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February 2005

TECH UPDATE:  Work Alone Communications Products

For more information on these products, please fill out our request form at the bottom of this page.

Talkie Tooter Canada Ltd
Talkie Tooter Canada Ltd is the largest designer and manufacturer of radio communications systems for the timber harvesting industry in North America, says the company. Talkie Tooter developed a personal man-down alarm system for the BC logging industry over ten years ago. Talkie Tooter was a little ahead of its time with this system and the market demand at that time did not warrant full production. The system is called the Safety-Link Multi-Monitor System. This system utilizes a microprocessor and two-way radio communications to keep the portables and base in constant contact with each other. If a worker needs help he can turn the alarm switch to alert the Multi Monitor base and other workers. If the worker is unconscious and motionless, the Safety-Link motion sensor activates and sends out the emergency alarm. The Multi-Monitor base has a relay that can activate sirens, two-way mobiles or telephone dialers. The constant two-way checking in this system provides Fail-Safe operation. Talkie Tooter will be incorporating the Safety-Link Multi-Monitor man-down features in its next generation of two-way portable radios to provide the best solution available today for those who work alone in the work place. www.talkietooter.ca  Reader Service#1060

Tsunami Solutions Ltd
Over 100 major corporations and government organizations have discovered the SafetyLine Safety Monitoring Service and Tsunami Solutions now monitors thousands of employees who work alone. SafetyLine has proven itself to be the best solution as it is both more reliable and less costly than alternative solutions. While the low cost and high effectiveness of the system are great reasons to subscribe to the SafetyLine solution, the company says that any safety product that is too difficult for the field workers to use will not be used. To this end, SafetyLine has been engineered for fast and simple field operations, allowing a field worker to report his/her status and location in under 20 seconds. The SafetyLine product is an IVR (Interactive Voice Responselike voice mail) system, which is used to monitor employees who work or travel alone. This product was developed by Tsunami Solutions several years ago and has been used on an increasing basis since then. As more and more jurisdictions are concerned with safety issues in the workplace issues (and the due diligence requirements to protect employees who work alone) the demand for this product is increasing. www.tsunamisolutionsltd.com  Reader Service 1061

Glentel Inc
Glentel Inc has been a leading supplier of engineered wireless solutions throughout North America for over 40 years. For personnel working in remote locations, Glentel supplies wireless communications through its cellular, radio, satellite and hybrid systems products. We offer choices of CDMA, GPRS, and digital data products in the cellular arena, along with analog bag phones and power boosters for greater coverage. The company-owned terrestrial radio systems offer a wide area coverage for immediate dispatch communication in emergencies. When you are working outside these previously mentioned coverage areas you can use Glentels three-in-one Globalstar satellite phones throughout North America. These Globalstar phones offer digital (CDMA), analog and satellite numbers all in the same phone. Glentel also provides hybrid systems linking satellite and radios products where required, as well as Scada monitoring systems. The company offers choices in engineered solutions for remote worker communications. www.glentel.com  Reader Service 1062

Kenwood Electronics Canada Inc
Kenwood is a world class, ISO 9001 manufacturer of low band, VHF, UHF, 800 and 900 MHz radio communication equipment, including base stations, trunking systems, AVL/GPS systems and accessories. The recently introduced TK-7180/8180 mobile and TK-2180/3180 portable radio products include Kenwoods exclusive FleetSync protocol, and the mobile is GPS capable with the optional KGP-4UH module. The TK-2180/3180 will be GPS capable with the release of the optional GPS speaker microphone. Software is available for use when the product is equipped with GPS directly from Kenwood and a selection of licensed Kenwood vendors, allowing for quick and easy tracking of assets and individual location. Personnel can indicate emergency situations with the push of a button on both models and the portable can be equipped with a man-down option that will set off an emergency message and location (with GPS option installed) should the user become motionless. If a user becomes motionless setting off the alarm and is unable to push-to-talk (PTT) to communicate with the dispatcher, the radio can be programmed for these situations to allow automatic voice operation between the user and dispatcher. Both products are capable of receiving 48-character text messages and sending predefined messages, and are cost-effective solutions for your onsite communication requirements. They are rugged, dependable and user friendly. www.kenwood.ca  Reader Service 1063

North Island Communications Inc
North Island Communications offers a comprehensive tracking/monitoring service for its customers. Using a combination of Kenwood radios and the OziFleet AVL program, companies can stay in contact with employees working in remote locations, and if necessary create a digital map to track their positions. The TK 7180/8180 and TK-2180/31080 are Kenwood mobile and portable radios. Either unit can be equipped with a man-down option that will set off an emergency message. When connected to the GPS, the Kenwood radios can send back the GPS position. The OziFleet takes it a step further and provides a map, which can be brought up on any computer with internet connection. OziFleet can also detect when a vehicle enters or exists near a waypoint or an alarm zone and the information is entered into the Proximity Log. The Kenwood/OziFleet combination is effective wherever there is radio coverage. North Island Communications will soon be taking it to the next level, tying the information through Globalstar, which will mean service for customers to the most remote regions. 1-877-977-9207  Reader Service 1064

BK Two-Way Radio Ltd
Since 1982, BK Two-Way Radio has been a provider of quality mobile and handheld two-way radios. They are authorized sales and service agents for Motorola, Kenwood, Daniels, to name just a few. Depending on your needs, whether its cellular equipment or two-way satellite phones, BK Two-Way Radio will help you put the right packaging together. And they also offer a rental option. One of their products is the Telus Mobility 1X i-Port by AnyDATA for remote monitoring. It offers reliable wireless communications in a complete and compact package that is ready to use in your application. It saves time and money, eliminating the need to build the wireless component of your application from the ground up. The full feature set of the i-Port makes it ideally suited to wireless voice and data solutions, such as remote metering, security, or outfitting your vehicles so you can operate your laptop via Telus 1X velocity wireless data. www.bktwoway.ca   Reader Service 1065

