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February 2004



Tech Update Editor: Sean Goldie

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In todays competitive forest products industry, fibre output such as chipsonce considered byproducts with little valuenow play an integral role in revenue generation. This has shifted the emphasis to the process of producing quality chips. Although knives represent a relatively small part of the overall manufacturing process, their role is of utmost importance and many of the final products qualities depend upon their performance (size, geometry, finish). The material produced from knives can range from the profile and exterior finish on a chip n saw cant to strands produced for OSB production to the veneer (either peel or sliced) for panel production. Much depends on these outputs in terms of quality inputs for further manufacturing. Feature considerations include cutting edge durability, geometry and maintenance under a variety of conditions (i.e. frozen logs in winter). The quality of the output includes the cants surface finish as well as the pins, fines and bark content distribution within chips. Notes: (1) Disposable knives generally have two edges which may be rehoned (reground); while knife manufacturers do not recommend this practice, some consumers claim to rehone two to three times (while some claim greater occurrences). (2) HewSaw describes its product as chipper knives and suggests that these do not fit the typical straight or curved blade definitions. (3) HewSaw service includes the sale of replacement knives for its equipment, sharpening equipment and training for clients; but HewSaw does not provide a regrinding service to clients. (4) TurnKnife II system is a Z shaped blade, whereas the TurnKnife III system is a flat blade. (5) Can provide clients with a fixed price service contract branded as its PartnerChip program. This program involves both parts and labour with participants charged an equitable fee based upon a unit of production such as MFBM or tonne of chips produced. (6) For a more complete product offering, see below.

Ace Co Precision Manufacturing
Ace Co Industrial Knives provides knives of various kinds: round knives, replacement knives, crinkle knives, flat knives, or custom knives. Through its history of coupling extensive research into metallurgy and heat-treatment processes, Ace Co now concentrates on 400 series stainless steel knives with developed specific elemental parameters to insure that each fabrication is consistent and that each knife is repeatable, demonstrating the highest quality. Stainless steels are iron-based alloys that contain a minimum of 10.5 per cent chromium. Chromium is the element that increases corrosion resistance with its oxidizing action on the metal surface. In turn, other elements are added at specified times to create alloys with properties appropriate to specific uses. Carbon is an element that adds the mechanical properties for surface hardness and strength during the heat treatment. When coupled with their grinding, CNC turning, milling and jet machining capabilities, the finished products have a high degree of precision. Ace Co provides an economical, high-quality resharpening program for processors using Ace Co knives. Its proprietary techniques offer new blade edge quality for a fraction of the cost of a new blade. The techniques do not affect the tempered knife edge, which is extremely critical for its durability. Processors find that resharpening leads to operational cost savings without compromising product quality or yield. Straight knives, wedge knives, or crinkle knives can all be resharpened at Ace Co. Reader Service Card# 1060

BGR Tools Inc
BGR produces a range of cutting tools and accessories to address the customers cutting tool needs. They have a reputation for precision and toughness that give clients years of trouble-free service. Products, such as sideheads, cutterheads and cylinders are designed, developed and manufactured on computer, providing important quality advantages. Quality control is maintained since all manufacturing is completely done in-house, with no intermediaries from the raw material to the heat-treated, finished product. In part, the quality and durability of these parts are accomplished through the use of tough 4140 steel. Manufactured entirely by computer, numerical controlled machines (lathers and machining centres) incorporate high machining precision and tolerances to within thousandths of an inch. Whatever the type of planer, moulder, or other woodworking machines, BGR can supply the special tooling design to suit customers needs.

BRG Corrugated Back Knives meet the following specifications:
constructed of the finest quality HSS-M2 steel
corrugation ground 60
corrugation on the full length of the knife
heat-treated at Rc 60-62
cutting and patterning service according to client specifications. Reader Service Card# 1061

HewSaw Machines Incorporated
HewSaws in-house tool manufacturing guarantees quality. In addition to developments in sawing technology, parent company Veisto has also put a lot of effort into the product development of the cutting tools used in the saw machine. The heat-treatment of the chipping and edging knives is done on Veistos own premises to ensure a high level of quality, and the manufacturing process is closely monitored with the aid of a control program. The modernized tool manufacturing department also provides tool maintenance services for HewSaw. HewSaw provides knives for the equipment that it manufactures as well as the equipment to maintain the knives. Reader Service Card# 1062

Iggesund Tools Canada
With a company heritage spanning more than 300 years, Iggesunds core business is the design and production of specialized tooling for the forest products industry. Through solid specialist know-how, which has been developed in close cooperation with process technicians from the forest products industry, Iggesund offers knife systems on the market in each of the sectors it serveswhether it is for debarking, lumber production, chipping technology or chip analysis. Iggesunds commitment to developing innovative client solutions is reflected in both its products and its commitment to customer service. The combination of its revolutionary TurnKnife System for chipping and lumber production and its partnership and service options continues to keep it on the leading edge of the lumber and pulp and paper industries. Iggesund is ISO certified. Reader Service Card# 1063

