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April 2005


Brush Cutters and Mulchers

Tech Update Editor: Diane Mettler

For more information on these products, please fill out our request form at the bottom of this page.

Advanced Forest
There are two model lines of the rotary disc mulcher (RDM) available from Advanced Forest. The EX series is designed for excavators and the SS series is for skid steers. Both models operate using the same rotary disc technologya high rpm disc with sharp cutting teeth and a reduction shroud. The philosophy behind rotary disc technology is to create a cutting and mulching head that operates off of the existing flow and controls of the carrier. The head must be lightweight, connect with ease and be efficient enough to operate off of as little as 19 gpms. The RDM is versatile, efficient and durable enough to endure the everyday rigors of forestry work.   www.advancedforest.com  Reader Service #3080

Promac Manufacturing is introducing the Model 50 HS series, drum-type mulching cutter. HS 50 series units feature a balanced horizontal arbour shaft. The unit is designed to work on the 25 to 45 metric tonne class excavator. Promac HS 50 mulchers require a pressure compensated minimum flow of 50 gpm up to a maximum pressure of 4500 psi. The cutter can be supplied with drive motors requiring up to 70 gpm for use on larger excavators. www.promac.bc.ca Reader Service #3081

FECON introduces the FTX 90-L severe duty, multi-terrain loader for a variety of vegetation management and reforestation applications. Its capable of operating a large number of skid steer attachments, including buckets, grapples, rotary mowers and FECONs tree shear, bull hog mulchers and stump grinders.  With standard steel tracks and optional rubber tracks, the FTX 90-L has the versatility to operate in various working conditions. It offers 41 gpm high flow, standard rear low-flow hydraulics for options like a winch or fire plow, and an enclosed pressurized cab with air-conditioning and a protective mower door. The FTX 90-L has a 14 ground clearance. Its two speeds allow travel up to 6.2 mph and its powered by a 87 hp Deutz turbocharged diesel BF4M211 engine. www.fecon.com    Reader Service #3082

Manufactured by Blount Inc, the Hydro-Ax 721E (225 hp) and 421E (185 hp) are equipped with a hydrostatic drive and a hydrostatic-powered attachment. Up to 165 hp can be routed to the attachment, an important consideration when clearing for oil and gas pipelines, roadside right-of-way or brush abatement for power lines or fire breaks. Floatation tires are available to reduce ground disturbance in sensitive areas. The deluxe cab is ROPS, FOPS, OPS rated with air conditioning, knee action seat and tilt/telescoping steering. For daily maintenance, large hood panels provide easy access, and a hydraulic tilt cab exposes the drive components. An optional hydraulic quick-hitch is available to quickly change attachments to a high-speed saw, stump grinder, tree spade or snow blade.  www.blount.com  Reader Service #3083

The Loftness/US Attachments Timber Ax is an all-new design for selectively cutting and mulching unwanted trees or brush. What makes the Timber Ax unique is the rotor design. It uses reverse rotationknives rotate upward on the front side of the rotor, utilizing rigid, sharpened blades in combination with an adjustable shear bar. This lifts materials off the ground, improving cutting action, reducing hp requirements and minimizing knife wear.  The revolutionary new rotor design with rigid, replaceable, sharpened blades maximizes the use of hydraulic hp, greatly reducing their angle of attack. The Timber Ax leaves a clean job site by mowing grass and weeds while mulching brush and trees finer than conventional rotary cutters or competitive shredders, the company says. The Timber Ax allows operators to cut up to 6 trees, with reserve capacity to handle larger trees when needed, with as little as 38 hydraulic hp.   www.loftness.com Reader Service #3084

Franklin Equipment Company
The Franklin C4550 T2 environmental brush cutter is a safe, environmentally friendly vegetation management tool that is said to be perfect for land clearing, fuel reduction, or right-of-way operations. The C4550 T2 features a large, comfortable cab with excellent visibility, operator friendly controls and standard air conditioning and heater. Easy access is provided for routine maintenance. The company offers power options of from 205-240 hp on the machine. Lock-in/lock-out axles allow easy steering without the ground disturbance caused by track vehicles. The C4550 T2, matched with a contained debris attachment, provides the solution to most land clearing jobs. Take the brush cutter to the material, leave the biomass where it grows and eliminate secondary handling.   www.franklin-treefarmer.com  Reader Service #3085 

