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March 2005


For more information on these products, please fill out our request form at the bottom of this page.

The Tigercat 630C skidder has been redesigned and includes electronic control technology that allows the 630C to operate at variable engine rpm, automatically increasing engine speed when additional horsepower is demanded. It features a 240 hp QSC8.3 Tier II engine. The new 620C, a quicker and more powerful machine than the original 620, is well suited for selective thinning and clear fell applications. The engine has been upgraded to a 205 hp (153 kW) Cummins QSB5.9 Tier II. The engine house is roomy and uncluttered, like the 630C, and the tilting cab provides access to the hydrostatic pump stack, motors and driveline. The pre-cleaner is housed inside the engine compartment. The engine house roof profile is smooth and free from obstruction. Visibility is exceptional, the company says. The computer control system is identical to the 630C. Parkers IQAN system governs all machine functions. The machine is available with a single or dual function arch and 12 or 14 sq ft (1.1/1.3 m2) grapple options. www.tigercat.com  #2051

Allied Systems
The Ranger model H Series II skidders from Allied Systems incorporate upgrades that make the H66DS and H67 machines effective and reliable. The rear frame on the H67 grapple models has been extended by 10 to produce a 150 wheelbase, improving stability and pulling power. By transferring some of the weight forward, the Ranger handles even larger drags, while keeping all wheels on the ground. Parker 471ST hoses for the steering and grapple system provide durable abrasion resistance, the company says, while the steering wheel can now be adjusted up or down through a 40-degree angle. The new radiator in the H series skidders has three independent, side-by-side cooling systems for the engine coolant, transmission/torque converter oil and hydraulic oil, providing efficient cooling, lower operating temperatures and extended component life. www.alliedsystems.com  #2052

The KMC model 1000H hydrostatic drive track skidder is designed specifically for West Coast selective or thinning logging operations. This medium-sized track skidder, with its unique torsion bar suspension and live high-speed steel track, has speed and maneuverability second to none, says the company. It is capable of working on steep slopes, wet/boggy ground or environmentally sensitive soils where conventional vehicles cannot. When combined with other standard logging equipment, the KMC 1000 series skidder will work to increase production, reduce operating costs and allow skidding in times when operations are normally shut down due to weather, says the company. The KMC 1000 series hydrostatic drive track vehicles have also been used as carriers for mulchers/brush cutters, fire suppression vehicles, utility man-lifts and digger derricks. The service vehicles come with a flat deck and crane. www.kmc-kootrac.com  #2053

Franklin Equipment Company
Carrying out continuous equipment development since the mid-1950s, Franklin Equipment Company is a long-term supplier in this market and manufactures a full line (tree harvesters, skidders, forwarders and knuckle boom loaders) of hard-
working, innovative and economical timber harvesting equipment. The companys grapple and cable skidders are four-wheel drive, rubber-tired, frame- articulated vehicles with front axle or centre section oscillation. Available in several powershift models, varying in size and horsepower, the skidders are designed to forward timber from the felling site to the loading area with a rear-mounted winch on cable skidders or hydraulically actuated grapples on grapple skidders. Two cable skidder models are offered in horsepower ratings from 174 to 185 with a 40,000 lb line pull winch. Four grapple skidder models offer horsepower ranges from 185 to 230, with single or dual arch grapple configurations carrying sorting or bunching grapples from 90 to 127. www.franklin-treefarmer.com  #2054

TimberPro has begun production on a totally new model forwarder, feller buncher,
clambunk and grapple skidder. These machines are designed so the upper rotating structures are all identical except for engine and boom options, or in the case of the grapple skidder, no booms at all. There is gull wing access for ease of maintenance, complete visibility to both sides and more lifting power with totally new forwarder booms with the stick cylinder on top for less potential cylinder damage. The feller buncher booms are capable of handling disc saws and the heavier CTL attachments along with live heels for loading the clambunk. www.timberpro.com  #2056

