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Tech Update:  SKIDDERS

Tech update editor:  Helen Johnson

Please fill in our Reader Request Form located at the bottom for more information on these products.  

The TG88C grapple skidder from Trans-Gesco offers power and low ground pressure, plus the advantages of a 45-square-foot grapple mounted on an 18-foot-reach dual boom set. The booms fold upon themselves for better weight distribution and the ability to push in difficult ground situations. Productive on short and long skidding distances, the TG88C has a 35-ton payload capacity, short loading time and traction. It is an effective, safe complement to grapple yarder and high-lead operations. The TG88C track clambunk skidder is powered by a 350-hp engine and offers proven 100 per cent hydrostatic drive traction with 160,000 lbs of draw bar pull. Other features include productivity, manoeuvrability, 80.5-inch bogies, a choice of track shoes from 28 to 60 inches wide. The robust TG loader, with a gear reduction swing box, is controlled by load sense hydraulics for fast and smooth functions. With a 35-ton load capacity, the loader is an off-road hauling truck for long skidding distances. www.transgesco.com  Reader Service Card #695

Berfor, Divison of RAD Technologies Inc
The FORCAT 2000 from Berfor is a small size, low impact skidder for select logging and soft areas. Powered by a 24-hp Onan engine and a hydrostatic drive, the FORCAT 2000 is impressive when it comes to pulling logs, the company says. The hydrostatic system gives an independent drive on both tracks for better manoeuvrability and ground traction. The machine operates well in soft areas because of its low ground impact that is lighter than a footprint at 2.3 psi. The FORCAT 2000 is equipped with a powerful winch, a front blade and a rear back plateall hydraulically powered. www.radinter.com  Reader Service Card #696

The line-up of Tigercat skidders includes the 620, the 630, the 635 and the C640 series. The mid-sized, 174-hp, 620for thinning, selective logging and final fell applicationshas the greatest torque and largest grapple in its class, the company says. The hydrostatic drive combined with Tigercats single-range transfer case provides variable speed control from 0-12.6 mph. Maximum horsepower is available regardless of wheel speed and gear shifting is eliminated for reduced operator fatigue. The 630 series skidders offer high production in rough terrain, on slopes and for long distance skidding. Other features include oversized grapple components, a long wheel base for larger loads. The 630B has a cross-flow cooling system, side-by-side radiator and oil cooler perpendicular to conventional arrangements. The six-wheel drive, 240-hp 635 offers a high lift boom that elevates the load for reduced drag resistance. The 240-hp C640 is suited to soft terrain and long haul skidding of large loads with low drag resistance. All Tigercat skidders offer quiet, climate-controlled isolation mounted cabs that tilt for service. www.tigercat.com  Reader Service Card #697

Apache Forest Products Inc
The series of single-drum Tajfun logging winches from Apache Forest Products mount easily to a tractor by a three-point linkage system. The independent hydraulic systems are PTO shaft driven and Tajfun uses triple and five-disc friction clutches for increased endurance and optimal performance. The machines are available with either a mechanical or hydraulic brake, with the hydraulic option including a remote control system. Other features include large drums for abundant rope capacity, safe and simple controls, robot welding of demanding parts and a bottom pulley and coupling for towing vehicles. Using environmentally friendly technology, the winches are useful in selective cutting. The models in the series have pulling powers from 6,614 lbs to 22,046 lbs, and the winches weigh from 518 lbs to 1,720 lbs. All Tajfun winches have a differential brake band for safe operation. www.apacheforest.com  Reader Service Card #698

The new 225-hp Caterpillar 545 wheel skidder has a longer wheel base of 151 inches and can handle dual-function arch and large capacity bunching grapples. It complements the smaller Cat 525 and 515 skidders and features a Cat 3306 DITA (direct injected, turbocharged, aftercooled) engine with a displacement of 10.5 litres for better pulling capability, lower internal stresses and extended component life. The large, heavy-duty torque converter provides torque multiplication that enhances skidder performance by enabling the engine to operate in its optimal rpm range and by reducing the need for frequent shifting. The torque converter has an integral lock-up clutch that allows the skidder to operate in converter drive or direct drive for high fuel efficiency. The five-speed transmission matches power to the load size and ground conditions and the hydraulically engaged differential locks can be engaged on-the-go via a fingertip control for improved performance in soft ground conditions. The front axle cradle acts as a working counterweight and balances the machine for skidding on slopes. Oscillation of 15 degrees helps isolate the cab from axle movement. Other features include load-sensing hydraulics and an Auto-Grab feature to monitor tong pressure and securely hold grapple loads while skidding. www.cat.com  Reader Service Card #699

Designed with a tough, dependable drive train, Prentice 490 skidders are dependable and productive. The 6BTA 173-hp Cummins power plant drives a smooth pulling torque converter transmission with six forward and three reverse gears. The torque converter transmission delivers smooth power to the wheels allowing for efficient manoeuvring in tight spots. The smooth power delivery also reduces wheel spin in soft ground conditions, minimizing ground disturbance. The 490 comes in dual arch or single arch configurations with multiple grapple selections and a direct drive winch that match the machine to a wide range of timber harvesting conditions. The outboard planetary design lowers stress in the axles and the wheel-end planetary housings are supported with dual roller bearings. Other features include rugged outboard planetary axles and a comfortable, four-step-entry cab. www.blount-fied.com  Reader Service Card #700