Hakmet offers the MERI crushers, ideal for crushing slash, clearing track and preparing fire safety lanes. It features extra hard carbide teeth, and has a low power demand compared to its crushing capacity. The crusher is able to crush up to 25 cm (10) below ground level depending on the model. The design of the crusher is module-based so purchasers can choose the right equipment for their specific needs. The MERI crusher is equipped with a built-in safety clutch that protects the transmission components from too high torque peaks. All models can be equipped with double transmission (DT) so they can be used on tractors up to 280 hp. The crusher can be used both for down-cutting or counter milling. Strong construction enables the use of both small and big tractors, and the pressure operated safety clutch saves time, repair costs and the cost of oversized power transfer components.  www.hakmet.com  Reader Service #3086

Marden Industries
Mardens precision-engineered cutters are tough, easy to operate and offer low maintenance. Only abrasive resistant steel is used on the machines and Marden offers the largest, most diverse model section available, says the company. Machines are available from a 4 to 10 drum and from 1,000 to 60,000 lbs.  Mardens Hi-Lo reversible blade design is efficient and effective, resulting in greater cutting power and pulverizing action, and longer blade life. The alloy steel bolt-on stub axles and bearing carriers, along with Timkin tapered roller bearings, are a Marden exclusive. They are used on all their cutters and are easily replaceable without welding or cutting. The Marden machines cut vegetation above ground and scarify the soil to retard run-off, conserve ground level moisture and accelerate decomposition. Options include spare tire mount, aircraft tires, welded cylinders, Rome style disc gangs, and more. www.mardenind.com  Reader Service #3087

Denis Cimaf Inc
Denis Cimaf Inc develops, manufactures and distributes industrial brushcutters and brushcutter-chippers. The brushcutters (the DAV line) are attachments with a vertical-axis disc with a pair of swiveling blades. Designed for applications where chipping is not required, they offer maneuverability and low maintenance cost.  The brushcutter-chippers (the DAH and DAF lines) are attachments using a horizontal-axis rotor with a patented technology of blades bolted on fixed knives. Designed to cut and chip vegetation, they offer sturdiness and efficiency without the need for an extra power unit.  After 15 years of improvements, the product line now covers small, medium and large excavators, skid steers and backhoes. Backed by aggressive R&D and fuelled by strong customer satisfaction, Denis Cimaf continues to offer the technical edge in brushcutting.  www.deniscimaf.com  Reader Service #3088

The patented Slashbuster extreme service brushcutter shreds up to 18 diameter trees with ease. Its integrated material handler can be used to move boulders and logs, rake, pile and load debris.  The machine adapts to any 10 to 20 ton excavator, requires no auxiliary engine, and a bucket can be swapped in minutes. It has variable chip size, for fast chunking or park-like effect, and is available with a patented third boom that more than doubles the reach. And its also economicalteeth cost less than one dollar per hour of operation.  The companys web site contains some interesting video; check out the automobile shredding video. In less than seven minutes, an entire car (including engine block) was obliterated, yet the Slashbuster brushcutter showed no significant damage or wear.  www.slashbuster.com Reader Service #3089

Davco Manufacturing
New from Davco Manufacturing is a small machine that can handle large jobs.
The DM2545 mulcher is Davcos way of ensuring customer success in a
big way with a small package. www.bardaequipment.com
Reader Service #3090

Whether the property is comprised of standing trees, scrub brush, or debris
left from forest harvesting, the Rayco FM7260 reduces even large vegetation
to mulch.
The extra heavy-duty construction of the 8000 lb (3628.67kg) mower meets
the rigorous demands of large-scale forestry mowing and provides longevity
and lower operating costs. Dual drivelines power the 93 (236 cm) long and 26 (66 cm) diameter rotor. The forward rotation of the cutting tools distributes the processed material downward, while the pushbar directs fallen trees in front of the mower to be mulched with the forward progress of the prime mover.
Rayco also offers four brush chippers, the RC 6D, RC 12, RC 12D and the RC 20XP. They range from 25 hp and a 6 diameter chipping capacity to the RC 20XPs 225 hp and 20 diameter chipping capacity. www.raycomfg.com
Reader Service #3091

For more information on the above products, please fill in the contact information and check off the boxes that apply.   When finished, please click on the Submit Form Button.

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