The Forcat 2000 is the only small skidder specifically designed for select logging that is able to get right next to the trees because of its small size and maneuverability, according to the company. The Forcat 2000 is equipped with an industrial 27 hp engine and a variable flow hydrostatic transmission that allows the operator to work both tracks independently for better traction and a 0-degree turn radius. Its 2.3 psi ground impact also allows the operator to log in soft areas. The Forcat 2000 is equipped with a powerful hydraulic winch, a hydraulic lift rear back plate, a hydraulic lift front pile-up blade, a fire extinguisher and four chokers. Every accessory has a hydraulic floating position for better performance in all situations. www.radinter.com  #2057

Cat has three wheel skidders, models 525B, 535B and 545 and two track skidders, models TSK 517 and TSK 527. The 545 wheel skidder has a longer wheel base of 151 and can handle dual-function arch and large capacity bunching grapples. It complements the smaller Cat 525B and 535B skidders and features a Cat 3306 DITA (direct injected, turbocharged, aftercooled) engine with a displacement of 10.5 litres for better pulling capability, lower internal stresses and extended component life. The large, heavy-duty torque converter provides torque multiplication that enhances skidder performance by enabling the engine to operate in its optimal rpm range and by reducing the need for frequent shifting. The front axle cradle acts as a working counterweight and balances the machine for skidding on slopes. The TSK 517 and TSK 527 (grapple and cable) both feature a large, heavy-duty torque converter, a three-speed planetary powershift transmission and a single function arch and swing boom. The 517 features a 3304 DIT engine with 136 hp, and flywheel power of 120 hp. The 527 has the same engine but 166 hp and flywheel power of 150 hp. www.cat.com #2058

Int Silvatech Industries Inc
Since the introduction of the Morgan Forestry Products range of skidders at Demo 2000 in Vernon, BC, refinements have been made to fine-tune the machines for challenging conditions. With the increased sophistication of harvesting techniques and specialized machinery, a need has resulted for equivalent transportation systems for CTL as well as whole log. To address this and be able to operate in extremely soft conditions, steep grades and adverse skidding and to extend the operating season, Morgan has specifically optimized its swing boom-equipped units. The major change is an extension in the rear frame that has significantly improved the machines ride, balance and tractive effort resulting in higher production and reduced operating cost. And three different control modes are now available through the Syncrotrack controller to more finely address the individual operators needs. This selection only takes a matter of seconds on start-up of the machine. Full technical specifications include: seamless speed range forward or reverse, through the Syncrotrack hydrostatic drive, to 18 kph; 100 per cent power to all wheels all the time; a true ergonomic and operator friendly cab with all controls in joysticks; and a full production swing boom to manage the largest loads in adverse conditions allowing for decking on the fly and fast cycle times. www.morganforestry.com  #2059

Komatsu Forest offers the high performance Valmet 765 equipped with the 205 hp Cummins QSB 5.9L Tier II for economy and power. Superior comfort features include a three-position seat (0 to 38 degrees), control positions matching comfortable arm positions, and good visibility. Easy access panels open for ground level service, and a fast release state-of-the-art side-tilt cab makes service access fast, so the 765 spends more time working. The 765s wide stance128.5and outboard planetaries let the machine bearhug" sidehills. A nose heavy 151 wheelbase provides superior traction and stability. Ground clearance is 255 (65 cm). To accommodate ever-changing conditions, the 765s torque converter transmission offers six forward, three reverse speeds and 18 mph speed. Equipment includes an Allied W411 winch, dual function arch, and 123 opening grapple with outstanding tong geometry. A 2" thick belly plate offers solid protection. The machine stands 134.25 (3.41m) high, 128.5 (3.26m) wide, and weighs 35,000 lbs. www.komatsuforest.ca  #2060

