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Demo 2000 International

Preview of Exhibitors

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1695 Indian Wood Circle, Maumee, OH 43537
Tel: (419) 867-2375; Fax: (419) 867-2599
Aeroquip's hose assemblies, made easy with the MatchMate Plus system, make hose assemblies from 1/4inch to two inch. The latest crimp machine, the FT1380, lets you to make hoses in the field. See the Aeroquip Express mobile hose assembly van, outfitted with a complete line of Aeroquip products and able to provide onsite service at your location.

2300 NE Oregon St, Sherwood, OR 97140-9799
Tel: (503) 625-2560; Fax: (503) 625-7269
The new, rugged and reliable Ranger H67 Cariboo special skidder, specifically tailored to the needs of the Canadian logger, has an extended wheel base to permit greater load capacity, coldweather hydraulic hoses for longer life in arctic conditions, a standard 185hp Cummins engine and Funk Extreme Duty Series II axles and other improvements.

245 10451 Shellbridge Way, Richmond, BC V6X 2W8
Tel: (604) 273-3881; Fax: (604) 278-8530
MiniSpan III onsite, a prefabricated, portable and reusable bridge specifically designed for stream crossings. Also, see samples of Boss 2000 HDPE pipe, corrugated steel pipe and geosynthetics (geoxtextiles, geogrids, silt fence, etc.).

RR #3, 4155 Crozier Rd, Armstrong, BC V0E 1B0
Tel: (250) 546-9479; Fax: (250) 546-9411
A designer and manufacturer of corrugated metal, with patented designs and quality products to provide economic solutions for the forest industry, including SuperCor arches, BoltA Plate structures, BoltABin, corrugated steel pipe, PipeArches, wire retaining walls and bridge abutments, and the new DurASpan aluminum plate forestry arch.


6750 Millbrook Road, Remus, MI 49340
Phone: (517) 561-2270; Fax: (517) 561-2273
The model 3680 Beast Recycler processes stumps, brush, logs, whole trees, railway ties, telephone poles, sawmill, logging and paper mill waste and more to a consistent particle size that is ideal for mulch, boiler fuel and animal bedding. A 350 to 500hp horizontal grinder, with 30inch by 60inch opening, is road legal without permits.

#201 - 484 2 nd Ave, Prince George, BC V2L 2Z6
Tel: (877) 3241212; Fax: (250) 5612675
A provincial advocate for health and safety in the logging industry, the agency will display materials promoting high quality training and education to meet the needs of the forest industry and its workers. It encourages the implementation of functional, onsite health and safety programs at all logging work sites and is assisting in the establishment of training standards acceptable to employers, workers and the WCB. www.loggingsafe. com

595 Pandora St, Victoria, BC V8W 3E7
Tel: (250) 3872500; Fax: (250) 3567134
Forest Renewal BC invests through forest companies and other agencies to renew BC's forests and forest economy. FRBC's investments in research and a full range of silviculture activities aim to increase the timber available for future potential harvest. Since 1994, FRBC has invested $500 million in the forest environment.

PO Box 946, 535 Mack Todd Rd,
Zebulon, NC 27597
Tel: (919) 2692443; Fax: (919) 2696751
Blount solutions from Prentice include: a Prentice 620 zero tailswing track machine CTL package with Extendo boom and LogMax 750 harvester; a Prentice 630 feller buncher with highspeed saw with tilt carbody and nontilt and onebutton, fourway leveling and nonleveling; a 720 feller buncher with highspeed saw; a 730 feller buncher with highspeed saw and tilt carbody; a CRX625 loader with 38foot live heel and CTR mobile delimber and ground saw slasher; an ATL425 stroke delimber; and a HydroAx 721 site prep rubbertired tractor with rotary mulcher and other attachments.

#400 5770 Hurontario St,
Mississauga, ON L5R 3G5
Tel: (905) 5685251; Fax: (905) 8901991
Skidder, forwarder and logging truck tires. Bridgestone/Firestone Forestry displays: Firestone Forestry Special Logger CRC (cutresistant construction) sizes 30.5L32* 18 ply and 28L26 16 ply; Firestone Environmental Lug "EL" for use on forwarders and harvesters in sizes 600/5526.5 20 ply and 700/5026.5* 20 ply; Forestry Traction Lug "TL" in sizes 600/6534 14 ply and 700/55 34* 14 ply; and some truck and light truck tires. Sizes with asterisks will be on display.

1 rue Pacifique, SteAnnedeBellevue,
PQ H9X 1C5
Tel: (514) 4572211; Fax: (514) 4572558
Official show guide to Demo 2000 International. National logging magazine.

