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Redhead Now Tigercat Dealership

            Tigercat Industries has announced that Redhead Equipment Ltd will serve as Tigercats full-line forestry equipment dealer in Saskatchewan. The change was brought about by Strongco Equipment winding down its forestry sales operations in the province.

            Maintaining a focus on customer service, Redhead currently operates six facilities in Saskatchewan accompanied by a fleet of 20 fully equipped service trucks and product support representatives. In its 55th year of business, Redhead was recently ranked 10th in the list of Saskatchewans top private companies.  Tigercats diverse forestry line includes complete full-tree and cut-to-length harvesting systems.  www.redheadequipment.ca  Reader Service Card #476

Grapple Equalizer Extends Reach

            The Grapple Equalizer is a grapple positioning device for wheeled and tracked skidders, developed and manufactured by Northwest Cat and Line. The hydraulically operated device pushes the grapple away from the machine to extend reach, increasing production and making it easier to lift the tongs and set them to the desired position. With a weight of approximately 300 lbs, the Grapple Equalizer can be applied to fixed or swing grapples, requires no extra valving and will not interfere with the grapple rotation, the company says.  Reader Service Card #477

Single Source Alliance

            Three main industry-leading companies have formed an Alliance to provide sawmills with a solid solution for complete equipment modernization packages. PLC Inc, Prologic Plus, HewSaw Machines Inc. and their sub-contractors form an enormous resource of supplier expertise, all under one umbrella. On package systems the customer will deal with one party only for Single Source responsibility and the Alliance team will integrate and manage the project to its successful completion. The key is that each main company is specialized in one main field only; therefore all R&D and business activities are focused rather than filtered through diversification. By bonding together, these focused companies can provide top performance in all areas with a single point of responsibility. This strong Alliance has already completed many equipment package projects with proven success.  Reader Service Card #478

Additive Boosts Battery Life

            A new battery additive from Enviro-One Inc doubles the life of a battery, improves power efficiency, retains battery charge three times longer and extends storage time, the company says. As well as providing savings on battery costs, the Battery Equaliser saves on alternator replacements. After adding a small amount of the additive to an open cell lead acid vented battery, the product stops and reverses the existing sulphation that clogs lead plates. The Battery Equiliser puts the sulphation back into the acid electrolyte and prevents new hard sulphation from forming, the company says.  Reader Service Card #479

 Sucessor Named: Timberjacks 200 Series Sees End of Line

            The last of the Timberjack 240C skiddersthe 23,795thcame off the assembly line in 2002, marking the end of an era for the popular machines.  The 200s, which were in their seventh generation, were introduced in 1961 and replaced the farm-type tractors of the day with more power, outboard planetary axles and a strong front walking beam. Their popularity was based on a simple, easy to maintain design, using a four-speed direct drive transmission and a two-speed transfer case to give eight speeds. Although they are no longer in production, the company estimates they will remain in use for many years to come.

    The Timberjack 360D cable skidder is the natural successor to the 200s. It features a fuel efficient, six-cylinder, 127-hp John Deere 6068T engine; a direct-drive power shift transmission to deliver torque and steady pull, with eight speeds forward and seven reverse; and a smaller wheel base and tight turn mobility of 90-degree stop-to-stop frame articulation for a smaller turning circle.

            Dual differential lock axles are standard with wet disc axle brakes in both axles. The 360D also offers easy servicing, a tilt cab and operator comfort.  www.timberjack.com  Reader Service Card #480

Sawmill Wins Improvement Award

            Mahoe Sawmills of New Zealand was recently awarded an equipment improvement award for its newly released Minimax portable sawmill. The award was presented for the use of a triangular shaped beam and new engineering techniques that reduce manufacturing costs but retain the strength of the mill.

            Powered by a Daihatsu 32-hp motor, the Minimax is a twin saw with horizontal and vertical blades that travel down the log, cutting a finished board and returning it to behind the operator. Both blades have a riving knife for added safety.  www.sawmills.co.nz Reader Service Card #481

New Valve Prevents Oil Spills

            Spill Check Ltd has developed a bi-directional check valve to prevent excessive hydraulic oil spills due to hose or line breakage. Used on lines leading to and from attachments such as harvesting heads, shears and hydraulic hammers, the poppet style valve has a cracking pressure of 100 psi in both directions and a flow rate of up to 70 gpm at an operating pressure of up to 5,000 psi. In case of a line breakage, the operator sets the valve lever to neutral, overcoming the typical back pressure of the hydraulic system. The valve reduces downtime, oil consumption, potential pump failure and the amount of oil spilled to the environment, while preventing the dry running of hydraulic pumps and bringing about higher compliance levels to environmental standards, the company says. Reader Service Card #482

LSIZE R/T Offers Real-Time Size Control

            LSIZE R/T from MicroRidge Systems Inc is a dedicated real-time lumber size control system that measures every board from machine centres. Designed specifically for on-line size control, it lets operators know immediately when a problem exists. Built upon Windows LSIZE, with all its data analysis and reporting capabilities, LSIZE R/T stores the information on the last five million boards measured. Complete historic reports include: numeric summary reports by process combination; time series charts or trend charts; histograms for measurements or for piece averages; and shape analysis graphs showing cross sectional views of each piece or the group average shape, including standard deviation graph by measurement position. All reports may be reviewed and modified by computer prior to printing. A high-resolution scanner interface panel allows up to five laser pairs to be connected to the system and multiple panels can be installed as required.  www.lsize.com Reader Service Card #483


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Sawmill Wins Improvement Award  #481
New Valve Prevents Oil Spills #482
LSIZE R/T Offers Real-Time Size Control #483

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