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April 2004


Forwarders  - Tech Update Editor: Diane Mettler

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Fabtek manufactures a full line of forwarders including four-, six- and eight-wheel drive units. With load capacities ranging from 16,000 to 32,000 lbs, the forwarders feature electric power shift transmissions, full-load high reach booms and full 40 degree turning articulation. The rack and pinion four-cylinder loader swing system features fully proportional controls with high torque and high swing speed. A rear-mount loader is standard on all models. The boom geometry is designed for maximum utility and the top mounted stick boom cylinders stay clear of obstructions. Fabtek forwarders feature large, high visibility cabs, hydraulic tilt for complete under-cab system access, heavy steel plate engine and radiator coverings and vibration-isolated attachment points. An option package is available on the new tree-length clam bunk forwarder to convert it back to a regular forwarder bunk set-up. www.fabtek.com  and www.blount.com  Reader Service Card #3051

The Franklin/Treefarmer line of forwarders consists of four- and six-wheel drive rubber- tired, frame-articulated vehicles, with centre section oscillation in most models. These units are designed to forward timber from the falling site to the loading area, by means of loading/unloading the timber on the tail bunk with a roof-mounted or post-mounted hydraulic loader. The current product line offers several powershift and hydrostatic modelsvarying in size, tail section length and horsepowerto meet the varying demands of todays loggers. All the forwarders are powered by Cummins engines and feature Franklin four-speed powershift transmissions. Weights range from 10,136 kg to 16,692 kg, and overall reaches range from 23.75 to 24.75. www.franklin-treefarmer.com  Reader Service Card#3052

All Ponsse forwarder models have the power required to cope with extremely varied conditions and even the most difficult terrain. The favourable ratio between net weight and load carrying capacity, the smallest turning radius for their size class, as well as proportions that distribute the weight evenly over all tires, put these forwarders in a class of their own, says the company. The Buffalo is Ponsses largest, followed by the Wisent and Gazelle. The Buffalo is 9,395 to 11,250 mm in length, 2,670 to 2,960 mm wide and powered by a Mercedes-Benz OM 906 LA engine. It can carry 14,000 kg, with a load space length of 4,240 to 6,100 mm and has a 7.9 mm reach. Weight distribution over eight wheels reduces the ground pressure and damage to terrain. The Wisent is 9,050 mm in length, can carry 12,000 kg and has a load length of 4,500 mm. It has a tractive force of 160 Kn and is powered by a Mercedes-Benz OM 904 LA engine. The Gazelle has the same reach as the Buffalo and Wisent, but is lighter, 11,900 kg, with a carrying capacity of 10,000 kg. www.ponsse.com  Reader Service Card #3053

Timberking offers four-, six- and eight-wheel drive units. All Timberking forwarders feature an extra heavy frame, full 40 degree articulation for tight turning, a rack and pinion four-cylinder loader swing system featuring fully proportional controls with high torque and high swing speed, and top-mounted tick boom cylinder that stays clear of obstructions. The loader reach with a two-piece boom is 186 and with a squirt boom its 229. All models feature hydraulic tilt cab, large fuel capacity, continuous bucket rotation and a European style butt-bypass clam built with high strength steel. The TK434, TK434L and TK436 come with 125 standard hp, while the TK454, TK456 and TK458 come with 170 standard hp. Their load capacities range from 7,258 to 14,505 kg, and deck length ranges from 2.74 to 14.86 m. The machines weigh in between 12,247 to 17,237 kg. www.blount-fied.com  Reader Service Card #3054

TimberPro has just built a new plant in Shawano, Wisconsin to manufacture their wheeled forestry equipment. Presently, they are manufacturing an eight-wheeled forwarder and a six-wheeled feller buncher that will handle attachments to 6500 lbs. and can level 22 degrees. The eight-wheeled forwarder also has continuous (360 degree) rotation which is a huge advantage when positioning to pick up short wood in front of the machine or on the side, hauling tree-length as a clam bunk skidder, or other jobs like fighting forest fires, hauling concrete, and working in mill yards. The TF 820 can also be set up with a Quick Change System (combo machine) that will enable you to use the machine to harvest trees and quickly change over to a grapple and forward wood. www.timberpro.com  Reader Service Card #3055

