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July August 2005  - The Logging and Sawmilling Journal


Logging & Sawmilling Journal’s

New Brunswick Forestry FAQ's


Total Area: 7.3 million hectares

Land Area: 7.1 million hectares

Forest and other wooded land: 6.2 million hectares



Provincial 48 per cent

Federal 2 per cent

Private 50 per cent


Forest Type

Softwood 44 per cent

Hardwood 25 per cent

Mixed wood 31 per cent


Annual Allowable Cut (2001) 11.0 million cubic metres

Harvest (volume) industrial roundwood (2002) 10.1 million cubic metres

Harvest (area) industrial roundwood 105,834 hectares

Area defoliated by insects and beetle-killed trees (2002) 2,124 hectares

Number of fires (2003) 228

Area burned (2003) 237 hectares


New Brunswick Forest Industry FAQ's

Value of exports (2003) $2.3 billion

Softwood lumber $431 million

Newsprint $218 million

Wood pulp $523 million

Waferboard $101 million

Other paper and paperboard $653 million

Converted paper $32 million

Other products $324 million


Major Export Markets (2003)

United States $1.9 Billion

European Union $155 million

Japan $41 million

South and Central America $21 million

China $6 million

Other countries $159 million


Value of Shipments Wood Products Manufacturing
(2001) $1.4 billion

Number of establishments:

Wood products manufacturing (2001) 165

Direct employment: 20,400


Wages and Salaries

Wood products manufacturing (2001) $217 million

Logging Not available



Incorrect information about forest land ownership was published in the Nova Scotia Forestry FAQs page in the May issue of Logging & Sawmilling Journal. The correct figures are below. Our thanks to eagle-eyed readers for contacting us about the error!

Nova Scotia Land Ownership

Private 68 per cent

Provincial 29 per cent

Federal 3 per cent



Natural Resources Canada's State of Canada's Forests Report 2003/04.



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