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Groups Join Forces for Demo 2000 Conference

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The Canadian Woodlands Forum (CWF) and the US-based Council on Forest Engineering (COFE) have joined forces to host the PreDemo International 2000 conference, being held September 11 to 13 in Kelowna, BC.

CWF executive director Guillaume Gignac says they were approached by the American group about co-hosting the conference because both organizations have a lot in common, particularly with regard to the types of presentations they give.

This year's annual conference, titled Technologies for New Millennium Forestry, is being held at the Grand Okanagan Hotel. The goal of the conference is not only to promote sharing of international ideas on the important issues facing the wood lands sector. It also aims to foster the implementation of new concepts, technologies and practices that will help the industry better meet the challenges and expectations of the 21st century.

To that end, this year's conference will have 10 sessions, developed by the CWF program committee through a survey that indicates the topics conference attendees are interested in. They including: partial cutting practices including commercial thinning; riparian zone management; managing for wildlife and forestry operations; reducing site disturbance and erosion; tools to improve planning and decision making; advanced and emerging technologies; work force development and training; and road building and transportation systems.

Altogether, about 50 speakers at this year's conference will discuss current issues and challenges affecting woodlands operations at home and abroad. Gignac says a large number of individuals who attend the conference will also take in the Demo 2000 show and, because the two events are linked this year, he expects even higher attendance at the conference. While Demo is held every four years, the conference is an annual event hosted in different Canadian cities. Last year it was held in Thunder Bay, Ontario. To attend the Demo 2000 International Conference call (514) 392 6947 or register online at www.cwf.cof.org.

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