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Tech Update Editor: Mel-Lynda Andersen
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Enviroquip Sales Ltd.

Urus Skyline yarders, manufactured by Hinterregger S.A. in Chile and South Africa, are currently operating in over 50 countries. Enviroquip Sales Ltd./Global Forest Equipment have recently introduced two different models to the North American market from their BC operation. The latest truck-mounted URUS 11 600 has a 40' tower, a 185-hp Cummins engine, four live drums, 2,000'of skyline, and is hydrostatically driven. This machine is specifically designed for corridor logging prescriptions, such as commercial thinning and selective logging. Strengths of the URUS include ease of operation, fast line speeds, low capital investment, and a proven track record, says Enviroquip. Models range from the URUS I series, designed for second-growth timber, to the URUS TV series, for harvesting larger timber and greater volumes.


Madill Equipment

The Madill 120 Swing Yarder is equipped with a 330-hp Cummins MI 1 turbo-charged, after-cooled engine rated at 2, 100 rpm. The boom is 50'high with two 18" X 6" fairleads with side rollers and one 18" X 3" swivelling haulback fairlead. The gantry is 34'high with two walking guyline fairleads, gantry lower and an optional third guyline. The 120 Swing Yarder has four live drums; the main drum capacity is 1,507' of 3/4" cable, pulling 58,075 lbs. at a rate of 2,056'/min. Operating weight is approximately 85,000 lbs.

The Madill 124 Swing Yarder is equipped with a 450-hp Detroit Series 60 12.7L engine rated at 2,100 rpm. The 60'-high boom has two 18" X 6" swivelling main fairleads and one 24" X 3" swivelling haulback fairlead. This model has four drums, with the front and rear main drum capacity of 2,550'of 7/8" cable with grooved drum, pulling 92,000 lbs. at 4,200'/min.

Madill's 172 tower yarder is equipped with a 450-hp Detroit 60 Series engine, 72'telescoping high-strength tower with hydraulic cylinders for raising, telescoping and tilting, and 60' logging scope fairleads. The main drum capacity is 4,000'of 3/4" with 92,000 lbs. of pull at 4,050'/min., the skyline drum capacity is 3,200' of 1" cable pulling 135,000 lbs. at 2,720'/min., the tagline drum capacity is 2,300' of 1/2" pulling 20,000 lbs. at 4,400'/min., and the strawline drum capacity is 5,600'of 3/8" pulling 20,000 lbs. at 4,400'/min.

Skylead Logging Equipment

The new Skylead two-speed slackpulling carriage is a hydrostatic, radio-controlled carriage capable of crossing intermediate support jacks and shackles. The slackpulling system (patent pending) will not slip and bum the mainline cable and will shift up or down instantly, reports Skylead. Low-speed capacity is 2,200 lbs. line pull at 198'/min. and high-speed capacity is rated at 1,110 lbs. at 396'/min. The carriage is constructed of T-1 steel, weighs 2,140 lbs. and has a load capacity of 15,000 lbs. Skyline capacity is 3/4" to 1-1/4" and the mainline is 1/2" to 7/8".

The Skylead C-40 16000 series yarder is designed to operate on small trails and landings to clear-cut or selective log both uphill and downhill. It is powered by a Cummins 6B5.9-C (174 hp) engine mated to an Allison four-speed automatic transmission. The mainline/haulback winch set uses Eaton 27E475 clutches and provides 35,090 lbs. of line pull at bare drum. The mainline drum holds 2,000'of 1/2" and the haulback drum holds 4,200'of 1/2" cable. The skyline drum capacity is 2,000'of 3/4" and the strawline drum holds 4,000'of 1/4" cable. Four guylines each hold 200' of 3/4" and and anchor the 40' tower.


Pacific Manufacturing The SY-1088 Mobile Swing Yarder from Pacific Manufacturing Corp. is equipped with a Caterpillar Model 3406 diesel engine rated at 360 hp @ 2,100 rpm and a twin-disc TD44-1131 transmission with four forward and four reverse speeds. The machine has a maindrum line pull of 51,000 lbs. The maindrum speed is 2,650 FPM, the haulback 3,160 FPM, maindrum capacity is 2,000'of 3/4", haulback is 4,000' of 3/4". The boom and A-frame have been designed to be raised or lowered, and the entire machine moved in minutes, reports the manufacturer. The SY-1088 can be adapted for running skyline, gravity, or highlead systems.

