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July August 2005  - The Logging and Sawmilling Journal





Baxley Equipment

Baxley Equipment now offers an auto rotation and skew control system for a conventional Sharp chain—new or retrofit. This system—which incorporates LMI L-4 laser scanning, innovative Baxley Equipment quick response rotation and skew solutions (30 per second), and Baxley Equipment-programmed Allen- Bradley Control Logix machine control— allows conventional Sharp chains to rotate and skew at full production rates at a fraction of the installed cost of an extended length infeed. Yield increases of four to six per cent are expected over manual rotation without skewing. The system is offered complete with all mechanical components or as part of a new system.

Coe Newnes/

The Coe Newnes/McGehee (CNM) Double Length Infeed (DLI) system offers the latest technological advances in primary log breakdown. Knowledge gained from delivering 700+ optimizers has been applied to the log optimizer decisions. High scan density and the unique positioning of laser profile sensors greatly enhance the quality of the optimizer’s decisions.

Among the many features offered is dynamic chip head control that allows the heads to follow the mid-point of the log (regardless of sweep or diameter) independently for both faces, so that the chip heads are always in the best position for quality chips and surface finish. The use of motion control ensures superior turning, skewing and positioning accuracy.

The system includes an Auto-Rotation conveyor that accommodates side or end loading from the log decks. The rotated log is re-scanned to ensure cutting tools are set to achieve the highest possible recovery. The scanning software incorporates a complete solution for all products that can be produced downstream. CNM provides complete systems— mechanical, controls and optimization.

Comact Inc

Comact OLI-CS3 is the newest way to optimize more. The rotation tracking of the infeed systems assures an ultra precision log rotation, confirmation and continuous correction of the log. The conventional concepts disappear after the log turner, giving way to revolutionary “optimized length” technology. While the log is in the turner, a true-shape “confirmation scanner” located immediately downstream of the turning rolls continuously monitors the outside profile of the log to confirm its position and make the correction required, and the log is perfectly fed to the infeed where true shape scanners re-scan the log and optimize it for maximum recovery over a full rage of type combinations.

Corley Mfg Co

Sawmills around the world are experiencing optimum results with Lewis Controls newest Shape Scan carriage optimizer and Corley Straight Line Carriages. Utilizing Lewis Controls’ latest 3D scanning in 120 degree or 360 degree arrangements, and PC technology and the rugged and simple design of the Corley Straight Line Carriage, proven results of up to a six per cent increase in recovery and up to two saw lines per minute increase in production have been reported. Backed up by Corley’s 100 years of service to the sawmill industry and Lewis Controls 30-year tradition of supplying easy to use optimization systems, mills can reach the industry’s single source manufacturer of carriages, optimization systems, carriage drives, band mills, slabbers and log turners with just a single phone call.

Hermary Opto
Electronics Inc

The company’s DPS-4024 dual profile log scanner is designed for the harsh sawmill environment. It includes a large scan envelope that easily accommodates scanning of full length stems for bucking applications. The DPS-4024 delivers two independent profiles at a rate of 1,000 scans per second. It is ideal for high-speed scanning of logs and cants in high production environments.

Integrated Ethernet and TCP/IP allow simplified installation and maintenance. Encoder and scan zone synchronization signals are simultaneously distributed to all heads in a scan zone. The high ambient light immunity of the coplanar configuration permits unshielded installation in most environments.

The DPS-4024’s proprietary coplanar scanning technology, combined with the ability to load new processing software, delivers scanning performance today while providing a path for future product enhancement.


HewSaw offers the R200 Plus, a workhorse designed with high feed speeds and production volumes in mind. Attention has been brought to the accessibility of the service and maintenance area. Flexibility of sawing solutions has been increased while still maintaining the superior capabilities in curve sawing, recovery and compact size.

The R200 has a standard line speed of 70-200 m/minute. Optimized edging is a standard feature and it handles logs 80- 350 mm. It has a cant width of 70-200 mm, a cant height of 60-225 mm, and weighs 27,000 kg. It optimizes independent edged board sizes and positions with 3D scanning. It has modular construction that is dust proof and soundproof, is easy to install and can use different chipper head types. It features thick steel plate construction, strengthened components and a new type of log guides for high speed.


INOVEC has introduced the LineMaster lineal edger to its Master Family of Optimizers. LineMaster G3 offers the same patented optimization software as its conventional WaneMaster edger optimizer, but features very hortcoupled lineal scanning and can be configured to feed boards from both sides of the infeed.

The LineMaster lineal edger uses a proprietary, short-coupled machine design ideal for mills with limited space for conventional transverse or lineal edger configurations. It uses proprietary BL4 scan heads to scan material in as little as one foot of travel. The optimization uses the powerful web-based G3 platform and VisualPoint machine control software systems. LineMaster supports multiple styles of edging pickers and can operate with electric or hydraulic set works.

The Master family of optimizers includes the Stereo-Scan 3-D Scanning System, Yield-Master head-rig carriage optimizer, WaneMaster edger optimizer, LineMaster lineal edger optimizer and Trim-Master trimmer optimizer.

Porter Engineering

RT3, Real Time for Real Trees with Real Shape, is Porter Engineering’s newest generation primary log breakdown system. RT3 incorporates higher definition scan data, using multi-point laser modules and the latest VMEbus processors to provide accurate true shape log profiling for increased recovery and value from each log over earlier X-Y scanning systems.

