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New Skid Steer Grapple

ImpleMax Equipment has added the 4836SKS skid steer grapple to its line of grapple attachments. The unit, with a tong opening of 36''to 48'', is designed to increase productivity, working much like a giant hand to enable the operator to grip, lift, carry, skid or place loads easily. Visibility is excellent to the front of the loader, says the company.

The tongs and lift are controlled from inside the cab by auxiliary hydraulic circuits, standard on most skid-steers. The unit is made of T1 steel for durability, and weighs just 470 lbs.

New Equipment Carrier

Dynaweld has brought out a longer 50- ton detachable trailer model, the 100XD-27. The trailer's 26- 1/2' cl ear deck accommodates larger equipment and multi-piece loads. A 93'' swing clearance makes it compatible with most three-rear-axle tractors . The trailer weigh s about 20,000 lbs., including centre floor boards, outriggers, load-bearing rear bolsters and steel-plated excavator well.

Frame-mounted air ride provides load cushioning, axle-weight equalization and a shorter rear bridge for best use of maximum legal length. The 8-1/2'-wide deck features full (not nominal) 2'' solid oak. Water proof modular wiring is warrantied for five years. The lower structure is treated for rust proofing.

Imac PowerSwivel

Imac's new PowerSwivel grapple control system weighs just 85 lbs., or 95 lbs. with rotation control, yielding a payload gain of about 200 lbs. against use of a stan-dard hydraulic collector. The unit fits eas-ily inside an Imac butt-n-top grapple with room to spare for servicing.

PowerSwivel puts function control right at the function itself, says the manufacturer, and its mod-ular design makes it easy to work on.

New from Mobark

Competing in the 30,000-lb. class is Morbark's new truck- and trailer-mounted 1500B knuckleboom loader. The unit feature s a closed-loop hydraulic-swing system that pumps oil and draws h o rs ep ower only when the unit is sw i n gi n g. An extra-large hydraulic oil tank and state-of-the-art hydraulic componentry produce a system that is free of heating problems, says the manufacturer.

Also new from Morbark is the Model 1300 Tub Grinder.

The 750-hp machine (Cat or Cummins) can produce output as high as 320 cubic yards per hour, depending on the material being processed. Torque to the hammermill is increased by a factor of 1.6 through a gearbox drive. The engine, clutch and drive train are protected with a full breakaway torque limiter.

Dual tub drive motors provide consistent feeding of materi-al, and dual 16'' augers remove processed material quickly. Oil-pumping capacity to the knuckleboom loader has been enhanced for additional loader speed to keep pace with the grinder.

Pierce HSD 3345 Delimbinator

Pierce Pacific has announced full production of the HSD 3345 Delimbinator, the first of a new stroke-delimber line. The unit is a single-boom design featur-ing a 33'' two-piece tunnel opening with a standardized design for every carrier model and size.

A 140-size drive system coupled to a high-torque boom motor provides over 9,700 lbs. of pulling power at more than 10' per second. A Pierce-Smart cushion-valve design will provide an estimated chain life of 3,000 hours, says the company.

Standard features include a single-cylinder hydraulic lowering system for transportation, a heavy-duty topping saw head with two cylinders and two independent export-quality delimbing arms, saw safetys and automatic chain tensioners for both saw units, and a full floating-hinged, tree-trough design. A full range of Pierce measuring systems are available.

Komatsu PC300LC

Two new excavators from Komatsu are the PC300LC-6 and the PC400LC, with oper-ating weights of 70,300 lbs. and 93,900 lbs. respectively. Design improvements include HydrauMind hydraulics, more power out-put and greater digging fo rc e.

Kaman/Falk Ultramite

BC's Kaman Industrial Technologies now stocks and assembles Falk Ultramite gear reducers in any ratio up to 71:1 at its Annacis Drive centre. The company also has six Rex Planet gear-assembly centres in BC.

The Falk Ultramite series is a helical in-line gear reducer with capacity range of about 100 lb. to 20,000 lb. output torque. The new Kaman assembly centre is the first authorized by Falk in Canada. It provides the company with the ability to serve all needs from fractional hp to large drives, with all gear reducers assembled from stock components.

New Rolly II From Risley

Risley Equipment's Rolly II is a single-grip harvester/double-grip processor head that can be adapted through the addition of optional components to use at road-side, at the stump harvesting or single-grip processing. The head has two powerful 18''-diametre drive rolls.

Side-mounting bracket rotation of 240 is powered by twin plan-etary drives and gives total tree control off the stump. A 7''-capacity circular topping saw, a 12''-capacity chain saw bar or a floating delimbing knife are optional top-end components. An 18'' or 21Rotosaw, a 24''-cut chainsaw bar or an 18''-cut cir-cular saw are optional lower components. Rolly II also offers two different types of holding arms and mounting brackets.

Newnes/Spray Technologies

Newnes Machine Ltd. of Salmon Arm, BC has announced that it now represents Spray Te ch n o l ogies Inc., forest industry specialists in anti-sapstain, water repellent or paint-application systems.

Vermeer 18'' Chipper Vermeer's new BC 1800 drum-style brush chipper - the largest in the Vermeer line - is equipped with large, 18'' vertical feed rollers to enable it to handle large capacities. The 1800 has a 69'' feed table, stan-dard curb-side controls and live hydraulics to allow the operator to reverse the feed rollers even if the cutting disc stops.

The chipper has an ex t e n d able tongue that allows it to be easily lengthened in 12'' and 24' ' increments. Th ree Pe rkins and Cummins engine options are available, from 81 hp to 116 hp.

Sawblade Deviation Detector

Carter Products' new Sawblade Deviation Detector monitors blade performance during cutting operations and provides continuous real-time readouts to alert the operator to any problems. This may be due to excessive feed speed, guide wear and mis-alignment, trash buildup on wheels or blade guides, or other causes.

The device consists of a Sensor Unit, which mounts near the saw blade, and a Controller / Display Unit which plugs into a standard 110-volt power source. A series of lights on the Controller /Display Unit constantly signals the sawblade's degree of deviation. A built-in connector port allows the option for a second readout unit to be mounted in the filing room or mainte-nance shop.

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  • Eye on the Orient
    With a confusing Timber West/Fletcher Challenge ownership behind it, the Elk Falls lumber mill invests $16 million to retool for Asian markets.
  • Unmasking the Eco-Myths
    Ex-Greenpeace activist Patrick works these days to counter the forestry myths and misinformation put forth by radical environmentalists. Most don't have a clue what they are talking about, says Moore.
  • Ancient Enterprise Still Thriving
    The oak forests and processing industry of France predate the Romans. LSJ's peripatetic editor Reg Barclay takes us inside a highly efficient plant in Burgundy, France.
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    A Crestbrook Forest Industries program that combines on-site industrial training with high school completion courses is well-accepted by employees.
  • Marketplace: Supplier NewsLine
    Equipment information including the Implemax Equipment skid steer grapple, the Dynaweld detachable trailer model, the Imac PowerSwivel, the Morbark Model 1300 Tub Grinder, and more.
    This month: Kiln controls including Drystar Computer Kiln Controller, Winkiln Control System, Custom Dry Kiln PLC and more.
  • New Era in Bush Communications
    Forest companies working in remote locations will welcome TMI Communications' new mobile satellite communications network.

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