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Ward Johnson Communications

Ward Johnson Communications is a Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada-based marketing and communications consulting firm, owned and operated by L. Ward Johnson. The company prides itself in providing complete creative and technical services for its clients, from concept to finished products. We hold the confidence of select firms who rely on us to deliver innovative ane effective marketing, technical, and corporate communications material and strategies.

Since its inception, the company has:

  • Proving complete imaging services for photographing equipment and people;
  • Producing comprehensive written text for corporate and industrial communications - including ad copy.
  • Designing professional advertising and marketing materials
  • Develop effective marketing strategies for improving sales
  • Producing international newsletters that provide lumber market information and lumber prices
  • Writing technical articles for national trade publications
  • Organizing technical and academic seminars and trading forums
  • Producting professional seminar proceedings
  • Producing high end training and safety videos for management and employee use
  • Other marketing and coporate relations activities as required

Ward Johnson Communications has a special way of doing business; we strive to make each client and each project a priority. With this philosophy, our clients are confident their communications and marketing needs are continually met with care and professional attention. This frees clients to attend to their responsibilities while Ward Johnson Communications fulfills its functions for the company. The address of the company is 13987 - 56th Ave, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada V3W 1H6.

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