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April 2004

New & Noted at the Oregon Logging Conference

The Oregon Logging Conference held in February was an opportunity for loggers to take a look at what dealers and manufacturers have in terms of new iron and associated support equipment. Logging and Sawmilling Journal reviews some of the new equipment that was unveiled at the OLC.

Caterpillar Introduces Four Shovel Logging Grapples
Caterpillar introduced the GLS55, GLS60, GLS63 and GLS66 Shovel Logging Grapples with hydraulically powered 360-degree rotation. The grapples are designed for high production shoveling and in-the-woods loading when matched with Caterpillar 320C, 322C, 325C and 330C and 345 Forestry Machines. The four grapples offer a range of opening sizes from 55” to 66” and each grapple closes down to 5” to 7” for picking small stems. Each grapple features a robust design. The tines are high-strength alloy steel and reinforced for rigidity. The induction-hardened alloy pins float, which reduces wear, and the pins and keepers are recessed in the frame to protect them from damage. www.cat.com.

This multipurpose utility vehicle can travel where the road ends. The units are designed for use in rough and remote, hard-to-reach areas. Vehicles can be used to put out brush fires, transport and evacuate people, and haul equipment to areas that are inaccessible by standard transportation. The FireTracker can be utilized as a foam fire suppression unit, but in 30 seconds can be converted on-site into a search and rescue apparatus equipped with stretcher and oxygen tank mounting system features. The vehicle has plenty of low-end torque, large box capacity and is available in three different chassis configurations. It also comes equipped with an optional heavy-duty trailer with three-way swivel hitch. www.coworensport.com 

Timberjack 1490D Energy Wood Harvester
The 1490D turns forest residuals into giant “fuel logs,” providing profitable, environmentally responsible business opportunities. By using most of the slash normally left in the forest, the risk of wildfire is diminished. The 1490D picks up tops and branches, placing them into its feed mechanism. The bundler then compresses, wraps and cuts a 10’ “slash log” measuring about 24” to 32” in diameter. Each log contains about 1 MWh of energy, which when combusted, is equivalent to the energy produced from 21 to 28 gallons of oil. The 1490D is powered by a turbocharged John Deere electronically controlled diesel engine and features Timberjack’s Total Machine Control system, where up to seven operators can choose and save their personal preferences. www.timberjack.com.

Morgan SX-706 SB Grapple Skidder
Morgan Forest Industries has come out with the SX-706 SB Grapple Skidder. The swing boom has a reach of 15’, a swing of 140 degrees, and a lift height of approximately 12’ and 15’. The skidder is powered by a Cummins 6CTA 8.EL engine, and has 260 hp to 2,200 rpm. And its speed range (forward and reverse) is 18 kph. The SX-706 weighs in at approximately 39,000 lbs. It has far fewer moving items in the drive line, which means less potential failure points and less downtime. There is 100 per cent power to all wheels at all times, even under a full load. www.morganforestry.com 

Keto 604PHD Supreme
Keto’s new solution for the logging professional is the 604PHD Supreme log and tree processor. It weighs 2,200 kg, with tilt angles of 45 degrees. To the tip of the top knife, it is 230 cm in length, and the saw bar is 75 cm. The top saw is 55 cm and its maximum opening (knives tip to tip) is 80 cm. It has a maximum feeding speed of 4.5 m/s, and a tractive force of 40.3 kN. Recommended carrier size is 130-250 hp, and 24-40 tn. www.hakmet.com 

Timberline DL3800
New on the market is the Timberline DL3800. It features the patented high strength 38’ boom design, which can handle all delimbing applications. The unique side discharge design allows the DL3800 to delimb and process in either CTL mode or tree-length at the stump or landing. It also incorporates new double roller boom support that generates more delimbing power. The new interchangeable front and rear grapples have a 24’ delimbing capacity. The DL3800 features a newly designed head-box with .404” pitch and heavy-duty topping saw. With hydraulic operated boom positioning, the transported height is reduced to 12’6”. It comes standard with a Cummins QSB w/215 hp with the optional Cummins QSB w/240 hp. The optional leveling system incorporates two-cylinder, 40-way leveling for effective operation on steep terrain. www.timberlineequipment.com 

Log Max 12000
The new Log Max 12000 is 91.9” across with its arms open, 61.5” with its arms closed and 116.8” high (measured to the rotator pin). It weighs in at 9,680 lbs. For felling and cutting it features a hydraulically driven chain saw with manual chain tensioning. The bottom saw is 49” in length with a maximum cutting capacity of 35”. The top saw is 29.5” in length with a 25” cutting capacity. The 12000 features two feed rollers with fixed displacement piston driver motors. The feed rollers are 27.6” in diameter with a feed force of 10.7906 lbf, and a calculated feed speed of 16.4 fps. For delimbing it comes equipped with a floating top knife, two delimbing arms, and one bottom arm. Knives have high cutting edges to handle thick branches. The maximum knife opening is 37.5”. www.logmax.us 

Waratah HTH 622B
The new Waratah HTH 622B has the power of the previous HTH 622, with less weight and more speed. It features a stronger body design with strengthened hanging bracket, and double shear pins. It has more butt flare which allows a lower stump height when felling. It weighs 4,673 lb, has new additional clearance for the saw unit and higher visibility throughout the head, a redesigned hydraulic system, new hose routing for protection and increased hose life. It has a cutting capacity of 2” to 30”, and a processing capacity of 2” to 24”. Arm width open is 68.5” open and 58.5” closed. www.waratah.net.

Timberpro Forwarder
TimberPro displayed their eight-wheeled forwarder that will handle attachments to 6,500 lbs and can level 22 degrees. The forwarder has continuous (360 degree) rotation which is a huge advantage when positioning to pick up short wood in front of the machine or on the side, hauling tree length as a clam bunk skidder, or other jobs like fighting forest fires, hauling concrete, and working in mill yards. The machine can be set up with a Quick Change System (Combo Machine) that enables the operator to use the machine to harvest trees and quickly change over to a grapple and forward wood. www.timberpro.com 

Log Packer
The Log Packer is an innovative way to eliminate the need for separate skidding machines on most jobs. The Log Packer can haul up to 55,000 lbs of tree length logs per turn and it has a 360-degree swivel designed for all-terrain use. This unique concept is intended to provide harvesters with a small machine that will lower costs and, at the same time, increase production. For more information, or to view a demonstration of the Log Packer on a free CD Rom, call (360) 254-5052 or toll free 1-866-688-8333.



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