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February 2004

Supplier Newsline

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Charger Engineering Makes Flare Acquisition
Charger Engineering Ltd has announced that the company has recently acquired the intellectual property of Flare International, and that it will be retaining key management, engineering and manufacturing personnel from Flare. The companys goal is to retain the best assets of Flare to be able to provide existing and new customers with the best in service, capital equipment and development. Charger Engineering, based in Surrey, BC, has been building custom machinery for close to two decades. Its range of products and services is wide, from plate processing including shearing forming and rolling up to 1 1/4-inch thick to large capacity machining from up to 16-foot diameter vertical turning to 20-foot travel horizontal boring mill. Charger Engineering says it is looking forward to working with the customers and vendors that have been involved with Flare. Further information is available from company representatives Giannni Infanti or Andy Peel at (604) 888-3886 (Fax (604) 888-2271) or by e-mail at charger@telus.net. www.chargerengineering.com  Reader Service Card# 1068

RSTReplaceable Sleeve Type Feed Rollers
RST Feed Rollers feature a rubber sleeve that can be reversed and replaced, extending the service life well beyond conventional rubber rollers. Another real plus is the improvement in log quality. The rubber sleeve cushions the chain providing a soft touch that virtually eliminates fibre damageeasier on the wood and on the machine. Exclusive to the companys feed rollers, is the patented chain design that maintains maximum contact with the tree while feeding. The tensioning device makes it easy to keep the chain tightened for highest productivity. Together, the replaceable and reversible rubber sleeve and unique chain design make RST Feed Rollers the preferred choice for higher log quality, for long-life, dependable service with low cost maintenance. Reader Service Card# 1069

Komatsu Introduces Fully Loaded, Purpose-Built Forestry Machine
Komatsu America Corp has introduced the new PC300LL-7, a Dash 7 line purpose-built forestry machine that is equipped with larger size class Komatsu components and is said to offer improved performance and durability. Featuring two new forestry track frame optionsHigh/Wide with either standard clearance or the woods-tough optioneither platform enables the base machine to be configured to address any number of needs with minimal modifications. With components selected from Komatsus next-larger-size-class excavator, these machines offer proven performance, quality, and durability and incorporate many standard undercarriage protection features formerly installed by the aftermarket. Operating at 242 HP with an impressive swing torque of 96,503 ft/lbs and drive motors that provide 71,650 lbs of drawbar pull, this results in both impressive gradeability and steering performance for log loading (both heel-type and butt n top methods), shovel logging and road building applications. This machine is available either as cab-less and/or skin-less to facilitate local customization (such as rear-entry cabs and gull-wing service doors), offers such features as a reinforced revolving frame, is available in three cab risers of 15, 48 or 60-inch providing the operator superior line-of-sight in all terrain conditions. www.komatsu.com  Reader Service Card# 1070

Laser Length Gauge for Boards
The new LMS 6045 laser length gauge from LIMAB measures and displays length while boards move at high speed on a transversal conveyor. Special optics ensure that the laser sees the end of each board, even if the board is bowed or twisted. The system can be used for green sorting so that boards of equal length are dried in the kiln, or for dry sorting to precisely keep track of total board feet in storage. Board length may vary up to almost 200 inches without sacrificing accuracy, typically +/- 0.060 inch. The sensor provides a digital display of the length, digital output and optional analog output. LIMAB manufactures sensors and systems for all aspects of sawmill production, including measuring distance between incoming logs, line lasers for positioning saw cut, board thickness gauges and a board profiler for automatically cutting at the optimum location based on thickness, width and wane. www.limab.com  Reader Service Card# 1071

4X Grade Optimization from Coe
Coe Manufacturing has announced the first system capable of true, four-sided biological defect recognition. Utilizing the latest in high-resolution imaging technology and high-speed computer architecture, coupled with Coes proprietary image pre-processor (IPP) the D*TEC5000 BioScan is the newest addition to the Coe family of scanning and optimization equipment. Representing a milestone in automated grade optimization and designed specifically for high-speed, transverse planermill applications, this equipment with its unequalled productivity solutions is what the industry has been seeking. It is able to identify the following defects: Optimization of production based on an evaluation of all four sides of a board is now a reality. Features and benefits include:
Real-time 2D and 3D colour plotting along all four sides
User adjustable rule-based defect classification
Higher recovery of premium gradeswith user-defined price tables
Multiple board solutions to meet changing demand/production requirements
Simultaneous grading across entire product portfolio for increased productivity
Reduced grading costs
Reduced trim lossEasy to use, easy to operate
Limited maintenance and calibration requirements
Designed to handle the most demanding conditions
Upgradeable platform to accommodate future needs

Four-sided Biological Optimization
Knots (centre, edge, cluster, sound, unsound)
Splits, shake
Pitch, bark pockets
Pith, holes, white speck

Geometric Optimization
Thickness, width, length
Wane and end-contour
Warp (crook, bow, twist)
Skip (full face > .020)
Voids on ends

www.coemfg.com  Reader Service Card# 1072

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Check any of the following for more information:

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RSTReplaceable Sleeve Type Feed Rollers #1069
Komatsu Introduces Fully Loaded, Purpose-Built Forestry Machine   #1070
 Laser Length Gauge for Boards  #1071
 4X Grade Optimization from Coe     #1072

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