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December 2006 / January 2007 - The Logging and Sawmilling Journal



Class 8 Trucks

Tech Update Editor: Diane Mettler

Deere’s Construction & Forestry Division marks 50th anniversary

John Deere is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the creation of its Industrial Equipment Division, which provided a springboard for the company to enter the forestry and construction market. The John Deere Construction & Forestry Division— so named in 2000—now distributes its forestry, construction and worksite products through a network of more than
1,300 dealer locations worldwide.

John Deere has introduced some industry-changing technologies over the years. The company pioneered a number of breakthrough machines, including the industry’s first hydrostatic drive crawler dozer and loader in 1976. More recent innovations include the single lever, allelectronic speed and steering controls on Deere hydrostatic crawlers, introduced in 1995, and the Quad Cool cooling system for four-wheel-drive loaders in 2003, which features coolers that are arranged side by side, rather than stacked, to allow easy cleaning access to both sides of each cooler.

“The key to the success of the variety of products we have offered over the years is that John Deere has always stood for quality and customer service unmatched in the industry,” says Bob Brock, senior vice president of sales and marketing, John Deere Construction & Forestry Division. “We will continuously strive to remain industry leaders because we are utilizing the latest technology to improve the efficiency and comfort of the products we sell. Our first priority is to deliver exactly what our customers want, and we work to adapt our products to suit their needs.”

New user interface for Lumber Track

Progressive Solutions Inc has announced that the company’s Lumber Track user interface (UI) is now aligned with Microsoft UI standards allowing each user to better control the windows and on-screen presentation.

Users can now define their individual preferences for: which data elements they see; where the data appears and how it is sorted; size and position of windows; tab folder order; and more. With greater control over on-screen information, including the ability to move columns by drag-and-drop and change the sort order of column data, Lumber Track users will have even more vital information at their fingertips to help run their businesses more efficiently, the company says.

USNR sells lift truck business

USNR has announced that it has sold its lift truck business to Eaves Manufacturing LLC, of Beebe, Arkansas. The lift truck product line, which has worn USNR, Forano, and Eaves brands at different times over the last 17 years, is distributed through a dealership network across Canada and the United States. The lift trucks range in capacity from 18,500 to 60,500 lbs and are used in sawmills, steel yards, and other demanding industrial settings.

“The sale of our lift truck business will allow USNR to focus more on its core business of designing, manufacturing, and installing sawmill machinery, optimization software, and automation technology,”
stated George Van Hoomissen, USNR’s president and CEO.

Oregon Cutting Systems promotes awareness of chain shot

Oregon Cutting Systems Group (OCSG), a division of Blount, Inc, is helping to create a safer environment by providing helpful information on chain shot—an issue of concern for everyone involved with mechanized timber-cutting equipment.

Chain shot is the high-velocity separation and ejection of one or more pieces of cutting chain from the end of a broken chain during mechanized timbercutting. Chain shot typically occurs near the drive end of the cutting system, but can also come from the bar tip area. These pieces of chain can travel like a bullet, with sufficient velocity to penetrate thick polycarbonate windows and injure operators.

OCSG has created and compiled technical information on chain shot. The information has been posted on the OCSG website at
www.oregonchain. com/tech/chain_shot.htm
to better inform individuals, companies, and industry groups involved with mechanized timbercutting equipment.

New website connects buyers and sellers of forest resources

Buyers and sellers in the timber industry have a new way to find out about each other, thanks to, the first online clearinghouse dedicated to forest resources in the US and Canada.

Craig Rawlings, the website’s director, points out that until now there was no efficient way for industry players to communicate. “It’s just been phone calls and faxes,” he says, “especially if you were dealing in core products like standing timber, logs, forest residue, or mill byproducts.” is said to solve this problem by allowing buyers and sellers to create, post, and search for offerings (or requests) with a few clicks—and get quick responses in the form of emails or phone calls. lets users search and view transactions for free. However, viewers can also purchase ads.