CANADIAN FOREST SERVICE / Service canadien des foręts
506 W Burnside Rd, Victoria, BC V8Z 1M5
Tel: (250) 3630600; Fax: (250) 3630775
The federal role in forestry, as carried out by the Canadian Forest Service (CFS) of Natural Resources Canada, focuses on science and technology and the coordination of international and domestic markets, trade, policy and program issues. The Model Forest Program represents an initiative in building partnerships to generate new ideas and ontheground solutions to sustainable forest management issues.

17854 106A Ave, Edmonton, AB T5S 1V3
Tel: (780) 4846687; Fax: (780) 4846763
The latest in GPS equipment, lasers and position products. Factory representatives from Viasat Geotechnologies, Leica, Laser Technology and Haglof Inc will provide demonstrations.

580 Booth Street, Ottawa, ON K1A 0E4
Tel: (613) 9925874; Fax: (613) 9925390
The Canadian Model Forest Network tent features posters and exhibits highlighting the cutting edge tools and technologies developed by Canada's 11 model forests. Experience the innovative approaches to sustainable forest management, developed through model forest partnerships, featuring riparian zone management, natural disturbance regimes, forestry management practices, water quality and more. Visit www.modelforest.net.

740 NotreDame W/O Suite 810,
Montreal, QC H3C 3X6
Tel: (514) 3926947; Fax: (514) 3920369
The Canadian Woodlands Forum is a membership based organization of individuals and businesses related to forest operations. The Canadian Woodlands Forum supports technology transfer and information sharing activities focusing on improving the competitiveness of forest operations.

AB2330, 100 NE Adams St, Peoria, IL 616292330
Tel: (309) 4941901; Fax: (309) 6751342
A 570 harvester for commercial thinning, followed by a 574 forwarder bringing the wood previously thinned to the roadside. A Risley 1127 will perform a final fell. The wood will then be skidded by a 545 wheel skidder, a 535B wheel skidder or a 527 track skidder. Processing at roadside, depending on the size of the wood, will be a 322 with a Denharco 4400 or Risley 2000 or 320B processor. Finally, the 330B log loader will deck it.

490 Norfinch Dr, Downsview, ON M3N 1Y4
Tel: (416) 6631456; Fax: (416) 6637699
See a full range of forestry tires for the forest industry, including skidder, forwarder and logging truck tires. Continental General Tire's skidder tires employ the VE470 compound specially formulated for cold winter logging conditions.

75 Dyment Rd, Box 9000, Barrie, ON L4M 4V9
Tel: (705) 7261891; Fax: (705) 7261537
Featured is the new DE Crimper Series that make fabrication of hose assemblies quick and easy, with quality results. Also featured are Chipper Belts and Panther Drive System, manufactured and engineered specifically to meet the tough demands of the forest products industry.

102 rue du Parc Industriel, CP 70,
SaintEvariste, QC G0M 1S0
Tel: (418) 4596443; Fax: (418) 4596571
Deloupe will have two trailers on display: a twoaxle flatbed with removable Viking stakes and a Mutant fouraxle logging trailer with removable bunks and Viking stakes.

5110 Beadry St, PO Box 448,
St Hyacinthe, QC J2S 8A2
Tel: (450) 7735454; Fax: (450) 7738167
The most recent technical innovations including: the DM4400 XStream, a new onepiece boom delimber with feed rollers, shows its delimbing capacity on fulllength trees; the new DHT650 processor performs a harvesting demonstration of fulllength trees at roadside; and, in static demonstrations, see the SH400, SH500 and SHT600 series of harvesters, the Simlog graphic simulator and Nomadis forestry parts and accessories.

Email: info@etimber.com Web site: www.etimber.com Forestry Web site.

N. 1715 US 41, Menominee, MI 44858
Tel: (906) 8639977; Fax: (906) 8631176
See the FT 153 tracked harvester carrier (active); the 18inch R2000 four-roller fixed-mount processor on the FT 153 harvester unit; the FT 546C forwarder (active); the FT 240 dangle processor (possibly active); the FT 663 wheeled harvester carrier (static); and the FT 180 dangle processor on the wheeled harvester.

2601 East Mall,
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4
Tel: (604) 2281555;
Fax: (604) 2280999
See pictorials, exhibits, videos and software demonstrations of current and past FERIC research projects. Also visit us at the PartCuts booth at the BC Forest Service Demo site and see our booth at Riverside's Bear Creek sort yard. Based in Vancouver, BC and Pointe Claire, QC, FERIC is celebrating its 25th year. Its research in funded by Canadian industrial, provincial and federal forestry members and partners.

