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June 2005  - The Logging and Sawmilling Journal


Successful Grande Prairie Show

It was another success for the Northern Alberta Forestry Show, held in Grande Prairie in May, with some new products and services introduced at the show.










The 2005 Northern Alberta Forestry show, held in Grand Prairie in May, was a success, attracting a broad range of attendees from a provincial forest industry that is doing quite well these days.

According to the Alberta Forest Products Association, the value of products produced by member companies from the province’s forests increased to $4.3 billion in 2004, up $616 million (16.6 per cent), from $3.7 billion in 2003 on the strength of higher average market prices. Gains were recorded in the lumber, panelboard and pulp and paper sectors.The value of lumber products produced was $1.7 billion in 2004, an increase of $438 million, or 34.5 per cent over 2003 levels. While lumber markets have softened recently, there was still a general sense of optimism at the show, despite the ongoing softwood lumber dispute with the United States.  And there was plenty of iron to look at, as well as associated products and services.

Brush rakes from Weldco-Beales
Weldco-Beales Manufacturing Inc, one of the forest industry’s leaders in custom design and manufacturing, specializing in heavy equipment attachments , had its brush rakes on display at the show.  The rakes are primarily used in the forest and road construction industries to remove and pile brush, roots and stumps without retaining soil. They feature heavy-duty construction and are available in a variety of lengths.  The Weldco-Beales mounding rake easily digs and mounds dirt, creating ideal conditions for tree planting. It builds mounds quickly and efficiently. The mounding rake initiates and promotes tree growth and delivers a performance approved moldboard curvature.

New mobile mill from Davco
On the mill equipment side, the Davco Twin-Cut mobile automated sawmill was getting a good deal of attention in Grande Prairie. The mill is designed with a high level of reliability, low maintenance and an efficient flow pattern for increased production. The unique circular saw feature enables cutting in both directions. The e ntire operation is run from a climate-controlled, quiet, single operator cab. The mill has a two-saw edger, one fixed, one moveable, edges flitches from two inches to 12 inches, and the edger outfeed carries boards to the outfeed transfer and separates edging from the fixed saw.The Davco Twin-Cut can be transported to any location, and has a one-hour set up, according to the company. Its retractable features make it highway legal throughout North America, the company says.

Tempus system designed for fleet management
On the home-grown front, Grande Prairie-based Tempus Microsystems was walking attendees through its integrated fleet management system. The company’s system is designed specifically for the heavy truck and bulk hauling industry, combining GPS tracking, custom mapping, on-board load scales, a wide area communication network, and wireless data transfer to provide forest industry users with a comprehensive management tool.  Tempus says the system combines everything haulers need to become more efficient, more productive, safer, and, of course, save money. Payload can be increased through hauling more product and reducing wait time. Trucks can load closer to the maximum legal axle weight by allowing the driver (and the loader operator) to view individual and total axle weights while loading.  Drivers operating in a cycle, such as a log or chip haul, can avoid delays in the loading and unloading areas by being able to view where the other trucks are in the cycle. Also, an active driver management option gives live feedback to the driver. This feature tells the driver where the optimum position is and gives him suggestions on the most efficient course of action.

Flexible log bunks from ExTe

While it may have been a newcomer to the show, ExTe is a leading producer of lumber bunks for the industry. The company’s bunks and stakes are said to be extremely durable and flexible thanks to their dimensions, smart construction and the combination of the materials used in their construction. ExTe’s products include the 180 Series, the heaviest rated model (18 tonnes), suitable for off-road, tree-length applications. It also has the A series, the company’s third generation of aluminum bunks, for four, six and nine tonnes.

Metal Master a multi-purpose heavy duty Machine

BC-based Metal Master Industries had its Metal Master machine, what it calls the metal fabricator’s “Swiss army knife,” on display at the show. The Metal Master is a compact, multi-purpose heavy duty machine—a stamping press, brake, a regular press, a shear, a punch station, an angle iron shear, a square tube shear, pipe notcher, a round pipe bender, all in one machine.



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