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Tech Update

Log Trailers and Truck Mounted Loaders
Tech Update Editor: Helen Johnson

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Kesla Oyj
The Foresteri series of truck loaders from Kesla Oy of Finland includes the F2008 and F2008T, the F2010 and F2010T and the F2012 and F2012T, with the F29, F38 and F45 grapples. With gross lifting capacities ranging from 79,000 lbs to 113,600 lbs, the loaders offer reaches ranging from 25'11" and to 31'8". Weighing between 3,720 lbs and 5,490 lbs without grapple and rotator, the loaders' boom extensions are 5'3" and 6'6" in the T models. Other features include: rotators with continuous slewing angle and slewing torques ranging from 13,700 to 19,900 lbft.
The F29, F38 and F45 grapples have gripping areas of between 0.28 to 0.44 cubic metres, tip to tip, and gripping forces ranging from 2,870 lbs to 3,910 lbs. Weighing from 363 lbs to 559 lbs, the grapples have a maximum working pressure of 3,300 psi.
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The new Prentice 384 truck mounted log loader from Blount features a 32-foot purpose-built delimbing boom with steel castings at the base end, the mid-boom and the main stick end for reliability in delimbing and loading applications. A swing torque of 42,450 ft-lbs and a swing speed of 11 rpm also increase loading and delimbing efficiency, while the custom-engineered, excavator-type hydraulic system is designed for fast cycle times, smooth operation and maximum reliability, the company says. Other features include: ergonomically designed joystick controls and rocker swing pedal; stabilizers with a below ground reach of 16.5" for easy set up and operation; cross plate reinforcement for a solid box structure; a solid subframe for optimum stability; a Lexan skylight and tinted windows.
Reader Service Card #251

Profab Manufacturing Ltd
Alberta legislation recently approved, by permit, 9'6" wide axles for logging trailers. Profab Manufacturing has responded to this change by producing an entirely new Alberta tridem log trailer specifically for this market. While self-loading applications are not uncommon for 8'6" wide tridem pole trailers, stable support for the wider configuration on a slider assembly is, the company says. Profab's PF30A features a tridem walking beam suspension with 56 inches between axle seats and 60" axle spacing, as well as a new trailer body to accommodate the robust, yet agile suspension.
The truck equipment includes a sliding bolster/jack-knife reach assembly equipped with a 10' bunk, tire rides and fenders, configured to provide the 69 inches of travel that is required to load and unload.
Reader Service Card #252

Transcontinental Crane
Penz and ExTe, distributed by Transcontinental Crane Ltd, offer modern technology and design options for both short and long wood loaders and log securing systems. Penz logging cranes are manufactured from heat-treated, stress relieved steel with a lightweight design that translates into higher payloads. The Penz 9100 H/HL and the Penz 25000 H/HL are fully hydraulic self-loaders built to meet or exceed any North American manufacturing code. With a Z-form design and 33' boom length, they come equipped with high-pressure piston pumps, engineered valving, lock valves, convenient and trouble-free rotating distributors and double rack and pinion slewing systems.
ExTe bunks and stakes are manufactured in Sweden with a safety standard that exceeds any in North America, the company says. With bolsters of steel and stakes of aluminum, they can accommodate any trailer design or purpose with the benefit of 40 per cent less weight combined with a 30 per cent increase in strength. The ExTe Luftman, a pneumatic self-adjusting tensioning device, offers a constantly re-adjusting system that keeps difficult loads tightly secured.
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Deloupe Inc
Manufacturer of the Viking lineup of logging trailers and accessories, Deloupe Inc has been a producer of forestry-oriented trailers for 30 years. Its galvanized steel bunks and stakes are the lightest available, the company says, and are at the forefront of the battle to reduce maintenance costs. Another maintenance saver is the use of Schedule 80 hydraulic piping. Deloupe trailers are built with the versatility of being very easy to convert from conventional format to a loader-mounted one. The inclusion of knockout hydraulic piping slugs during the production cycle makes resale easier and also saves many hundreds of dollars to the owner who later decides to install a loader.
Offering a quality product and after-sales service, Deloupe uses top of the line Michelin tires, Hendrickson suspensions, Alcoa rims, Webb drums, Haldex brakes and Holland landing gears.
Reader Service Card #254