Key Knife Inc
Key Knife Inc is a recognized leader in wood chipping systems for the lumber products industry. Sawmills and pulp mills around the world are gaining value with Key Knifes innovative technology by achieving improved chip quality, recovery, and grade improvements while reducing costs and downtime. Its system of small indexible knives eliminates the use of hazardous molten material for knife babbitting, minimizing knife handling and thereby resulting in increased worker safety. Keys patented counter knives improve chip quality and are designed to control chip thickness, maximizing chip consistency while minimizing fines. This type of disposable knife system is more economical to operate, reducing the changing and handling costs. In addition, this system protects the holder from wear and foreign material, reducing ones maintenance costs. Key knives can be rehoned with the compact Pro Honer. This patented system increases operating up-time by offering more cuts per edge and requiring less time to change. Key knifes can produce longer chips while controlling thickness, increasing the production rate. One of the biggest issues faced by sawmills today is how to reduce the target size and improve lumbers surface finish. Key Knife has the solution through its toughest and most advanced indexible knife system to date. This next generation of HY2 drum style chipping system is the answer for sawmills looking to improve surface finish, chip quality, and operating efficiencies. Not only does this system improve chip recovery but it also improves surface finish. This is accomplished by the unique clamping design that ensures the knife edge stays firmly in place for a clean and precise cut. The indexible knife is manufactured from A8 tool steel that is hardened for exceptional wear resistance in a nitrogen atmosphere to achieve a consistent microstructure, and is then precision ground for razor shape edges. Reader Service Card# 1064

Pacific/Hoe Saw & Knife Co
Pacific/Hoe provides customer value by producing high quality products in the most efficient manner and making them available at reasonable prices. It manufactures a complete line of tools for the wood products and paper products industries. Pacific/Hoes commitment to quality is evident in every phase of its business: from research and development through to the manufacturing processes, and finally to the products delivered to customers. It continues to add value through exploring new methodologies and the latest technology so that it may continue to offer state-of-the-art products. Its staff brings years of experience and expertise to every aspect of its operations and customer relations.

Knife type chipper
exceptionally tough and durable
made of special steel alloy
heat-treated to withstand the heaviest feed possible
produce uniform chips and reduce fines

specialty chipper
specialty bent, canter, V-head and slabber
manufactured to exacting tolerances
using the finest tool steels available

counter knives
same high quality alloy steel used in chipper knives
deliver a smooth break and flow with fewer pins and fines

OSB / waferizer & flaker
the critical need for on-time deliveries-maintain inventories to ensure prompt delivery
manufactured in a computer controlled CNC environment
checked for uniform accuracy and consistency

veneer rechipper
exacting tolerances and tough durability
internal bolt slots are specially heat-treated to ensure toughness and resiliency
longer life expectancy

veneer lathe
critical precision is demanded when manufacturing these large knives
characteristics such as thickness, flatness, parallelism, hardness and bevel and razor-sharpness are each given exacting attention
manufacture knives to fit all lathes
available in plain back, babbitt slotted and Linnton-drilled
Reader Service Card# 1065

Simonds Industries Inc
Founded in 1832, Simonds has been involved in the processing of wood, lumber, and paper and has provided high quality, state-of-the-art cutting tools for over 165 years. Today, a leader in the North American wood market, it continues to search for ways to improve product quality and to offer new and innovative products.

Knife type sawmill & wastewood chipper
manufactured from premium grade alloy steel
machined and ground to precise tolerances
heat-treated to exacting specifications
maintain a large inventory

same as above

si-clone lathe
S-31 steel provides longer run times
premium quality S-176 material offers all the great benefits of Simonds standard knife plus even longer life-this specially developed alloy steel reduces wear, yet provides the cutting edge durability required to stand up to knots and resist nicking

OSB / waferizer & flaker
manufactured from premium quality steel
machined to exacting tolerances
all System II Waferizer knives have inspection certificates guaranteeing the OEM tolerances have been met

limb-inator brush chipper
have manufactured chipper knives since 1880 and pioneered the tough centre brush chipper knife design

manufacturer of many specialty knives for many other industries
employing CNC milling machines, laser cutting technology, large grinding capacity and heat treating with a variety of heat treating capabilities
Reader Service Card# 1066

USNR offers OEM babbitted and dual-edge babbittless replacement chipper knives for machines manufactured under the following names: USNR, CM&E, Kockums, Forano, and Norman. All knives are heat-treated and ground to precision tolerances using only the finest tool steel. USNR also offers the True Flow high-performance knife-holder system for either drum-style or conical chipper heads. The True Flow knife system was designed using sophisticated 3D solid modeling CAD software, resulting in a chipping system that is optimized for high-quality chips and the low operating costs. Interchangeable knife seats allow for quick and easy adjustment of chip thickness. Chrome-plated wear area extends the life of the tool holder and smooth chip discharge sends the chips out the chute, not onto the floor. The knife holder easily accommodates either babbitted or babbittless knives, according to customer preference. The system is also designed to limit pull through the chipper at the heel of the knife, rather than at the tool clamp, resulting in smooth feeds and longer tool clamp life. The True Flow knife system can be retrofitted to chippers from practically any manufacturer, and is standard on all new USNR chippers. Reader Service Card# 1067

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Ace Co Precision Manufacturing  #1060
 BGR Tools Inc   #1061
DHewSaw Machines Incorporated   #1062
 Iggesund Tools Canada #1063
 Key Knife Inc #1064
Pacific/Hoe Saw & Knife Co #1065
Simonds Industries Inc #1066
  USNR  #1067

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