#11 2480 Kenworth Rd, Nanaimo, BC V9T 3Y3
Tel: (250) 7580665; Fax: (250) 7588665
Provides all sectors of the industry, including logging, wood processing and wood products with high-performance solutions that encompass Internet and Intranet transaction processing, corporate Web site design, ebusiness, ecommerce, emedia planning and Internet consulting. Email:info@forestindustry.com. www.forestindustry.com

300 Henry St, Brantford, ON N3T 5W1
Tel: (519) 7594141; Fax: (519) 7594567
Hose assembly equipment, power crimp 707 and mobile crimp MC420. Hydraulic hose and couplings, industrial hose and power transmission products.

#3183 595 Burrard St, PO Box 49094,
Vancouver, BC V7X 1G4
Tel: (604) 4821054; Fax: (604) 4821051
Heavy equipment financing and leasing information.

201 City Centre Dr, # 1100,
Mississauga, ON L5B 3A3
Tel: (800) 6318050; Fax: (250) 4956942
Producers and suppliers of calcium chloride, dust control and road stabilization for the forest industry, mining and highways, including anti-icing and deicing for winter highway maintenance.

605 Route de l'Aeroport,
Roberval, QC G8H 2M9
Tel: (418) 2755041; Fax: (418) 2732624
The latest saw head models 1249W, 1252 and 1255, representing 19 through 24inch saw heads with unique 200degree saw head tilt. Factory representatives will unveil the complete line of saw blades, now available in segmented or one-piece design, providing performance, durability and low cost and, through the use of innovative design, they can now be successfully combined.

881 Harwood, PO Box 248, Dorion, QC J7V 7J5
Tel: (450) 4556101; Fax: (450) 4551890
See a Keto 1000 harvester/processor with a topping saw mounted on a Timbco 445, a Keto 750 harvester/processor mounted on a Samsung 280 and a demo of a Meri crusher behind a Valmet tractor that can be used for clearing, brushing and land reclamation or improvement. On a static exhibit, see a Keto 525 harvester/processor with a topping saw, an Arbro 1000 thinning processor and a Nokka loader that can be trailer or threepoint hitch mounted.

10118 Swenson Way, Nordel Business Park,
Delta, BC V4G 1J4
Tel: (604) 9513136; Fax: (604) 3288463
See the EX2005 LC road builder, the EX2305 LC with processor; the EX2305 LC with stroke delimber; the EX2705 LC with power clam grapple, the EX3305 LC with BNT grapple; and the EX3705 with heel grapple.

3551 River Road West, Delta, BC V4K 3N2
Tel: (604) 9460033; Fax: (604) 9460522
Offroad field ambulances, mobile treatment centres and emergency transport vehicles that are easily mounted and transferred to any 4x4 pickup truck, providing a cost-effective solution to quality emergency care and transport needs. Also, a FIST unit (fiberglass insulated seedling transport).

PO Box 1205, 22 Morton Ave East, Brantford, ON N3T 5T3
Tel: (519) 7540044; Fax: (519) 7541569
The entire line of attachments and accessories including Hultdins grapples, grapple saws, saw units, and felling heads; Olofsfors tracks for rubber tired machines and grader blades; Indexator rotators; the Rototilt, links and swing dampers; and Lencab feed rolls. Although the site is static, Hultdins equipment will be demonstrated at several sites throughout the show.

2050 Paramount Crescent, Abbotsford, BC V2T 6A9
Tel: (604) 8508700; Fax: (604)8500378
Five specialized hydrostatic machines, including: the SX 704 all-wheel drive all-wheel steer forestry skidder; the SX706 six-wheel 15foot swing boom skidder; the SX706MM mega mulcher, a 425hp machine with a six-way blade for vegetation management control; the M113 field personnel carrier, fully remote controlled; a syncro-track forestry and road pickup truck.

1515 5th Ave, PO Box 8806, Moline, IL 61266
Tel: (309) 765-1859; Fax: (309) 765-1859
Highlighting a new line of Canadian-built feller bunchers and logging excavators. Live shows at 11 am, 1 and 3 pm Thursday and Friday, and 10 am, 12 noon and 2 pm Saturday. Active demos include: for logging, a 748GIII skidder, the new 853G track feller buncher, 230LC delimber, 270LC butt-n-top; for road building, a 250C articulated dump truck, 330LC road builder, the new 850CII crawler, and 772 CH Motorgrader. In static displays: 330LC log loader, 200LC harvester, 648GIII skidder, new 753GL track feller buncher, 650H dozer and 270LC logger. Offsite: a 744 log loader.

