take portable sawmilling to the next level.

D & L Double Cut Sawmills has several EcoSaw models and options to choose from, including a slabbing attachment and slab sanding disc. The EcoSaw can average approximately 470 board feet per hour. Whether the equipment is for the weekend hobbyist or a full-time sawyer, D & L Double Cut can provide an EcoSaw solution to meet the operation’s needs.

Hud-Son Forest Equipment

Hud-Son offers a number of new products, such as the two-in-one horizontal- vertical Little Joe wood splitter. It comes standard with a 6.5 hp Briggs and Stratton engine, 24-ton split and 25-3/4 “ wood will fit under the wedge.

The new K-Saw Firewood Processor comes with a log loader that also doubles as a log deck and uses a 6.5 hp Briggs and Stratton engine that powers the log loader and infeed conveyor. It can split big blocks over 20” in diameter and comes with a 2” ball hitch.

The LJM, Little Joe Manual mini processor, comes complete with splitter. It will accept up to 20” diameter logs and comes with a 36” cutting bar.

Lastly, the LJH, Little Joe Hydraulic mini processor, has all of the LJM features but uses three separate hydraulic pumps. It has a hydraulic cut off saw, hydraulic feed, splitter and loader.


Heartwood Saw is a Canadian company specializing in the manufacturing of portable and stationary horizontal bandsaw mills, resaws and related sawmill equipment.

The model 310 bandsaw mill uses a six-blade system, which provides a solution for those sawyers who are looking for daily production of at least 5,000 board feet. It can handle logs 36” in diameter by 20’ in length, and frame extensions are available to accommodate longer logs. Several log home manufacturers have utilized the Heartwood 310 to process logs from 60’ to 88’ in length. In business since 1993, Heartwood has expanded its line to include edgers, decks, trim saws and conveyors and can provide sawmilling solutions to small, medium and large commercial lumber producers.

Isaac Ironworks Ltd

The SVME02 from Isaac Ironworks is said to be an obvious choice for the serious sawyer. Whether it involves managing a woodlot full time, sawing corral planking, railway ties or making furniture grade lumber, the SVME02 fits the bill, says the company. It features an all-welded frame, 13 hp Honda engine, 20” band wheels, 1-1/4” band, with 24” by 16.6’ capacity. Options include extensions to any length, a trailer package, band saw sharpeners and setters.

All parts are easily replaceable from local bearing supply companies. The mill is said to be easy to operate, and because of its affordability and basic construction methods, the SVME02 has become the company’s most popular selling bandmill.

(780) 351-2278.

Lynnwood Sawmills/ Mahoe

Mahoe Sawmills of New Zealand has been manufacturing two-blade portable sawmills for decades and its mills are in use throughout the South Pacific. The sawmills require minimal mainte-nance. The three-cylinder, water cooled motor runs for a considerable length of time on five gallons of gas, the blades cut smoothly and can be sharpened on the mill, and the boards come off true and within a sixteenth of an inch, says the company.

The Minimax Sawmill was designed to keep the purchase price down without compromising strength, power, efficiency or quality. It’s powered by a Daihatsu 32 hp industrial petrol (turbo diesel option available) engine. With blades 26” vertical and 18” horizontal, the Minimax produces four to six cubic metres in eight hours.

The Super Mill is fully hydraulic, portable on its own trailer and easily set up by two people. It’s powered by an 83 hp Detroit-Diesel, water cooled, turbo. The larger blades are 30” vertical and 16” horizontal, and it can handle logs 1.5 metres in diameter and six metres in length.

Micromill System Inc

Micromill’s SLP3000D and the SLP5000E are designed to process 25,000 to 100,000 cubic metres per year and are suitable for small and medium size operations. The modular design makes assembly and breakdown simple and allows frequent re-location with minimum downtime.

The mills produce cants and/or dimensional lumber from logs with or without bark in a single pass. The core of each machine is a compact saw box containing the unique chipping head configuration. The two-stage system combines a four-head chipping process with double arbor rip sawing.

The mills produce four-sided cants and/or lumber from logs 3” to 13” in diameter and 5’ to 20’ long. Every component of the mill system can be configured to meet the specifics required of each application. Log infeed can be enhanced with a heavy-duty, sharp chain pre-feed table. Diesel or electric power configurations give operators the choice of stationary or mobile applications. And optional blowers and conveyor systems are available.

Logs to Lumber/Kara

Logs to Lumber offers the KARA F2000 sawmill, which is said to combine mobility and excellent sawing characteristics. It has a robust steel beam frame, firm telescopic legs adjustable from above and steel tube rollers supporting the table. It can be used for one-man operations as well as small sawmill plants.

The through-running table can be driven past the blade, which enables operators to utilize the table to its full length, and both table halves have their own chain drive.

Transport wheels can be left in place during sawing. The F2000 is quickly mounted horizontally. The central part can also be equipped with hydraulic support legs. The table movement and block feeding roller are controlled by a single hand lever. Control placement makes it possible for the operator to reach the best ergonomic positions and it’s equipped with safety guards that meet CE-regulations.

Mighty Mite

Mighty Mite has enhanced the output and versatility of its popular line of multibladed circular sawmills with the introduction of the Maximum Production High-Performance Package. These wellrespected sawmills, already valued for their high production capabilities, are now further improved, says the company. Many popular options have been combined with new technology into one production enhancing, labour saving package. The Maximum Production High-Performance Package includes a large log turning and squaring deck, logloading arms, precision hydraulic crossfeed, adjustable off-bearing table and an electric or diesel powered hydraulic power pack. Combining all the items in one package allows for complete integration at substantial cost savings. This package is being offered with new Mighty Mite sawmills or retrofitted to existing sawmills.


