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December  2003 January 2004

Supplier Newsline

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New Porsche-Designed Linde 39X Forklift Offers Improved Production
The new Linde 39X forklift moves more pallets per hour than any other forklift and lowers the total cost of ownership. Features include performance, economy and improved ergonomics. These models have been five years in the making and have
resulted in greater fuel economy, lower maintenance and repair costs, better ergonomics and improved mast stability. It boasts 50 per cent less fuel consumption, reduced emissions and the lowest DBAs of any forklift in this size class. The truck is resistant to abuse as it will not change directions more sharply than what the vehicle is mechanically able to handle. The 39X features proven Linde hydrostatic technology. The service schedule is every 1,000 hours, compared to every 250 hours for some other conventional trucks. Reader Service Card# 10,074

Komatsu Upgrades Models
The D65 and D85 tracked dozers are well-suited for work with small- to mid-sized applications. Outfitted with Komatsus strong, Tier II compliant engine, these dozers have ample power to handle a variety of tasks while reducing fuel consumption. They also continue to offer fast and agile responsiveness (thanks to their hydrostatic steering system), which, in turn, offers the added benefit of a reduced turning radius. The D65 operates with 190 hp and offers a blade capacity between 4.8 to 7.34 cubic yards. The D85 operates with 240 hp and offers a blade capacity between 6.8 to 9.2 cubic yards. Reader Service Card# 10,075

Kenworth Offers Lubricants
Kenworth factory-fill synthetic lubricants are now available through their dealer network. The introduction of these lubricants for transmission and axle applications is another way to assist operators in lowering operating costs while maintaining warranty requirements. The benefits include reduced maintenance costs, downtime and fuel consumption, while offering exceptional high-temperature lubrication over extended drain intervals. The lubricants are manufactured by Cognis Corporation, a global supplier of innovative specialty chemicals in nearly 50 countries. Reader Service Card# 10,076

New ECO-Track Model for Soft Ground Applications
Developed by Olofsfors AB, the new ECO-SOFT track system is based upon the proven ECO-Track model and encompasses a different cross-member arrangement for soft ground applications. This new orientation is 36 inches wide and results in improved flotation and reduced ground disturbance while turning. The result is a smooth running, ground-friendly track with good footing. Reader Service Card# 10,077

Water Bomber Pioneer Receives the Order of Canada
Aviation pioneer Dan McIvor was recently appointed to the Order of Canada for his foresight in using aircraft in fighting forest fires. The former pilot of Pacific Western Airlines began his aviation career in 1940, joined the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1941 and by the 1950s was a full-fledged water-bomber pilot. When McIvor learned that the US Navy was selling four surplus, long-range Mars bombers for scrap in the late 1950s, he bought the aircraft, formed Forest Industries Flying Tankers Limited and transformed the aircraft into water bombers that could reach BCs most remote mountain regions. Of the four aircraft, two remain in service and played active roles in fighting and controlling fires throughout BCs Interior this past summer. Reader Service Card# 10,078

Separator Fights Plastic Contamination
The consequences of plastic contamination continue to cost pulp mills tens of millions of dollars every year. In partnership with S+S of Germany, TecTronix has announced their Varisort MC impurity separator. Based on the principle of colour recognition in combination with a proprietary software program, this equipment can recognize and reject contaminants such as plastic, rubber, neoprene and coated wood in the fibre stream. When optioned with their special high speed, segmented coil metal detector, all metals are also identified and rejected as an integral part of the fibre inspection process. Reader Service Card# 10,079

Tsubaki Launches the First 81X Self-Lubricating Chain
Tsubaki has announced the launch of the first 81X self-lubricating chain. It is anticipated that it will dramatically reduce downtime maintenance costs while it increases productivity through maximizing efficiencies. The new Tsubaki 81X Lambda is totally compatible with all 81X applications. With close to a century of experience, Tsubaki continues the tradition of supplying manufacturers with advanced power transmission innovations that consistently outperform, lowering maintenance costs and saving money for their customers. Reader Service Card# 10,080