Just a few of the features include: a full profile laser camera co-planar scanner; full cant, sideboard and top board combinations using Real Log shape; the flexibility to enter lumber sizes in US, metric, or a combination of both; and many more.

RT3 allows “single log” and “complete shift” simulation, using Real Log measurements captured to disk. Simulations can occur at any time, even as logs are being processed, to determine the effect of changing any parameter (price, target size, kerf, product mix, etc) without affecting the actual logs.


USNR’s innovative Knuckle Turner Infeed combines the functions of a log turner and a double length infeed into a single compact machine. Because the turning mechanism is integrated into the feed system, the Knuckle Turner Infeed is capable of rotating, slewing, and skewing logs, reducing real estate and capital requirements, while providing outstanding throughput and recovery.

The guts of the Knuckle Turner Infeed are seven pairs of spike-rolls and fluted rolls, three of which pivot. Acting in unison, the rolls rotate, slew, and skew logs as specified by USNR’s Mill-Wide optimization software, insuring that logs are oriented so that downstream machine centers extract the maximum value from the resource.

The Knuckle Turner Infeed is particularly well-suited to small log applications where speed is essential to attain sufficient throughput, but the technology is applicable to any high volume operation.


Sawquip’s CCO Log Infeed is said to be unique to the industry. Top and bottom spiked horizontal rolls are mounted on sideways and positioned by servo-cylinders controlled by the optimizer.

Scanners located inside the infeed transmit live data of a log’s position, and corrections are made instantaneously until the optimized longitudinal sawing axis is attained before the log reaches the chipping heads.

Coupled to this is an extremely fast quad roll log turner that has been rated by Forintek Canada as having the lowest turning error of all units they have evaluated.

Other major advantages include compactness (17.5’ for 16’ logs), total log control by the rolls as it enters the chipping heads and the “chainless” benefits such as low maintenance, less wear and no misalignment.

The end result has been four units sold and value recovery improvements of 10 to 15 per cent.

Rockwell Industries Ltd

Feed speed and lumber recovery are the life and death functions of primary breakdown equipment. However, ease of maintenance, which minimizes downtime, is just as important. Breakdown positioning is a result of accurate scanning, and a log or cant that is bouncing, rocking or surging during scanning will result in misleading information being given to the PLC and the set works.

Rockwell Industries has put special emphasis on the log and/or cant control during this process, both in the initial design of a new machine and the upgrade addition to an existing canter line. The best way to gain control is to add control, i.e. additional feed rolls and/or press rolls. Remember, speed means nothing without control. or 604-882-0066


MPM Engineering is developing a rotation verification system, which will check the accuracy of the turning solution in an auto rotation installation. If the log has been over-turned or under turned, the MPM software will correct the rotation before the log exits the log turner. Accuracy is within +/- 5 degrees.

MPM Engineering has received an order for bucking software from Microtec, a scanning manufacturer based in Brixen, Italy for a project with Arauco in Chile.

The order has been taken with profile scanning but is to be upgraded with x-ray scanning in the future. MPM will also upgrade their software when the x-ray scanner is installed. Microtec has already installed several x-ray scanners into sawmills in Europe for testing and development. A commercial model will be available soon.


McDonough offers the “A” Series and the 54” “E” Series band mills. The “A” series comes in 46”, 54”, 62”, 6’, 7’ and 8’ diameter wheels. Both band mills have cored balance pockets filled with lead to ensure a perfectly balanced wheel to eliminate vibration. Options include steel wheel guards, electric remote tilt, slat bed, belt table, slab table with driven clearing roll, 17 degree slant base, and motor and drive packages.

McDonough also offers line bar and horizontal resaws. The horizontal resaws are efficient production machines, processing slabs and thin stock in a natural, face down position. The finished bottom piece serves as a carrier for the thin and broken slabs, simplifying the tailing of the machine. The “A” series comes in 46”, 54” 62”, 6’ and 7’ sizes. They also have a 46” and 54” modular horizontal resaw. McDonough can manufacture any style of line bar resaw system. Their experienced engineering staff can custom design a system to a customer’s specific needs. The heavy duty line bar resaw features an 18” press roll opening, knurled and chromed press rolls and table rolls as well as Servo Set works (variety push button set over a 12” range).

Valley Machine Works

In Atlanta this summer Valley Machine Works unveiled its latest development— the Valley Machine Cant Sizer.

This custom-built machine was designed after listening to customers’ upgrade project needs. The machine optimizes production and produces a cleaner, safer system, which is easy to tie into an existing mill flow.

The Valley Cant Sizer increases product value by sizing squares/ties exactly to customers’ specifications without costing valuable time on a resaw system. Optimization also allows the Valley Cant Sizer to remove a board from either dimension or split in two to ensure the highest possible from every square without occupying the sawyer’s time.

Optimil Machinery Inc.

Products from Optimil Machinery focus on achieving maximum solutions with no compromise on speed. Rotation verification is currently underway at the company. Improved log solutions are being achieved by accurately positioning the log and making adjustments as the log enters the infeed.

The Optimil line is capable of traveling greater distances quicker than its competitors, says the company. This is accomplished through the use of maximum vertical lift and high-pressure set works to achieve a better solution while reducing log gap.

Its state-of-the-art vertical gangsaws run at over 3,000 rpm, while maintaining minimal sawing deviation.

The Optimil bandmill operates with the highest strain in the market, according to the company, while maintaining accuracy in the cut.



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