1725B Sismet Rd, Mississauga, ON L4W 1P9
Tel: (905) 625-6292; Fax: (905) 625-3036
On the road construction site is a GD750A1 motor grader, a D155AX5 bulldozer, a PC300LC6 road builder and the latest Moxy MT36 articulated dump truck. In the main display is the new PC270LC6 log loader with high visibility boom; four PC200LC6's, two with delimber attachments and two with harvester/processors; a PC270LC6 with hardwood processor attachment; a PC300HD6 heavy duty log loader with heel boom attachment; a PC400HD6 heavy duty mill yard log loader equipped with butt-n-top grapple; and various wheeled machines including a WA4503 equipped with log grapple, a WA5003 with Denharco Paralift and WA3203 with Fork Mast. The latest addition to Komatsu's bulldozer line, the D61EX12, equipped with an Allied Systems winch and forestry guarding package.

606 Lakeside Drive, Nelson, BC V1L5S7
Tel: (250) 3525303; Fax: (250) 3525302
The 2600 (swing grapple) track skidder with fully enclosed cab, air conditioner, suspension swivel seat, hydraulic steering, pilot hydraulics, joystick controls, load sensing/closed center hydraulic system, wear resistant cast steel tracks and torsion for suspension. The machine forwards medium to large diameter tree-length logs for processing by a Risley Limit delimber and Rolly II processor. The track skidder shows the benefits of the torsion "soft truck" suspension, in favourable and adverse skidding conditions, and the swing grapple attachment.

1414 East 37th Street, Hibbing, MN 55746
Tel: (218) 2638993; Fax: (218) 2638234
L&M Radiator makes MESABI® heat exchangers and radiators for forestry and construction equipment. The MESABI® heat exchanger core is made of individual cooling tubes mounted in fluorocarbon rubber. Damaged cores are field repairable. Tubes can be removed and replaced using simple hand tools.

2045 West Trans Canada Hwy, Box 3202, Kamloops, BC V2C 6B8
Tel: (250) 3721707; Fax: (250) 3723946
See 650 Lako harvester/processor heads and 550 Lako harvester/processor heads.

LBX CO (LinkBelt)
2333 Alumni Park Plaza, Lexington, KY 40517
Tel: (859) 2453900; Fax: (859) 2453909
See LinkBelt forestry equipment including the 4300 Quantum road builder as well as equipment demonstrating delimbing, loading and grapple applications.

#6 13511 Crestwood Place, Richmond, BC V6V 2E9
Tel: (604) 2783328; Fax: (604) 2787428
A demonstration of ANSULT LTA101 Fire Control Systems (installed on loader donated by Finning Ltd) will be discharging twice daily; displaying new ANSUL LVS System (Liquid Vehicle System) designed to be used with dry chemical systems. Also, the latest personal protection safety equipment, including hard hats, safety glasses and ear protection.

c/o Canadian Woodlands Forum with CMN Canada (Children's Miracle Network)
Tel: (514) 3926945; Fax: (514) 3920369 Annual campaign encouraging loggers and others in the forest industry to donate the value of a load of logs, or any amount, to their local Children's Miracle Network (CMN) hospitals. One hundred per cent of each donation goes to help children. Log A Load participants also organize special fundraising events to supplement the donations and receive recognition both through local and national media coverage.

211 East 1st Street, North Vancouver BC, V7L 1B4
Tel: (604) 9909970; Fax: (604) 9909971
Canada's leading forest industry magazine offers total industry coverage for all aspects of the logging, sawmilling and wood products sectors with informative feature articles, new equipment trials, product and technology updates and handy reference wallcharts.

#3000 6860 Centure Ave, East Tower, Mississauga, ON L5N 2W5
Tel: (905) 8144538; Fax: (905) 8144528
CL Model with Cummins power, CH heavy-duty model with 70inch midrise sleeper. Mack Canada Inc is celebrating its100th anniversary.

PO Box 4300, 2560 Bowen Rd, Nanaimo, BC V9R 5M6
Tel: (250) 7585255; Fax: (250) 7580912
A 2200B feller buncher will be in live demonstrations at the Rocan site. It has a lift capacity of 12,500 lbs, 30inch clearance and a tractive effort of 75,700 lbs.

1900 Polaris Parkway, Columbus, OH 43240
Tel: (614) 4384695; Fax: (614) 4384544
A 7562 Cycle Duty Truck Scale hanging from the test truck crane, a Jagextreme Indicator and a Cougar Indicator.

Box 255, 15804 Industrial Ave, Summerland, BC V0H 1Z0
Tel: (250) 4947238; Fax: (250) 4947236
See the self-contained SLP 5000 D modular sawmill with four chipping heads producing from a three-inch by three-inch up to eight-inch cant and offering the ability to produce dimensional lumber all in the same pass at feed speeds of 50 linear feet per minute. This turnkey package includes a 40foot log deck and a 40foot green chain. The SLP 5000 D requires no external power source.

8507 S Winn Rd, Winn, MI 48896
Tel: (517) 8662381; Fax: (517) 8662280

See the 23/48 Flail Chiparvestor and a 5600 Wood Hog.