Hyundai Introduces Wheel Loader
Hyundai Construction Equipment has expanded its line of wheel loaders with the introduction its new Tier II - HL770-7 machine. This 50,300 lb wheel loader develops 300 hp, with the assistance of a Cummins QSC8.3-C Tier II engine, with the loader mated to a bucket with a maximum capacity of 6.5 cubic yards. This electronically controlled engine incorporates improved airflow to evenly disperse fuel for increased power output, while reducing fuel consumption. These enhancements add to both the component life and serviceability. This model comes complete with the new Ergopower automatic transmission (or an optional manual gearbox). The automatic control systems use of valves enables very precise clutch control even under steep terrain conditions. This control system allows for greater productivity through offering smoother gear shiftingeven while under loadwith no traction interruptions. Reader Service Card# 10,081

Partek Forest Launches EX-Series
Partek Forest North America LLC, a recognized manufacturer of forest carriers, is introducing its next generation EX-Series from the Valmet and Timbco tracked brands. The EX and EXL (cab leveling) machines combine Valmets advanced technology with Timbco concepts. Each unit also features their unique set-back boom design, which acts as its own counterweight. Both the harvester and feller buncher boom sets range from a reach of 215 to 3011 to match the machine type and harvesting requirements. The EXL models come complete with Timbcos two-cylinder, four-way leveling system. The combination of these two brands has resulted in consistent styling and model designations. Changes include an ergonomically designed cabin, featuring new digital controls and gauges mounted on a non-glaresurface. The digital controls have demonstrated their reliability, particularly under extreme climate conditions. Removal of the hydraulic lines has aided in maintaining a clean and cool environment in the operators compartment, while the machine demonstrates improved fuel economy, smoother performance, and simplified service requirements, resulting in lower operating costs. The EX-series is powered by a Tier-II Sisu diesel (or optional Cummins) engine known for its performance, generating between 215 hp (when mounted on Cat D5 size track system) to the optional 300 hp (when mounted on D7). These fuel-efficient engines generate maximum torque at very low rpms, allowing the engine to run cool and, thereby, reducing engine noise, vibration and increasing fuel savings. Reader Service Card# 10,082

Tree Tracks Introduces New Log Packer
Tree Tracks has introduced a new log packer. This patented product is designed to be used in tandem with a log loader and allows the loader operator to move up to 55,000 lbs of logs per trip to the landing. This product replaces the current shovel method and allows the operator the option of moving the entire load to the landing in a single trip. Used on either level or adverse terrain, it permits the use of a smaller shovel to accomplish the work of a much larger unit. As an example, an operator could use a 160 or 200 sized machine to accomplish the same productivity as a 330 sized machine. This equipment helps reduce the need for separate skidding machines, translating to reduced overall cost capital and operator, fuel, and insurance costs. Reader Service Card# 10,083

Tigercat Expands Manufacturing Capacity
Forest equipment manufacturer Tigercat Industries is expanding its manufacturing capacity with the acquisition of three former steel fabrication facilities, and expects to realize greater manufacturing efficiencies. In the wake of steady growth of Tigercat equipment within both North American and international markets, Tigercat has acquired three facilities from associated suppliers MacDonald Steel and Manufacturers Metalfab. The floor space available for the assembly of Tigercat equipment will be greatly expanded, allowing the assembly of skidders and forwarders to be relocated to one of the acquired facilities in nearby Cambridge, Ontario which is significantly larger than the Brantford, Ontario facility. This move will reduce lead time for steel fabrications and, as well, some associated costs. A plant will also be dedicated to loader assembly, one of Tigercats fastest growing product lines. Along with the additional nearly 400,000 square feet of plant floor space, Tigercat will also acquire equipment and expertise that is, in some cases, unique to the industry. This acquisition will grow Tigercats workforce from approximately 260 to over 600 people. Reader Service Card# 10,084

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