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HewSaw Correction In the "More Lumber Recovery"wallchart, a special supplement included with the November, 1996 issue of LSJ, information in the Log Orientation section describing the use of a HewSaw curved sawing system, manufactured by HewSaw Machines Inc., was incorrect. The log infeed system at the installation depicted was neither supplied nor manufactured by HewSaw. The HewSaw Log Infeed System, or Prefeeder, orients the log for high recovery, "horns-up", not as the illustration and text indicate.

LSJ regrets any inconvenience to HewSaw or wall chart users as a result.

Danzer Manager Training Fellowship

The Danzer Furnierwerke in Reutlingen, Germany is offering four fellowships in a management and marketing training program for young forest industry managers. Applications for the 1997/98 program, starting in September, must be submitted by March 31, 1997. Course study includes all aspects of forestry including wood processing, furniture production and timber trading. Applicants must be aged 25 to 33 and be graduates in forestry or timber technology and/or economics or a related subject, and they must be proficient in English with a basic knowledge of German. For further information, contact Corinna Klett at Export-Akademie Baden-Wurttemberg, Alteburgstr. 150, 72762 Reutlingen, Germany. Tel: 07121/271-785. Fax: 07121/271-723.

New Final Drive Lubricant

A new lubricant for final drives in severe service has been announced by 76 Products. The 76l HT/4 fluid is designed for excellent wear protection for bearings and gears under extremely high loads and high ambient temperatures. The fluid has exceeded 4,000 hours in service in final drives of Cat 240-ton mine haul trucks, says the manufacturer. The product meets Cat TO-4 transmission and drive train fluid specifications, and has successfully completed the first phase of field trials in 15 final drive units in Cat 793B mine haul trucks at an Arizona mine site. The 4,000+-hour service interval exceeded the mine+s expectations by 30 per cent and the manufacturer+s recommendations by 100 per cent, says 76.

CAE King Debarker

CAE Machinery has announced the introduction of a mobile version of their CAE/Fuji King Debarker. The fixed version was introduced in 1994. The CAE/Fuji King Debarker processes straight, crooked, knotty, dry or frozen material from 2'' to 30'' in diameter. Its unique design provides excellent results in difficult operating conditions, says CAE. The machine utilizes rotary action which creates a combination of mechanical and log-to-log contact to efficiently remove bark from logs of all shapes and species.

The mobile version is a completely self-contained unit. A custom-designed integral trailer incorporates the waste bark conveyor, hydraulic legs, discharge gate, outfeed chute and log discharge conveyor. All power is supplied by an onboard diesel feeding Hagglunds hydraulic motors. The unit is available in 20' or 30' models.

Portec Tumble Grinder

Portec+s heavy-duty Model 1042 grinder for green waste features a patented tumble tub that is inclined at a 30 angle and has more than 200'2 of pre-screening area to help separate fines before they come into contact with the rotor. By screening out the fines, hammer wear cost is reduced. The rotating screen also acts as a cage, reducing debris from reversing out of the tub and feeding it back to the rotor below. The inclined tub provides a tumbling action that eliminates briding and provides positive feed to the hammermill. Regardless of tub rotation direction, material is presented to the tips at a 90 angle for maximum production and tip life.

The 1042 has free-swinging, 110-lb. hammers with a 360 swing and 57'' rotor assembly diameter. Easily transportable, the unit sets up in 10 minutes, says the manufacturer.

Trencor Log Loader

Trencor's Log-Hog 930C log loader has been updated to improve performance, simplify routine maintenance and enhance operator comfort. The machine has a 27' boom with continuous 360 rotation and 27,300 lbs. of lift. A variety of mounting options include crawler, truck/trailer, carrier or stationary. The upgrade includes:

  • Repositioning the air conditioner behind the seat for better circulation and easier maintenance;
  • A larger access door simplifies engine service;
  • The hydraulic tank is mounted on top of the platform which reduces the number of hoses. The system also features in-tank filters;
  • Routine hydraulic maintenance has been improved by repositioning the valves and rerouting the hoses to reduce clutter and improve accessibility;
  • Rubber isolation pads between the cab floor and loader platform help reduce vibration and noise inside the cab. A residential-type muffler reduces engine noise;
  • Joystick controls have been improved with the installation of bent handles which provide the operator with a more comfortable operation position to reduce fatigue;
  • A pilot pressure pump provides improved response.

Porter longitudinal systems use pulsed, infrared through-beam scanners or optional full-profile scanners, and operate with production rates in excess of 100,000 lineal feet per shift, with a single operator. Porter transverse merchandiser systems use infrared light curtain scanners, and reportedly operate with production rates of up to 15 tree-length stems per minute.

Hultdins'new Supergrip TL430

Hultdins'new Supergrip TL430 is a compact tree-length grapple with a 43'' opening that closes down to hold a 4-1/4'' stem. The grapple features the recessed Indexator IR1 rotator which reduces the overall height and improves the working range. The rotator is rated at 25-ton intermittent capacity and can withstand severe external loads in all directions, says Hultdins. The TL430 also features unique tapered sleeve pin joints to eliminate any possible joint motion; cushioned cylinders to absorb shock loads; and an advanced bushing material with built-in dust seal which extends greasing intervals to every 200 hours.

RAM-TECH Services

RAM-TECH Services, a long-time manufacturer of Vertical Package Sawing equipment, recently installed its first Package Saw at CIPA Lumber in Delta, BC. The unit is designed to cut dry or wet veneer sheets.

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