682 Okanagan Ave East, Penticton, BC V3A 3K7
Tel: (250) 4927866; Fax: (250) 4920686
Brutus Boxes stepside and fleetsides, ETU units, stretcher carriers, service bodies and service decks. See our website: www.normarindustries.com.

7015 Sparrow Drive, Leduc, AB T9E 7L1
Tel: (780) 9802227; Fax: (780) 9805334
Active demonstration of a Penz Model 22.99, mounted on a new tridem Kenworth with tridem trailer, and a Penz model 9100 short log loader, mounted on a 48foot shortwood tridem Airride trailer. Also on exhibit are ExTe bunks with aluminum stakes and the Luftman selfadjusting air ratchet (winch) for securing log loads. Factory representatives from Penz and ExTe will be on hand.

PO Box 1458, Gibsons, BC V0N 1V0
Tel: (604) 8860933; Fax: (604) 8860933
Oregon products for mechanized wood harvesting and processing equipment. Displaying Oregon harvester chain, harvester bars, harvester drive sprockets and chain sharpening accessories.

1 rue Pacifique, SteAnnedeBellevue, PQ H9X 1C5
Tel: (514) 4572211; Fax: (514) 4572558
French language forestry magazine covering harvesting and processing.

PO Box 158, Durham Rd, Grimsby, ON L3M 4G4
Tel: (905) 9452274; Fax: (905) 9453946
Parker Hannifin, a worldwide supplier of fluid connectors and the official hose supplier to Demo 2000, manufactures hydraulic hoses and fittings, quick couplings, brass fittings, valves, hydraulic tube fittings and adapters in both inch and metric sizes. Parker features the new 471 hydraulic hose with half the bend radius of standard hoses, the new PHastcrimp hose crimper that offers the fastest cycle times in the industry and PS heavy duty hydraulic swivels.

PO Box 401, 103 North 12th St, Gladstone, MI 498370401
Tel: (906) 4284800; Fax: (906) 4289444
Partek Forest will be demonstrating Valmet forest machines performing thinning and final felling. Valmet forwarder models 840, 860 and the giant 890, sporting Cranab's new Forte grapple series, will be on display as will the 901, 911 and 921 harvester models and the 500 T tracked harvester. On site will be the Valmet 960 and 965 single grip harvester heads. Partek will also be showing their harvester training simulator, which features the Maxi control and operating system. All Valmet harvesters feature Valmet harvester heads.

575 Page Ave, Penticton, BC V2A 6P3
Tel: (250) 4920408; Fax: (250) 4927353
Logging trailers on display including tridem log trailers, tridem short wood trailers, Btrain short wood trailers and a 50ton tridem low bed combination.

PO Box 40490, 29408 Airport Rd, Eugene, OR 97404
Tel: (541) 6896520; Fax: (541) 6890804
A demonstration of the DDC5000G portable whole tree processor for inthewoods processing of whole trees or multiple stems from twoinch to 23inch diameter and the HC 2410 Horizontal Feed Recycler, the first trackmounted, horizontal feed wood grinder in the industry. Support equipment will be supplied courtesy of Timberjack and Woodland Heavy Equipment.

385 Southdown Rd, Mississauga, ON L5J 2Y3
Tel: (800) 6611199; Fax: (905) 4036875
Environmentally friendly lubricants, specialized fluids and fuels for the forest industry.

1470 Derwent Way, Annacis Island, Delta, BC V3M 6H9
Tel: (800) 2258247; Fax: (604) 5401275
On site welding and equipment maintenance demonstrations on a bulldozer, plus factory representatives from Lincoln Electric and ESAB will be on hand to answer questions. Products supplied by Praxair on display. www.praxair.com

930 Laval Crescent, Kamloops, BC V2C 5P5
Tel: (250) 3729986; Fax: (250) 3729975
Several harvesting and processing heads will be on site including the 3000, 5000, 750, the PTH 24 heads. A line of log grapples and the Pierce 3345 DeLiminator stroke delimber will also be on display. Several other harvester/processor heads will be working at other major manufacturers exhibit areas.

30 Industrial Blvd, St. Eustache QC, J7R 5C1
Tel: (450) 623-3340;
Fax: (450) 623-3339
Static site: a complete line of logging attachments and components. Harvesting heads will include the new line of heavyduty harvester/ processors, the 6000/7500 series. The Ultimate 5600 and the new dangle 960B will also be on display. Felling heads will include the 20 inch, 22inch and the new 24inch highspeed saw heads and intermittent 28inch head, with the 360degree high torque tilt. A Forespro telescopic stoke delimber, Quadco's new addition to its line of attachments, will also be on display along with a full range of snubbers, disks and teeth. Based in St. Eustache, Quebec, Quadco designs, fabricates and wholesales attachments and components to equipment dealers and OEMs in North America and abroad.