TELUS Mobility
TELUS Mobility offers Autotel, allowing service to areas cell phones cannot. Customers receive coverage throughout BC, concentrating on rural and remote areas such as Vancouver Island, the BC coast up to Prince Rupert and Masset, the Interior and central BC and some areas of northern BC. Service is divided geographically into Mobile Service Areas (MSAs). When you purchase an Autotel mobile telephone you are assigned a telephone number in the area closest to your area of interest. When you drive within range of radio channels in a different MSA, your Autotel mobile radio will indicate SIGN-IN. When you sign-in, the network will automatically forward incoming calls to your new location. Customers can place outgoing calls whether signed in or not. TELUS Mobility has also teamed with Globalstar, a satellite service provider, for customers requiring wireless communication outside regular Autotel or cellular coverage areas. www.telusmobility.com  Reader Servuce 1066

Mountain Mobile Communications
Mountain Mobile Communications, in northwest Alberta, has been developing vehicle tracking solutions using GPS for years. One development was the vehicle monitoring system (VMS) installed into the County of Grande Prairie Fire Department fire trucks. This spearhead project focused on lowering the cost to bring the customer the needed technology to track vehicles with real-time mapping. In another recent project, Mountain Mobile Communications Ltd partnered with Mobiltex Data Ltd (Calgary), providing a major oil and gas company with their newest VMS. The LittleBuddy system, developed by Mobiltex Data Ltd., is the newest VMS to be installed in this companys regional upstream operation vehicles. With a real-time global positioning system built into the LittleBuddy, the VMS units automatically monitor field personnel as they work in and around hazardous locations. In case of satellite communications loss the field operators can still enter their position into the LittleBuddy from the vehicle-mounted keyboard. This ensures that the field operators maintain regular contact by sending status messages to the central VMS host computer. This system provides increased operator safety, reduced radio traffic, automatic reporting, low cost alarm monitoring and a higher level of user acceptance. Mountain Mobile Communications, through its research and partnering with strategic developers strives to bring cost effective solutions to companies requiring man-alone (Work Safe) or vehicle monitoring systems. www.mountainmobile.com  Reader Service 1067

TAC Mobility
TAC Mobility offers a comprehensive line of wireless products, including Globalstar saltellite. The Globalstar portfolio of quality products can help you maintain productivity and keep in contact from remote locations or worksites: a handheld phone for traveling in remote areas, a car kit for hands-free convenience while driving, or a system of fixed phones for remote offices or dwellings The handheld phone is designed to complement existing fixed and cellular telephone networks by switching from terrestrial cellular telephony to satellite telephony as required. It features crystal-clear voice quality, superior reliability and durability, real world data speed and four-line, 48-character display that shows battery level, voice-mail status, short messages received and satellite signal quality. The Globalstar Tri-Mode phone offers an ergonomic design for hand-held operation. It measures 400cc in total volume and weighs 384 grams. The antenna, when held in a vertical position, communicates with the Globalstar satellite at elevations more than 10 degrees above the horizon. Using the car kit, the handheld unit can be mounted in a cradle that provides power to extend battery life and hands-free operation. Features include: battery meter, signal strength indicator, voice mail notification, 99 memory location with call restriction, among others. www.tacmobility.com  Reader Service 1068

ICOMs F50/F60 is the first waterproof radio in its class. The new F50/F60 series portables are waterproof to JIS-7 rating. This small package packs a punch with up to 128 Channels available and SDM (short data messaging) text messaging available with the BIIS 1200 protocol. The F50/F60s rugged design and myriad of features combine to create the ultimate handheld radio. They are perfect for the outside worker who experiences demanding weather conditions. www.icomcanada.com  Reader Service 1069

Globalstar and Safety-Star
Safety-Star works from anywhere that is covered by Globalstar satellites and can help the forestry industry meet the ever-growing range of work-alone regulations. Forestry workers, who are working alone, initiate the system by depressing a button on a remote control fob in a process similar to unlocking the doors of your truck. The system includes a timer that begins a countdown to a predetermined time. The logging industry user can adjust this setting based on individual needs. On expiry of the time period, Safety-Star causes the vehicle horns and lights to sound alerting the worker to come back to the vehicle and push the button again resetting the timer and signifying that he or she is safe. If the timer is not reset within a set amount of time, Safety-Star sends a distress message through the Globalstar satellite network to the previously assigned call centre(s). The message includes a location fix on a map and a detailed screen with pre-set instructions on who to contact when a person does not reset the Safety-Star within the allotted time. www.globalstar.ca  Reader Service 1070

For more information on the above products, please fill in the contact information and check off the boxes that apply.   When finished, please click on the Submit Form Button.

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Check any of the following for more information:

Talkie Tooter Canada Ltd  #1060
Tsunami Solutions Ltd #1061
Glentel Inc  #1062
Kenwood Electronics Canada Inc  #1063
North Island Communications Inc #1064
BK Two-Way Radio Ltd  #1065
TELUS Mobility  #1066
Mountain Mobile Communications  #1067
TAC Mobility  #1068
ICOM  #1069
Globalstar and Safety-Star  #1070

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