Rawlings says that the site was designed to attract sellers such as landowners, mill owners, forest consultants, and logging contractors. “Our audience is anyone with forest resources to sell,” he says.

Wet and dry biomass boilers from Ideal Combustion

Ideal Combustion offers both a wet and dry biomass boiler. The wet biomass boiler has reversible moving allied cast iron grates for increased durability, as well as a hydraulic grate moving system.

It features primary, secondary and tertiary air volume controls with a multi-zone control system, an automatic ash disposal that uses a conveyor system and high heat-resistant insulation.

The dry biomass boiler is a customdesigned system. It features fixed allied cast iron grates, primary, secondary and tertiary air volume controls, and high heat-resistant insulation. It replaces the use of fuel oil and gas, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It has a heavyduty screw auger feeding system, and a backfire safety device. An automatic ash disposal is also available.

Komatsu launches PC800LC-8 excavator

Komatsu Canada Limited recently introduced the PC800LC-8 hydraulic excavator. The machine is said to feature increased stability and productivity, an improved Tier 3 certified engine and enhanced serviceability. The PC800LC-8 is ideal for high production applications.

The PC800LC-8 has a flywheel horsepower of 487 and an operating weight between 179,400 lbs and 192,240 lbs. Bucket capacities range from 2.23 cubic yards to 5.93 cubic yards, depending on boom and arm length, material density, and application conditions. It’s also equipped with the latest Komtrax technology, which sends machine operating information to a secure website utilizing wireless technology.

Novotny log forwarder being distributed in Canada

Tries Distribution is now distributing the small Novotny log forwarder in the US and Canada. This unit is powered by a 70 hp Yanmar engine. It has a five-ton payload capacity and a trailer designed for various log lengths up to 15'. It features high quality welding, which is said to make the unit extremely strong. And its 6' width increases maneuverability and ecological forest protection.

The power train features a hydrostatic Sauer-Danfoss transmission with low and high range and bogies with high ground clearance of 46 cm. And the ASC slip-resistant system is said to provide excellent agility. The power is equally divided between the wheels, so no wheel loses power in extreme conditions. The cabin complies with all ROPS ASTM requirements.

Petro-Canada launches DURON-E engine oil

Petro-Canada has launched DURONE, the company’s next-generation, heavy duty engine oil for the API CJ-4 category and offers choice to both on-road and off-road customers. DURON-E features enhanced soot fighting capabilities in addition to improved wear protection, oil consumption, and piston deposits versus the previous CI-4 Plus category, and has exceeded the API CJ-4 specifications for 2007 EPA compliant low emission engines.

DURON-E is available in three performance offerings—DURON-E 15W-40, DURON-E XL Synthetic Blend 15W- 40 and DURON-E Synthetic 10W-40.

Cutting through history

“It rips, and cuts, it makes a horrible racket—a chainsaw is a frightening thing. I write not to glorify its terrible power but to acknowledge its place in the most sweeping revolution that technology has wrought in the 20th century—the revolution of individual empowerment.” That’s how author David Lee opens Chainsaws, A History, a fascinating book on the worldwide history of the chainsaw.

The chainsaw is the invention that transformed the forest industry and eventually became the indispensable companion of every red-blooded country dweller. Chainsaws, it turns out, have a curious history and since the 19th century they have taken on many forms. From 600-pound steam-powered behemoths to gas chainsaws mounted on wheeled carriages to diesel chainsaws and electric chainsaws with portable generators, this book musters a curious collection of contraptions and inventors.

Carefully tracing the evolutionary threads of countless short-lived pioneer devices, author Lee, working together with a worldwide network of chainsaw buffs, traces the roaring, woodchipand-oil-sprayed progress of what is now a lightweight modern machine that holds a place of honour in the world’s woodsheds.

Chainsaws is a handsome gift book full of wonderful old and new photos along with priceless chainsaw ephemera that will warm the heart of anyone who’s ever held a power tool.


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