If high production lumber is the goal, Kasco’s largest mill, the Saw II-B, is the answer, says the company. Utilizing a heavy-duty, four-post design, this sawmill is said to be truly deluxe. As with all Kasco sawmills, the carriage of the Saw IIB is built extra rugged. The track of this unit is 20’ long, and will handle a 30” diameter by 16’ long log.

The company offers a more economy mill, the Kasco Saw V. Again, with a 20’ track, this rugged machine will handle a 30” diameter by 16’ long log. Track extensions are available to work a longer log. It’s available in either manual carriage travel, where the carriage is pulled through the log, or with power carriage travel, where the carriage is powered by a 12-volt electric motor.

Hobbyists are said to prefer Kasco’s Saw IV. It will handle a 24” diameter log and is powered by an 11 hp Briggs and Stratton engine. Like the larger Kasco mills, the Saw IV uses 18” diameter blade wheels for longer blade life. Every Saw IV, like the company’s other sawmills, is fully assembled and tested.

(800) 458-9129

Mobile Manufacturing

The Mobile Dimension Saw can saw logs of any diameter and up to 60’ in length—hardwood or softwood. It takes only one person to operate, uses less than half the energy of a standard mill and is so accurate planing isn’t necessary, according to the company.

The saw turns logs into lumber by traveling through the log rather than the log traveling through the saw. Once in position, the log is never moved or turned.

Three circular blades—one vertical, two horizontal—saw the width, depth and length dimensions simultaneously. The three blades allow logs of any diameter to be completely sawed with minimum edgings and slabs.

To ensure accuracy, each piece of lumber is completely sawed in a single pass, requiring no rehandling or resawing. With its eight-foot width and telescoping side channels, the Mobile trailer meets all legal requirements for highway towing. Adjustable stabilizer jacks allow quick leveling of all corners and sides, making it operational in minutes.


It’s important that sawmills suit the unique requirements of mill operators, and meet their future needs. With the Norwood LumberMate, mill operators can handle logs up to 31” in diameter, cut boards up to 24” wide accurately to 1/32nd of an inch and shave veneer as thin as 1/16th of an inch. It can mill logs 13’ long or, with additional bed extensions, logs of any length.

Operators can customize the Lumber-Mate by selecting the right engine for their particular situation. They can pick the power to fit their purposes, and can choose from a 23 hp V-twin, 20 hp Vtwin, 15 hp or 13 hp engine.

Operators can finish customizing their LumberMate by selecting from a variety of commercial-capacity options—trailer package, log loader/repositioner, toeboards, 1-1/2” blade guides, lapsiding/ shingle-making package, stainlesssteel cross-bunk covers, leveling feet, cam dogs and more.

Select Sawmill Co

Select manufactures high production band sawmills. The commercial model 4221 features a 6” blade and cuts in both directions. It cuts up to 3’ a second and comes with many standard features as well as optional equipment for customized operations.

The portable Model 3620 has a 4” double-cut blade. Both models are equipped with a hydraulic system and computerized setworks, and diesel and electric units are available. They can handle logs up to 42” by 22’ long and are designed for high production—up to 3’ per second—to satisfy the needs of the professional sawyer. Rosserhead style debarker, conveyor systems, live infeed and outfeed decks are also available.

Timber Harvester

Timber Harvester produces four models of portable band sawmills, and a fully hydraulic electric stationary production model, as well as the Super Harvester Grade Lumber Band Resaw Run-Around System (14” by 14” cants). The resaw is said to increase the production of a circular mill by up to 50 per cent and the grade of the lumber by 10 per cent.

Distinguishing features are its 25” bank wheels, which increase the life of the bands.

The operator’s station on the log loading side of the mill eliminates many steps in handling the lumber. Four-way hydraulic joysticks load the log, position the clamps and posts, and rotate and taper set the log.

The crescent-shaped log loader lifts and positions the log. The chain-driven log turner rotates the log clockwise, so that after cutting through the bark on the first face, the band then enters the next three clean faces, extending the life of the blades between sharpenings.

(800) 343-2969

Wood-Mizer Products

Wood-Mizer has introduced a new tool for the sawing industry called the Lathe-Mizer, a sawmill attachment for turning logs into round or multi-sided posts, columns, or railings.

The Lathe-Mizer fits all Wood-Mizer sawmills, with the exception of the LT10 Ultra-Compact, and features an easy-touse locking system to secure the log. Using the sawmill’s blade and the Lathe-Mizer’s one hp, 115-volt AC electric motor, octagon log stock can be turned into completely round columns. In addition, the preset locking positions for holding the log can easily create three-, four-, six-, or eightsided posts.

The Lathe-Mizer is said to be a tool that will let sawyers broaden their business and offer something new to their customers, says the company; small logs that would otherwise be firewood can now be a new source of income with this one-ofa- kind tool.

Davco Machine Ltd

Davco has introduced its Twin-Cut Mobile Automated Sawmill. The unique circular saw cuts in both directions and the entire operation is run from a climate-controlled, quiet, single operator cab.

The sawmill is powered by a 174 hp Isuzu diesel engine. It can handle logs as large as 28” in diameter and 20’ long, and as small as 5” diameter and 8’ long.

The 8’ live log deck is chain driven and retractable for transport. There is a fifth wheel hookup for transporting, and the transporting dimensions are 40’ in length, 8’6” wide and 12’9” high.

The Twin-Cut can be transported to any location with a onehour set up, the company says, and the retractable features make it highway legal throughout North America.



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