The Prentice 490 dual arch skidder is a dependable, smooth-running workhorse that gets loggers to the trees faster. A Cummins QSB 173 HP engine drives a torque converter transmission with six forward and three reverse gears for efficient maneuvering in tight spots. Power from the transmission is transformed into pulling power through the outboard planetary axles. The smooth power delivery also reduces wheel spin in soft ground conditions. The wide base gives the 490 stability on steep slopes. The operator has visual command of the work area through the large, all-around cab windows. The compact dash and the angled corners of the engine house provide a clear view of the blade, tires and landscape. The angled seat makes viewing out of the back of the cab more comfortable. The 490, also available as single arch, comes with a delimbing grate and a choice of bunching or sorting grapples. www.blount-fied.com  #2061

Timberjack offers cable, single arch and dual arch grapple skiddersmodels 360D, 460D and 560Dwith power ranging from 129 hp to 181 hp. The innovative electronically controlled John Deere engines deliver high torque-on-demand and powerful rim pull for quick turnaround and fast cycles. On firm ground, the direct-drive powershift transmission, tight turn radius and push-button differential locks are ideal, says the company. In soft going or on severe ground, the optional torque converter powershift on the 460D keeps the machine moving. For bigger loads over longer hauls, the variable torque curves of the 560D engine put out more torque in each gear selection. Cabs are quiet, comfortable with a fully adjustable seat. The cab can be released on all models, and hydraulically tilted in minutes for access to components. Four axle choices let contractors match tires and ground conditions. The single arch lowers and raises the grapple head, the dual arch reaches back as well as up and it can pull the load in over the rear for better weight distribution. Each tong of the grapple has its own cylinder so the tongs adjust to the load. The Timberjack 4000 winch is standard on cable skidders and a more powerful winch is optional on the 460D and 560D. www.timberjack.com  #2063

The TG88D track grapple skidder offers the powerful and low ground pressure traction of the TG88 clambunk skidder plus the advantages of a gigantic 45 sq ft grapple mounted on an 18 reach dual boom set. These booms fold upon themselves for better weight distribution and the ability for the machine to push itself in difficult ground situations. With 35 tons payload capacity, the TG88D grapple is productive on short and long skidding distances. It is also an effective and safe complement to grapple yarder and high lead operations to reduce harvesting costs. The TG88D track clambunk skidder is powered by a 400 hp Cummins QSM engine. The reliable 100 per cent hydrostatic drive traction provides a huge 160,000 lbs draw bar pull and exceptional manoeuvrability, says the company. It offers long 80.5 bogies and a choice of track shoes from 28 to 60 wide. The robust TG loader with a gear reduction swing box is controlled by state-of-the-art load sense hydraulics. With a load capacity of 35 tons, the TG88D is essentially an off-road hauling machine for long skidding distances. www.transgesco.com  #2064

John Deere
John Deere offers five skidders: the 548GIII, 648GIII, and 748GIII grapple skidders and the 540GIII and 640GIII cable skidders. In terms of power, the grapple skidders range from 117 to 171 SAE net hp. The 648GIII offers diff-lock for maximum traction and its wide stance and long wheelbase provide superior stability. The 748GIII has an oscillating front axle allowing the wheels to step over uneven terrain while the operator remains relatively level. The grapple tongs feature a box design to add strength without extra weight. The cable skidders range from 117 to 171 SAE net hp. The 540GIII and 640GIII feature a comfortable, roomy cab and offer a choice to couple a direct-drive or torque-converter transmission to a John Deere engine. A full 90 degrees of frame articulation ensures tight turns and long wheelbase and wide stance provide excellent stability. The wheels can be synched with full diff-lock for maximum traction, or unlocked for less tire scuffing. www.johndeere.com  #2062

For more information on the above products, please fill in the contact information and check off the boxes that apply.   When finished, please click on the Submit Form Button.

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  Caterpillar #2058
  Int Silvatech Industries Inc  #2059
  Valmet #2060
  Blount/Prentice #2061
  Timberjack #2062
  Trans-Gesco  #2063
  John Deere #2064


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