9401 Parkway Blvd, Anjou, QC H1J 1M4
Tel: (514) 3539210; Fax: (514) 3555563
Abrasionresistant skidder chains. The strength and ruggedness of the chains provides excellent performance in mud, snow and ice.

1145 Industrial Dr, RR 3, Armstrong, BC V0E 1B1
Tel: (250) 5469676; Fax: (250) 5469066
Permanent and portable bridges designed to suit individual requirements. Steel and precast products for a complete bridge building source, from steel and timber to precast concrete.

240 285 Road, L'islet Sud, QC G0R 2C0
Tel: (418) 2475510; Fax: (418) 2477224
Smallscale woodlot trailers, designed for silviculture or commercial thinning applications, dump boxes, snowmobiles and ATV trailers, as well as ATV tracks and log loaders for smallscale woodlot applications.

Food services.

Fax: (250) 7684707 Home style country food, barbecued beef on a bun, smokies and hot dogs, baked beans, fresh salads, sandwiches, pastries including pies, cakes, doughnuts, muffins, juice, pop and coffee.

#301 515 Hwy 97 South, Kelowna, BC V1Z 3J2
Tel: (250) 7694999; Fax: (250) 7694377
Native and western foods, bannock, stew and refreshments.

9024 108th Street, Grande Prairie, AB T8V 4C8
Tel: (780) 5323282; Fax: (780) 5381808
Active display: designated the Vseries, these big wood units deliver a faster cut cycle and a smooth, even, quality cut. The V2229B gives a 29inch cut while the V1923B is a 23inch cut machine. Both feature enhanced performance and 90degree tilt (45 degrees each way). The Vseries RotoSaws will be mounted on TK112T and TK723 feller bunchers respectively. A TK900 with an LM2000B Limmit as well as an LM2200B Limmit will also be featured. Static display: the Rolly II, the H1922 High Speed RotoSaw, the Risley buttntop grapple, a SlingShot and the Diamond Series forestry cab.

Kelowna division, 820 Guy St, Kelowna, BC V1Y 7R5
Tel: (250) 7636661; Fax: (250) 4704375
Demo 2000's host company, Riverside Forest Products will have samples of products manufactured at each of their Armstrong, Kelowna, Lumby, Soda Creek and Williams Lake divisions, as well as a smallscale version of a typical North American house showing their wood products in use. Behind and to the northeast of the Riverside exhibit area is an interpretive nature trail showing planting, stand tending, a wildlife tree area, plant species identification and water quality preservation. Allow 20 minutes to walk around the loop.

5339A Hartway Drive, Prince George, BC V2K 5B6
Tel: (250) 9628244; Fax: (250) 9628892
Two active sites, featuring different lines of equipment. The Neuson 1102HV, an Austrianmanufactured, tracked machine, and a Rottne 12ton forwarder will be thinning. The harvester is equipped with a Log/Max 3000 harvesting head, a fourcylinder turbo diesel engine and upper carriage tilt system for stability. Also, the new Rottne SMV Rapid EGS single grip harvester/ processor, the SMV Rapid TGS two grip processor, and 16ton forwarders. Rocan will also demonstrate the Bracke Planter, which plants about 300 seedlings per hour.

200 Rue Industrial, Ste Justine, QC G0R 1Y0
Tel: (418) 3833002; Fax: (418) 3835334
Introducing the 300size power clam, a heavyduty grapple for clam bunk skidders, a heavyduty forwarder grapple model with new rotation, the 66 inch heavyduty log/bypass grapple and many other attachments. Specializing in designing and manufacturing attachments for the forest industry, Rotobec also offers solutions to nonforestry sectors, such as clamshell buckets for wood chips and aggregates, pipe handling grapples, etc.

PO Box 100, Stn. Main, Calgary, AB T2P 4L4
Tel: (403) 5315760; Fax: (403) 5315765
Shell Rotella T, Shell chain saw oil, Tellus and Tellus T, SRS 2000 and Donax TD.

12 4131 Mostar Rd, Port Coquitlam, BC V9T 5P8
Tel: 800) 3441155; Fax: (250) 7561654
SimsonMaxwell, the master distributor for Perkins diesel engines in BC, will have Perkins diesel engines from 30 to 200 hp on display at the site, as well as generator sets.

PO Box 880, Enderby, BC V0E 1V0
Tel: (250) 8386845; Fax: (250) 8387877
See a Skylead C40 16000 series yarder clearcutting with a Skylead C7 slackpulling carriage and Johnson electronic chokers.