Tigercat is building its first run of the model 1014 extreme duty 14 tonne forwarders. The 1014 is powered by a 228 hp Mercedes 906 engine. The entire hood enclosure tilts forward by hand to provide easy access to the engine. The bogie axles are oversized and can run up to 750x26.5 tires while maintaining a three-metre overall width. And the machine can be configured as six- or eight-wheel drive. The robust centre section uses large pins and sealed tapered roller bearings in the articulation and oscillation joints. An innovative centre joint design eliminates the need for oscillation locks and allows stability in rough and steep terrain. Maintenance and troubleshooting is simplified and machine response to operator input is smooth and precise, according to the company. The 1014 can be equipped to accommodate a large 4.8 square metre load capacity and low 3.58 metre overall height. Optional wagon sizes are available for loading two bunks of three metre logs. The machine can be equipped with various cranes up to a Loglift F111 and up to 10 metres of reach. www.tigercat.com  Reader Service Card #3056

Timberjack offers three forwardersthe 1710D, 1410D and the 1010D. The new loaders are more powerful yet lighter in weight. The John Deere engines on the forwarders develop a high torque rise for more power to handle peak demand in travel and loading. The 1710D features the John Deere 6081H turbocharged 8.1 L engine with 215 hp. The 1710D has a maximum reach of 2711, carries up to 17 tonnes and with its large wheels and balanced bogies, its ideal for long distance forwarding in large-scale operations. The 1410D comes equipped with the Deere 6068H engine with 182 hp. The machine has a reach of up to 3210 and a payload of 14 tonnes. Its ideal for the average to long distance hauls of random length to two tiers of 10 (3m) wood. The 1010D is versatile in either 4-wheel or 6-wheel drive. Equipped with a 115 hp engine, the machine is agile and its 44-degree articulation on each side lets operators maneuver in dense stands. After dark, operators have better vision, with lights that are 30 per cent stronger than before. www.timberjack.com  Reader Service Card #3057

Powered by a 400 hp Cummins QSM electronic engine, the Trans-Gesco TG88D has a 25-ton payload capacity and a wood basket designed to maximize payload for various log lengths up to 35. The heavy-duty frame and robust loader is controlled by state of the art load sense hydraulics and is available with an optional live heel for long length timber. The proven 100 per cent hydrostatic traction and steering assist offers superior maneuverability and a huge 160,000 lbs of tractive effort, and there is a wide choice of track up to 60 wide for extremely low ground pressure. The TG88D is also available with a clambunk forwarder or grapple skidder configuration. www.transgesco.com. Reader Service Card #3058

One of the most significant design changes in the new rugged Valmet 890.2 is in the new, beefier crane. Because the crane is stronger, the 890.2 offers more lift and longer reach than before. Higher hydraulic power combined with greater flow help the 890.2 loader move quickly and smoothly for higher productivity. And the 890.2 uses the Valmet midship design making it among the most stable forwarders on the market. It also features a powerful Fortius technology engine with more torque, and fewer lubrication points that are better grouped for faster, easier attention. Fast and easy lubrication is performed more often, extending life. The MaxiForwarder control system now integrates engine monitoring and control, and the company says this helps make this machine an even better performer. www.komatsuforest.com  Reader Service Card #3059

John Deere
John Deere offers a range of forwarders including the 1010D, the 1410D and, the unit offering maximum power, the 1710D. The John Deere 1710D forwarder features ample power, with the John Deere 6081 H, charge air-cooled, six-cylinder turbocharged isolation mounted diesel engine that delivers 215 SAE gross hp at 2,000 rpm. The 1710D offers maximum net torque of 811lb-ft at 1,200 to 1,300 rpm. The transmission on the machine is hydrostatic mechanical with protected electric/hydraulic range shift of two-speed gearbox and the Total Machine Control System (TMC). Off-road driving offers smooth, no-surge starts without dropping engine speed, the company says. The loader on the 1710D is a Timberjack CF8 knuckleboom with telescopic outer boom and TMC with mini joystick controls. It offers gross lifting torque of 111,370 lb-ft and gross swing torque of 30,235 lb-ft. The grapple on the unit is the SG420, with 4.5 square feet. There is an optional 3.9with the machines strong production numbers, low ground impact, reliability and quiet operation square foot grapple, the SG360S. Equipped with the CF8 loader, the 1710D offers maximum reach of 27 11, with an 85.4-inch length of extension. The maximum load at maximum reach is 2,613 lbs. www.deere.com  Reader Service Card #3060

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 Timberjack   #3057
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