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December 2006 / January 2007 - The Logging and Sawmilling Journal



Class 8 Trucks

Tech Update Editor: Diane Mettler


With a variety of engine, transmission and suspension options to choose from, the FLD SD from Freightliner can be customized to suit an operation’s needs. Whether the company is hauling logs or recycling slash, the FLD SD provides the muscle and comfort to optimize performance.

Available in either a set-forward front axle or a set-back front axle configuration, the truck’s chassis features a wider track front axle and narrow, high pressure steering gears which gives the tires more room to turn, increasing over-all maneuverability. And with available steer axles rated up to 20,000 lbs, drive axles rated up to 52,000 lbs, and optional pusher and tag axles, the FLD SD is said to handle the heaviest loads with ease.

The FLD SD is engineered for severe environments and extreme conditions, combining time-tested performance with the latest advances in engineering and technology. It features a heavy-duty chassis with frame rails rated to 120,000 psi and a durable yet lightweight reinforced aluminum cab that minimizes vibration and noise. Available with a variety of engine options up to 550 hp and 1,850 ft-lbs of torque, the FLD SD can be easily customized to meet specific operational needs.

Freightliner’s TufTrac suspension provides maximum traction in high articulation environments. The rubber-isolated pivot points and parabolic taper-leaf springs ensure a smooth ride, whether loaded or unloaded, minimizing wear and tear on the truck and the driver.


International Truck and Engine Corporation received the J D Power and Associates award for “Highest in Customer Satisfaction Among Vocational Segment Class 8 Trucks” in a heavy-duty truck customer satisfaction study released this past summer.

Customer satisfaction for the vocational award was measured on four factors: performance, quality, warranty and cost of ownership. In addition to its top ranking in the vocational segment, International rated second in service satisfaction.

The company’s International 9900i delivers a long-nose design featuring a chrome grill, headlight bezels and a full-width bumper. Drivers get the unrivaled comfort of an air-suspension cab designed to make driving less work and more enjoyable, and experience up to 565 hp under the hood.

The International Eagle 9900ix—a classic premium conventional—comes loaded with Eagle trim features inside and out. The benefit is a level of driver comfort and convenience that makes long hauls seem short. It features a boldly styled extended hood housing up to 565 hp and is equipped with stainless steel grill, dual stainless outside air cleaners, and dual polished aluminum fuel tanks.



The tough and reliable Kenworth T800 model is especially popular in logging applications. Logging customers typically order the Kenworth T800 as a day cab. Also available is the Kenworth extended day cab option, with more room behind the steering wheel and additional storage space. The T800 is now available with the new Kenworth GPS navigation system, which is standard with the Kenworth Diamond cab interior and optional on the Splendor cab interior.

Kenworth prides itself on its tough, yet lightweight, cab construction for durability and higher resale: the flat-glass windshield for quick, easy and inexpensive replacement; the highly adaptable free-fit bolt design that allows maximum frame articulation and flex; and the heavy-duty rear cross-member for pintle hooks. It comes with a long list of application-specific options that can be factory installed for job-ready, right-the-firsttime delivery: stinger-steered end-of-frame configurations; bunk mounting angles; central tire inflation; specialized suspension systems; and enclosed gladhands and lightlines.

Heavy-duty cross-members and three-hole gussets strengthen the Kenworth’s backbone, preparing it for the pounding of forest haul roads. Kenworth also offers wirebraid hose for its air brake systems—a detail operations will definitely notice when welding
up log bunks.

Kenworth is one of the few manufacturers to build effective tri-drives—offering the pulling power of a six-by-six for less money and without the hassle of a transfer case or the raised front end of a front drive axle.

Since dense forests can make short work of linehaul trucks, Kenworths can be spec’d fully dressed for severe service with sheet metal hood and fenders, brush guards and skid plates.



With high horsepower for demanding over-the-road operations, the CL series is built to accommodate its powerful engines—the Cummins ISX Series.

The CL Series is the power of the Mack line-up. The series builds on Mack’s well-earned reputation for solid engineering and has a standard rear-axle configuration offering excellent weight distribution and maneuverability. High strength frame rails, high-capacity front axles and wide, taperleaf front springs deliver smooth, stable operation even in rough terrain.

Mack is the only truck manufacturer using a parallelogram design to give its vehicles unprecedented stability, the company says. This unique shape prevents weight from being transferred forward or rearward, which causes axle hopping and excessive tire wear.

The Mack CL733 has 500 to 565 hp, and an 18-speed Fuller and Mack transmission. The front axles are rated 14,000 to 20,000 lbs, and the rear axles are rated 46,000 to 52,000 lbs on a spring, rubber or air ride. The wheelbase ranges from 230” to 244”, primarily in the double frame, but some heavy single frames are available for the tractor, such as the self loader application, where the wheelbase reaches 290”.

