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Dec Jan 2004/2005  - The Logging and Sawmilling Journal

Logging and Sawmilling Journalís 
British Columbia Forestry FAQs

Total Area: 94.5 million hectares
Land Area: 92.5 million hectares
Forest and other wooded land: 64.1 million hectares
Provincial  	96 per cent
Private		3 per cent
Federal		1 per cent
Forest Type
Softwood 	82 per cent
Hardwood	5 per cent
Mixedwood	13 per cent
Annual Allowable Cut (2001)			81.5 million cubic metres
Harvest (volume) industrial roundwood (2002)	73.6 million cubic metres
Harvest (area) industrial roundwood		189,277 hectares
Status of Crown land (2001)
Stocked (82 per cent)		3.6 million hectares
Understocked (18 per cent)		770,000 hectares
Area defoliated by insects and beetle-killed trees (2002)  4.0 million hectares
Number of fires (2003)  	2,447
Area burned (2003)	266,412 hectares
BC Forest Industry FAQs
Value of exports (2003) 		$12.6 billion
Softwood lumber			$5.3 billion
Wood pulp			$2.6 billion
Newsprint			$600 million
Waferboard			$600 million
Other paper and paperboard		$1.2 billion
Converted paper			$16.2 million
Other products			$2.1 billion
Major Export Markets (2003)      	$12.6 billion
United States			$7.8 billion
Japan				$1.9 billion
European Union			$1.0 billion
China				$600 million
South and Central America		$200 million
Other countries			$1.1 billion
Wood Products Manufacturing (2001) 	$11.2 billion
Number of establishments: 
Wood manufacturing (2001)		900
Wages and Salaries
Wood products manufacturing (2001) 		$1.7 billion
Logging						Not available
New Investments (2003)				$600 million

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