The 80B loader from Rotobec is built of high tensile steel and is the lightest in its category, allowing a larger truck payload and reduced fuel consumption. The smooth hydraulic system allows for faster and more precise operation, while an ergonomic seat and accurate joysticks provide comfort and minimize operator stress. The loader also features continuous rotation with standard boom mounted lights for efficient and trouble-free operation even when the workday extends beyond daylight.
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Vanguard Cranes
The latest development at Vanguard Cranes Inc is the telescoping operator cab that can be raised or lowered with a hydraulic control valve so the top of the cab can slide down to maintain legal height for highway transport. With cycle times of less than 10 seconds, the 1028 and the 1028 Extend-a-Jib loaders also offer a 44" west coast pole grapple, 25' and 32' of boom reach respectively and 28,000 lbs of lift capacity at a10-foot radius. Other features include Vanguard-built double acting hydraulic cylinders with induction hardened chrome rods, aircraft aluminum pistons and glands, close tolerance micro-honed normalized tubing and heavy-duty base mounts and rod ends complete with self-aligning bearings.
The Vanguard line also includes the 1010, 1016, 1021 and 1034 loaders. Standard are 360-degree non-continuous rotation and aluminum construction, with continuous rotation and steel construction optional on all models.
Reader Service Card #256

Doepker Industries
The Super B logger from Doepker Industries Ltd is stronger and lighter as the company strives to lead the way in logging trailers. Featuring high-tensile steel and lightweight stakes, the Super B is the lightest on the market, the company says, and accommodates both 8' and 16' standard log lengths. A high flex rail and floating cross-members provide added durability in uneven terrain. For better traction and stability on impassable roads, the rear trailer is designed as a stand-alone triaxle.
The Doepker 5 Axle Logger offers versatility with two ways to haul. Eight-foot logs can be loaded crossways or 16-foot logs can be loaded lengthwise. The centre stake can be removed for easy grapple access. A double stake pocket at the rear of the trailer is standard equipment.
All Doepker logging trailers come standard with tough, full-length cable wiring.
Reader Service Card #257

Ocean Trailer
Ocean Trailer distributes Anser Manufacturing's complete line of quality logging trailers in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. A builder of quality trailers for the logging industry for more than 20 years, Anser manufactures tandem and tridem pole trailers, single or tandem axle jeeps, low profile log jeeps, Super B shortwood trailers, straight and drop frame shortwood trailers, plus custom-designed trailers such as the lightweight pole Super B. Ocean Trailer offers full service, parts and sales for Anser Manufacturing in Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg and Coquitlam and also distributes the Knight, Columbia-Remtec, Utility, Wilson, Roadmaster and Raja Industries lines of trailers.
Reader Service Card #258

Altek Trailer
Trailer manufacturer Altek Trailer Inc is providing new solutions for the transportation of logs and has engineered Super B trailers that have the capability of hauling long logs, cut-to-length and 16-foot logs. Tridem hayracks, jeeps and pole trailers are also manufactured by Altek Trailer, a company that understands how crucial tare weight is when designing its trailers to help increase profits. Lowbeds, jeeps and boosters are also available to assist in the moving of forestry equipment. Altek's trailers are distributed by Arne's Trailer Sales.
Reader Service Card #259

A recognized trailer manufacturer since 1969, Temisko offers equipment built to customers' specifications, meeting their demands for configurations to match requirements. With new harmonizations between Ontario and Quebec for 53' trailers equipped with a fourth axle-which must be a self-steering axle that equalizes with the tridem-Temisko works with major component manufacturers to check on availability, performance and weight requirements. Many new components are available for either light or heavy duty work environments.
Reader Service Card #260

Brodex Industries
Brodex Industries constructs tridem, triaxle and quadaxle trailers. All trailer bodies, frames, bunks and bolsters are constructed with QT100 material and all Brodex trailers are manufactured using F22, 77-inch track axles with 10 stud uni-mount aluminum hubs. HT300-15 Hendrickson Turner air ride suspension is featured on Brodex's tridem pole trailers. The triaxle and quadaxle trailers offer rubber bushed walking beam suspensions.
Circle Reader Service Card #261

Advanced Engineered Products
Available in a variety of configurations, logging trailers from Advanced Engineered Products have a reputation for quality and reliability as a result of the company's quality control programs. The Tridem Short Wood Logger comes in either a straight or drop frame model and can be used with tandem or tridem drive trucks. With its wide range of bunk configurations, it can be used to haul anything from wood to pulp, the company says. The ultra-versatile Long Wood Super B can be used to haul long wood one way and short wood the other, eliminating the need for time-consuming changeovers. Advance offers factory-supported facilities and a countrywide dealer network.
Reader Service Card #262

