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Kiln Maintenance Video

Interfor has produced a "Back To The Basics" video that covers all aspects of safe and profitable kiln operation. The video assists kiln operators in day-to-day maintenance, illustrates the mechanics of setting up sound maintenance practices, and presents monthly and yearly testing programs to reduce maintenance costs.

Vermeer Tub Grinders

Vermeer has updated its TG-400 series tub grinders, first introduced in 1994, with the A-Series - the 400-hp TG0400A and TG-400AL. Features include: a direct drive line protected by a torque limiter; extra-large cooling systems; sealed electric boxes; redesigned tub support rollers that reduce friction and lower hydraulic operating pressures; carbide-tipped teeth; a belly conveyor seal that reduces spillage; and a high-capacity discharge system.

Performance features standard to the 27' model loader include claw openings up to 84", full rotation, and 3,000 lbs. of payload at full reach.

Both the 27' loader and non-loader models feature thrown object protection mechanisms, the newest being the Thrown Object Restraint System. This system includes an all-new tub cover and rotor deflector that together reduce the quantity of thrown objects and the distance those objects can be ejected. The tub cover is hydraulically operated for ease in operation and the rotor deflector is aligned to help direct debris into the tub cover, diminishing the potential for thrown objects.

Added safety features with both models include a falling object canopy, Lexan windows, and a front intrusion guard. The grinders feature tub lift and neutral start interlocks for safer cleaning and hammermill maintenance.

Woodmizer News

Woodmizer has introduced what it calls the highest performing mill they have ever made, the LT40 Super Hydraulic. The portable bandmill is capable of cutting speeds up to 60' per minute in a 12"-wide red oak. Engine options include a 40-hp turbocharged industrial diesel, 35-hp gas, or 25-hp electric motor. The mill is available in portable or stationary versions and can cut any log up to 36" in diameter or 21' long.

The mill has a dual-pump hydraulic system that performs all log handling functionsa up to 40 per cent faster than the "industry standard'' LT40HD. Users can load, clamp, rotate and level any log with a throw of a lever on the control box located at the front of the mill. Log turning is faster and extra-wide hydraulic roller toe boards compensate for log taper and allow easy log positioning.

An innovative two-plane clamp on the mill simplifies sawing of stressed logs. In addition to the normal "in-out'' motion, the clamp moves down to hold down bowed logs or cants on the bed of the sawmill while cutting. The two-plane clamp can also be used to quickly turn small cants.

Operation of the mill once the log is loaded is simple, says the manufacturer, as all cutting controls are located in one central console. The console is designed to accommodate options added at a later date. A Simple Setworks system is available with the mill.

An industrial power feed system ( 3/4-hp fan-cooled electric motor) is capable of driving the cutting head up to 180' per minute and returning it at 200' per minute. The mill also features an automatic board return.

CKM Finger Joint Machinery

CKM has announced that its finger joint systems will now be available in North America, through Sunhill Machinery of Seattle. CKM, based in Taiwan, has installed 300 finger joint systems worldwide. Sunhill has imported woodworking equipment since 1979.

The CKM machinery uses a batch system, which allows usage of short blocks as well as unlimited longer lengths. The forgiving nature of the block-size tolerances greatly reduces possible downtime and pre-jointing time, says the manufacturer. The system also allows the same machine to produce vertical and horizontal joints. The CKM finger joint systems employs staked spiral carbide cutters, which the company says are easy to set up and virtually eliminates problems such as rip-out and vibration.

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