304 Concession, RR 5, Bldg 7, Hagersville, ON N0A 1H0
Tel: (905) 3158126; Fax: (905) 7687042
A display of the complete line of EcoCulvert and EcoStorm Pipe products, carrying the Government of Canada's Environmental Choice logo. Corrugated polyethylene pipe products as large as 1200 mm (48 inches) will be available. www.epipe.ca.

1515 Sise Rd, PO Box 5666, London, ON N6A 4L6
Tel: (519) 681-3000;
Fax: (519) 681-1603

Full line of chain saws, concrete saws, brush cutters, augers and safety equipment.






5791 Duncan Bay Rd, Campbell River, BC V9G 1A1
Tel: (250) 2869500; Fax: (250) 7582345
TMar/Kobelco will exhibit the combo machine SK270 with Hornet 825 delimber processor; the SK370 log loader with TMar buttntop grapple; the SK370 log loader with TMar 60 inch HD grapple; the SK250 Rock Drill with fully articulating Coastal Drill and Compressor Drill; and the SK370 road builder.

PO Box 3107, Tulsa, OK 74101
Tel: (918) 4465581; Fax: (918) 4469752
Terex has four models of articulated dump trucks from 25ton payload, 275 hp gross to 40ton payload, 400 hp gross. See their two articulated haulers.

PO Box 544, Paris, ON N3L 3T6
Tel: (519) 4421529; Fax: (519) 4421855
The 860 and the new 870 feller bunchers will be in action, along with a new track feller buncher. The 845B carriers will be configured for felling and harvesting, mated with a 5700 felling saw and the new 650 harvesting head. The 630B skidder will transport the wood. The D860 stroke delimber, for delimbing and merchandising at the deck or the stump, will complete the system. The new T248 allterrain track loader, with a highrise cab, will perform the loading function. The new sixwheel, highcapacity 635 skidder will be on view.

1075 Airport Dr, PO Box 516, Shawano, WI 54166
Tel: (715) 5242820; Fax: (715) 5262347
See the T445D with Quadco disc saw, the T445D with Rosin 970 harvester/processor, the TF 820D combo machine with AFM processor that can forward and process at the same time and the TS820D arch grapple skidder

6215 Unit E, Fulton Industrial Park, Atlanta, GA 303362859
Tel: (404) 6299044; Fax: (404) 6292216
Active site: the TJ 1270C harvester with 8.3 metre crane, the TJ 608L harvester with TJ 762C head and TM 10 and the TJ 1710C forwarder with H 360S grapple. In felling, the TJ 608S, TJ 608L and TJ 850 feller bunchers, the TJ 560 D/A and TJ 660 D/A skidders, the TJ 735 processor with Waratah head and the TJ log loader. Also active are the TJ 608B feller buncher and the TJ 460 D/A skidder. Static are the TJ 1410B forwarder with H260S grapple, the TJ 576 head and the TJ 360 S/A skidder and the TJ 1270B harvester and TJ 1110 forwarder with H260S grapple.

900 West Breitung Ave, Kingsford, MI 498022113
Tel: (906) 7747444; Fax: (906) 7741505
The SDL2a delimber/processor, the only true purposebuilt delimber on the market today, is equipped with leveling and capable of handling up to 30inch diameter wood. The SDL2a demonstrates delimbing power, merchandizing, going to the stump and measurement accuracy, all providing the logger with the versatility needed for today's competitive markets.

300 Admiral Way, Ste. 208, PO Box 610, Edmonds WA 98020
Tel: (425) 7783388; Fax: (425) 7713623
For the past 25 years, Timber/West Magazine has been informing the mechanized harvesting and wood processing industry in the American West. Reaching owners and managers of logging companies, mill yards and public and private forestlands throughout the six leading timberproducing states of Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, Montana and Alaska, Timber/West has earned a reputation as the most comprehensive source of industry information available to forestry professionals.

15803 121A Avenue, Edmonton, AB T5V 1B1
Tel: (780) 4514894; Fax: (780) 4526786
Tire pressure control systems are becoming preferred vehicle equipment to reduce environmental impact and improve productivity. Not only do they increase traction and flotation on soft ground, they also reduce tire wear, improve driver comfort and reduce maintenance costs. A truck equipped with the latest tire pressure control systems will be on display.

625 Airport Rd, Roberval, QC G8H 2M9
Tel: (418) 275-6808; Fax: (418) 275-5058
The TransGesco site will feature the new T475 feller buncher with a 24inch Quadco highspeed disc saw felling head; the giant TransGesco TG88C grapple skidder with an enormous 45 square foot grapple skidding full trees for two processors; a Quadco Forespro telescopic stroke delimber mounted on a Daewoo 220LL; and a Quadco 6000 processor on a Timbco T450.