Canam Manac
Fabricated according to high quality standards out of highly resistant steel, Manac forestry semi-trailers are tough, productive and dependable. Manac constantly improves its design and fabrication procedures, the company says, in order to offer semi-trailers that are lighter for extra payload yet tough enough for Canadian roads and weather conditions. With a range of configurations, axle spacings and bunk set-ups, Manac logging trailers are available in regular, B-train or off road with a drop or tapered frame. Different bunk models are available.
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Aspen Custom Trailers
Aspen Custom Trailers, designed in BC and manufactured in Alberta, features its Range Runner series for the forest industry. Designed to operate as a triaxle trailer or in combination with a tandem axle jeep or single axle tag dolly, the base model of this lowbed is designed to be tough and features a 50-ton load capacity. It can be ordered with a wide or narrow gooseneck, with just over 21 feet of 10-foot wide flush deck, making it a TAC-legal lowbed trailer. The triaxle rear frame is designed with depressed cross-members and an optional boom support and a beavertail for loading over the rear.
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Porcupine Trailers
Porcupine Trailers, manufacturer of Timmins Trailers, is offering a new line of lightweight logging trailers for Quebec, Ontario and Western Canada. Weighing as little as 8,000 kg, the 10-bunk, four-axle trailers offer increased payload to compensate for new highway regulations. Timmins also offers its regular line of trailers for rugged off-highway use. The high lift design of the Timmins Air Lift has been upgraded, making it one of the most versatile on the market, the company says, while the lightweight picket or stake competes in weight with aluminum. The move to lightweight designs has brought about modifications to 55 per cent of the company's products.
The Timmins line of wagons is now two inches lower in height than last year's models and is available with air ride suspension in a range of configurations.
Reader Service Card #265

A world leader in the manufacture of hydraulic self-loaders and stationary electric loaders, Loglift/Jonsered offers a totally engineered loader that is hydraulically synchronized for smooth operation and superior cycle times. Utilizing piston pumps matched to an engineered valve at around 3400 psi, the loaders are productive while requiring little maintenance. A balanced rack and pinion swing system, along with high-grade steel and castings, also give them the lowest operating weight. The unique boom configuration allows the loaders to reach closer in than other brands, the company says, while the telescopic booms give the longest reach with excellent capacity. The self-loader offers a functional cab and all the loaders can be custom fit to specific applications. The machines are marketed in North America through Partek Cargotec.
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LEMCO Hydraulics
LEMCO Hydraulics offers the XLT 170 knuckleboom loader with a 20,000-lb lift capacity, a 23-foot boom and LEMCO-designed cylinders built specifically for the job. Featuring high tensile steel, the XLT 170 offers stress-proof steel pins with aluminized bronze bushings, full continuous swing and a maximum lifting height of 30 feet at a seven-foot radius. With a mounted weight of 9,600 lbs, the loader offers a 40-gallon reservoir, high-pressure filters and return line filter. Its flow-on-demand hydraulic system has a variable and load-sense piston pump, a load-sense, pressure-compensated directional valve and hydraulic pilot controls. Options include live heel or extension boom and either a 1/3-cord bypass or a butt-type grapple.
LEMCO also offers the lighter XLT 70 and XLT 80 with a 7,000-lb and 11,100-lb lift capacity, respectively, at a 10-foot radius. The 4,500-lb XLT 70 has a maximum horizontal reach of 22'6" and a maximum lift height of 30 feet at a seven-foot radius. The 6,900-lb XLT 80 offers boom lengths of 22'6", 24'1/4" and 27'6". Both have A-frame type stabilizers for maximum stability and are available in either truck or trailer mount.
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Barko's 225 and 295 truck/trailer mounted knuckleboom loaders feature a closed-centre load sense hydraulic system. Instead of increasing engine sizes and pump flows with an open-centre system to achieve these results, Barko designed these models with faster boom and swing functions and increased swing torque with a closed-centre load sense system. It allows Barko to use single main and secondary cylinders and sufficient horsepower engines to achieve 25 to 35 per cent faster boom speeds, better lift capacities and 50 per cent faster swing speeds than previous models, the company says. In addition, fuel consumption is decreased considerably as the system provides hydraulic power only when functions are actuated. Swing torque is also higher to accommodate pull-through delimbing functions in both models. Weights of booms, subframes and other structural components have been reduced for easier transport through the use of stress flow design, requiring less steel plating in high stress areas.
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Knight Trailer
The diverse product line offered by Knight Trailer Company Inc includes standard or specialized truck rigging, tandem and tridem pole trailers, triaxle drop-frame and straight-frame loggers, tandem and tridem jeeps, hay racks and custom equipment for specialized applications. In-house engineers have developed a lowbed line that ranges from lightweight 40 tons to hydraulic neck lowbeds with a capacity of 125 tons.
In the business for 30 years, Knight Trailer has designed and built chip trailers for all applications, as well as gravel boxes and construction trailers. They design and recommend products to standard or specialized hauling.
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