Loggers that do a lot of highway driving often choose the CXN713 axle back and/or the CHN613 axle forward, both with 460 hp, an 18-speed tranny and with the front axle rated 14,000 lbs front and the rear rated 46,000 lbs.



Sterling is making its L-Line trucks more productive and truck ownership more profitable.

The steel cab on the trucks is not only roomy, but also quiet and durable. Interior materials are especially designed for work trucks—easy to clean and fabricated to last. They are readymade for vocations like logging, where seats can be exposed to years of mud, grease and grime. Just some of the interior options include: motorized heated mirrors; fire extinguishers; and a range of gauge packages and sound systems.

For flexibility, the L-Line is offered in four BBCs with a range of diesel engine choices, including the Mercedes Benz MBE 4000. The MBE 4000 features advanced electronic controls, a unique fuel injection system and extended maintenance cycles. The trucks have a tight turning radius. Wheel-cut angles up to 50 degrees result in a smaller turning radius for improved maneuverability and enhanced safety on congested job sites. The trucks have several suspension offerings. There’s a wide range of Hendrickson suspensions—single drive, dual drive, air, flat-leaf, PRIMAAX, HAULMAAX—from 23,000 lbs to 52,000 lbs.

The Sterling TufTrac suspension is designed for high articulation operations where it’s important to traverse bumps, ridges, and washboard without “bottoming out.” And the Sterling TufTrac 2-Stage provides all the high performance features of the standard TufTrac while improving the unladen ride.


Western Star Trucks

Western Star offers four models of trucks for logging applications—the 4900 FA, 4900 SA, 4900 EX, and 6900 XD. With more than 8,000 different options, every customizable model offers durability and maximum hauling ability, as well as a high-strength steel cab and components.

The set-forward 4900 FA allows for greater payload and offers a 109” or 123” BBC, a severe-duty cab, and heavy-duty component options. The set-back 4900 SA comes standard with a super visibility hood and a non-sloping hood option for the 123” BBC. The flagship of the Western Star brand—the 132” BBC 4900 EX—features an extended hood for the traditional look that truck drivers demand. Rated up to 175 tons GCW, the 6900 XD stands up to the most extreme environments. With the highest ground clearance around, a 141” BBC, and engine ratings up to 625 hp, the 6900 XD is the definition of an extreme logging truck, according to the company.

With a monocoque design for greater cab size, strength and durability, customers can select an optional severe-duty cab with a steel floor, additional cab reinforcements, and extensive use of structural adhesive in all spot welded pinch flanges. A range of logging bumpers is also available.

For severe-duty operations, customers can specify fourchannel rails, consisting of triple C-channel rails plus an Lchannel outer glove. Other heavy-duty options include planetary rear axles to meet high-torque capacity needs and suspensions from AirLiner, TufTrac, Hendrickson, Neway and Chalmers.



Peterbilt recently introduced a new line-up of trucks engineered for rugged markets, including the full range of timber harvesting applications. They feature numerous enhancements, including improvements in aerodynamics, fuel efficiency, styling, maneuverability and forward lighting.

The new traditionally styled truck models—the Model 389 and Model 388—integrate distinctive Peterbilt styling with improved aerodynamic performance for greater fuel efficiency. Both models have all-new, durable aluminum hoods, a new one-piece aluminum surround with a punched-oval pattern grille and polished aluminum grille bars, polished-aluminum fender reinforcements, innovative headlamps, and aero-style mirrors.

A new, lighter-weight cooling system features increased cooling capacity to accommodate higher-horsepower engines. And the new high-grade aluminum headlamps increase forward lighting by 226 per cent, helping reduce operator fatigue. Bulb life has improved by 600 per cent and long-life LED directional signals are integrated into the headlamp design.

The 367 and 365 can be configured to meet a wide range of applications. Both models are available in set-forward and setback front axle positions to optimize weight distribution, and the new chassis design provides outstanding maneuverability.

The Model 367 is available in a special heavy haul configuration that features a high-capacity cooling system to accommodate the highest horsepower engines available.

Both trucks have a new bumper that can accommodate both a centre hook configuration and a dual, removable pin configuration that meet TMC towing requirements. They also feature a new lighting system with 50 per cent greater low-beam performance.



Three key components power every Volvo truck: quality, safety and care for the environment. These are the core values of every Volvo product and are the principles that have guided Volvo throughout its 75-year history. Volvo is the world’s largest heavy-duty engine manufacturer and set the standard for class 8 vocational trucks when it introduced the Volvo VHD in 2000. The latest generation of the Volvo VHD is a revolutionary advance for a variety of industries. Whether it’s a logging truck, boom crane, refuse truck or tractor, the Volvo VHD offers a unique combination of toughness, comfort and safety.

The Volvo VHD is available with tridrive or tandem rear axles and up to 485 hp. Volvo will also be releasing a vocational version of the VT800, also available with tridrive or tandem rear axles, and up to 600 hp.



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