1 Volvo Drive, Asheville, NC 288033447
Tel: (828) 650-2043; Fax: (828) 650-2504
A major international company designing, manufacturing and marketing equipment for forestry and related industries, its products include wheel loaders, hydraulic excavators, motor graders and articulated haulers. Volvo will have an EC 210 as a processor, an EC 210 excavator for use in road building applications and an EC 240 log loader. Volvo wheel loaders include an L120, an L180 and an L220, all with log grapples. Volvo Truck will also display a logging truck and trailer.

4215 East 11th St NE, Calgary, AB T2E 6K4
Tel: (403) 2190810; Fax: (403) 2190814
The static display will include a Hornet H825 delimber/processor and an HH6520 harvesting head. The live display at TMar Industries' site will show a Hornet H825 delimber/processor with optimum lineal measuring, continuous diameter sensing, and HD high torque rotator.

260 Main Rd, State Hwy 1, PO Box 375, Tokoroa, New Zealand 2392
Tel: 011 404 629 5510;
Fax: 011 404 629 1528
Showcasing the unveiling of the new FS 122 B Series swingtotree felling head, a milestone in production numbers at the 7,000th unit. Static display of forestry attachments, including complete line of HTH 600 Series heavy duty harvester/processor heads, HTH 200 and 400 series CTL harvester heads, the Waratah/Koehring swingtotree felling heads, mobile slashers and the Waratah Logrite optimizing measuring system.

265 Lougheed Road, Kelowna, BC V1V 2M1
Tel: (250) 4912939; Fax: (250) 4912940
The 864 skid steer loader with sixway blade, the 337 mini excavator, the 863 skid steer with log grapple, chipper attachment for Bobcat skid steer, the 334 mini excavator and various attachments.

485 Warren Ave E, Penticton, BC V2A 3M3
Tel: (250) 4927718; Fax: (250) 4923200
Waycon operates a full service manufacturing facility supplying attachments as kits for selfinstall or Waycon factoryinstalled turnkey operations. The products are used for road deactivation, watershed reclamation, silviculture, logging, tree harvesting/processing, fish habitat restoration, demolition, salvage, road building and site preparation.

5770 Production Way, Langley, BC V3A 4N4
Tel: (604) 5338933; Fax: (604) 5302206
Forestry cab, buttntop grapple, clam grapple, extreme service heel grapple, bucket package. In addition, WeldcoBeales will have a large number of specialized forestry attachments working at other major forestry equipment manufacturers' sites.

#301 515 Hwy 97 South, Kelowna, BC V1Z 3J2
Tel: (250) 7694999; Fax: (250) 7694377
The Westbank has been involved in the forest industry for generations from planting and silviculture to final felling. Information about the Westbank First Nation, the rights and titles to their traditional forest lands in the Central Okanagan. Log home building training.

2076 Enterprise Way, Kelowna, BC V1Y 6H8
Phone: (250) 8603319; Fax: (250);8601252
On display will be a Constellation Series 4986FX tridrive, tridem logger with picker, with an 8x6 axle configuration, a Caterpillar C15 475hp engine, a 20,000lb front axle capacity and a 56,000lb rear axle capacity. Also displayed will be a Heritage Series 6964S heavyduty logging chassis with a Caterpillar C15 475hp engine, front axle GAWR of 28,000 lbs, planetary rear axles and quadruple frame rails.

#2, 2602 Mount Leeman Rd, Abbotsford, BC V4X 2N3
Tel: (604) 8644176; Fax: (604) 8644186
Formerly Wajax Fire Control, Wildfire Fire Equipment is most recognizable for the lightweight Mark 3 fire pump and Niedner fire hose. Introducing the new line of Honda fourstroke fire pumps, it will showcase and demonstrate a full line of fire pumps, hoses and foam proportioning systems.

41 Windsor Road, Milan, TN 38358
Tel: (901) 6864024; Fax: (901) 6861303
On display will be harvester bars and chain, chainsaw bars and chain, and automatic chain tensioner for harvesting machines. And finally, at Demo 2000, a new product will be revealed.

4770 46 Ave, Salmon Arm, BC V1E 4M3
Tel: (250) 8331944; Fax: (250) 8331945
On display will be the LT40HD Super Hydraulic Portable Sawmill and the LT15 Personal Portable Sawmill sawing logs into lumber. The EG25 Two Blade Portable Edger will be trimming bark edges from sawn flitches, while blade maintenance equipment will be used to sharpen and set band blades.



#110 2045 Enterprise Way, Kelowna, BC V1Y 9T5
Tel: (250) 7174313; Fax: (250) 7174380
Safety publications, posters, industryspecific safety materials and regulation books and largescreen video presentations. Safety officers will be in attendance at all times for inquiries.

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