The SY-988 Mobile Swing Yarder has a main drum line pull of 60,000 lbs. Haulback capacity is 4,600' of 3/4", while the skyline capacity is 2,100' of 7/8" swedged. The SY-988 operates with a dropline carriage, with an effective yarding distance of 2,000'.

The SY-888 Mobile Swing Yarder is equipped with a Cummins C8.3 rated at 247 hp or a Caterpillar model 3126 diesel engine rated at 250 hp @ 2,100 rpm. The maindrum capacity is 2,200'of 5/8", and the haulback capacity is 4,500'of 5/8". The skyline line pull is 85,000 lbs. with a capacity of 2, 100'of 7/8" wire. The machine can be operated in any logging mode, and can be used with a motorized carriage, or intermediate supports.

Northwest Harvesters

Northwest Harvesters offers a complete line of small yarders and carriages for today's changing forestry requirements. Specifications of the K300 include skyline capacity of 1,200' of 5/8", mainline capacity of 1,200'of 3/8", haulback line capacity of 2,100'of 5/16", and guyline capacity of 100'of 5/8". Line pull for the skyline is rated at 9,700 lbs. in tensioning compartment; line pull for the mainline is 4,000 lbs. at medium drum, at a line speed of 985'per minute. The lattice-design steel tower is 23'tall with optional 5'extension. K501 specifications include skyline capacity of 1,600'of 3/4", mainline capacity of 1,800'of 1/2", haulback line capacity of 2,900' of 7/16", and guyline capacity of 145' of 3/4". Line pull for this unit is rated at 15,900 lbs. in tensioning compartment for the skyline, and 8,100 lbs. at medium drum for the mainline. The mainline operates with a line speed of 1,000'per minute.

TLD Gauthier Inc. Features of the cable yarding system manufactured by TLD Gauthier Inc. include minimal capital investment, low production costs, easy operation, high mobility, optimum stability and maximum safety. The self-propelled carriage is equipped with a TL-3000C telecarrier and a 71-hp diesel engine with a dropline length of 75 metres, a travelling speed of 6.1 metres/second, as well as a pulling strength and lift capacity of 6,000 lbs. Mobile spar tower height is 14.5 metres, with 4,000-psi hydraulic pressure and hydraulic flow of 20 gpm. The skyline drum has a hydraulic winch and and features 22.2-mm cable diameter, 455-metre cable length and 18,725-lb. initial tension. Speed is rated at 25O' per minute.

Diamond Manufacturing

The DMI D210 Swing Yarder from Diamond Manufacturing is equipped with a Cummins 6CT 88 engine rated at 218 hp, as well as a Funk 2000 power shift transmission with six forward and three reverse gears. The guyline mast and tower feature three individual swivel fairleads and guide sheaves, true walkover design, self-equalizing back-stay strap that connects the tower and mast and provides equal loading to both sides of the tower, 42' working height and bushings in swiver fairlead assembly. Pull is rated at 4,8000 lbs., 40,250 lbs. and 40,250 lbs. respectively, while speeds are reported at 3,072 FPM, 3,900 FPM, and 3,900 FPM.


Thunderbird SLR Swing Yarders feature the ability to operate dropline (MSP) carriages and grapples as a running skyline. By changing one rear main line to a skyline, the Thunderbird SLR can also operate as a slackline yarder for uphill or downhill logging. This unit has the ability to slack the skyline through a water-cooled brake and swing, while operating from a roadside or small landing.

Thunderbird offers three SLR swing yarders with skyline capabilities ranging from 7/8" - 1'-1-1/2" sky-line size.With these machines both systems can be operated, allowing the operator to achieve more difficult manoeuvres, reports Thunderbird.

The company's newest addition is the Thunderbird TTY-6150, a three-drum slackline yarder. Powered by a 3126 Caterpillar 230-hp engine coupled to a four-speed Allison transmission and weighing only 56,000 lbs., the TTY-6150 is equipped with 7/8" swedged skyline rating, 5/8" main line and 1/2" haulback. This machine is designed for thinning or clearcut logging.


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