John Deere
John Deere G-III skidders are powered and designed for productivity, pulling bigger loads with versatility and technology. From the agile 540/548G-III to the 848G, the machines offer cable, grapple, solid direct drive or torque converter powershift. Deere skidders reduce downtime, as well as operating costs, with increased durability from reliable transmissions and robust axles, including the Super Wide Extreme Duty Axle (SWEDA) for flotation tires and duals. All models use dependable, easy-starting PowerTech engines that develop a high torque rise in both the 6.8- and the 8.1-litre versions for torque-on-demand performance. Dual cylinder grapple design gives fast load pick-up and secure skidding hold, while the optional single lever pilot grapple control offers effortless productivity, the company says. www.deere.com  Reader Service Card #701

With many upgrades and improvements, Timberjack skidders are more durable and versatile than ever before, the company says, with the most pull, the latest technology and the least downtime. The lineup includes nine models from the lightweight 360D to the 660D. Choices include cable, single and dual arch grapple configurations, direct drive or torque converter powershift transmissions and a choice of axles. Dependable electronically-controlled Deere PowerTech engines and proven direct-drive transmissions are standard for high torque. The Timberjack 460D and 560D skidders now offer the Super Wide Extreme Duty Axle (SWEDA) option. Grapple performance is highlighted in the dual-cylinder design and through-the-centre hose routing that eliminates exposed hoses Single and dual arch grapples can be equipped with a single lever pilot grapple control for increased productivity and comfort. www.timberjack.com  Reader Service Card #702

Allied Systems
The Ranger Model H Series II skidders from Allied Systems Company incorporate upgrades that make the H66DS and H67 machines effective and reliable. The rear frame on the H67 grapple models has been extended by 10 inches to produce a 150-inch wheel base, improving stability and pulling power. By transferring some of the weight forward, the Ranger handles even larger drags while keeping all wheels on the ground. Parker 471ST hoses for the steering and grapple system provide durable abrasion resistance, the company says, while the steering wheel can now be adjusted up or down through a 40-degree angle. The new radiator in the H Series skidders has three independent, side-by-side cooling systems for the engine coolant, transmission/torque converter oil and hydraulic oil, providing efficient cooling, lower operating temperatures and extended component life. www.alliedsystems.com  Reader Service Card #703

Besides making recent improvements to its eight-wheel clam bunk and forwarder, TimberPro has developed a six-wheel grapple skidder. The dual arch grapple has a 25-square-foot grapple that opens to 144. The large cab allows hydraulic-powered 180-degree rotation of the seat, including all controls, while the short wheel base makes for good manoeuvrability, the company says. The standard engine is a 260-hp Cummins, with a 300-hp charge air engine available. Standard tires are 30.5 in the front and 28L on the bogie axle. The TS820-E clam bunk has a 32-square-foot clam bunk capacity and weighs 51,740 lbs. The TS820-E arch grapple has a 25-square-foot capacity and weighs 51,760 lbs. www.timberpro.com  Reader Service Card #704

Kootenay Manufacturing
Kootenay Manufacturing Company Ltd claims to make the only true hydrostatic drive track skidder in the industry, with balanced weight distribution, torsion bar sprung suspension and live high-speed steel track. The forward mounting of the power train and the skidders ability to carry the log load well forward on the machine allow the combined weight of the machine and payload to be spread over the length of the tracks. Each set of road wheels can move up and down independently, allowing the tracks to conform to uneven surfaces. The track skidders are available as choker arch, single and dual arch grapples and swing grapples.

The 2000 series machines are powered by 174-hp Cummins 6BTA5.9 diesel engines. Designed to haul medium to large timber in any operating conditions, the KMC 2400 extendable choker arch extends hydraulically toward the load, then retracts as the load is winched in, lifting the butts onto the rear deck, close to the machines centre of gravity. The KMC 2500 single arch or dual function grapple is designed primarily to skid pre-bunched or medium to large diameter wood on steep slopes, in boggy or sensitive soils. The KMC 2600 swing grapple picks up loads on either side and well to the rear of the machine. It is well-suited to hand-felled wood and can help manoeuvre logs around standing trees. www.kmc-kootrac.com  Reader Service Card #705

International Silvatech
The four Morgan grapple skidders available from International Silvatech Industries Inc include the SX-704 SB, the SX-706 SB, the SX-704 DF and the SX-706 DF. The machines feature seamless speed range forward or reverse to approximately 18 kph. With about 8,000 fewer moving parts in the driveline, the skidders have fewer potential failure points, less downtime and a lower centre of gravity. The drive system provides 100 per cent power to all wheels all the time even in turns under full load. The SYNCROTRACK system results in reduced tire wear and full-time traction control. Cabs are ROPS/FOPS certified, feature joystick controls and an operator seat that rotates 355 degrees plus, in 15 degree lockable increments. The SX-704 SB and the SX-706 SB offer a swing of 180 degrees, a lift height of 12 and 15 of reach. Decking of the load on the fly can be achieved without drawing over the deck, resulting in reduced cycle times, higher productivity and no damaged trees, the company says. The Morgan SX-704 DF and the SX-706 DF feature a unique design of the arch and the rear frame of the machine to allow for greater reach, height and visibility for quick cycle times and safety. The SX-704 DF has an 18-square-foot grapple, while the SX-706 DF has a 22-square-foot grapple. www.morganforestry.com  Reader Service Card #706

Franklin Equipment
The Franklin/Treefarmer line of cable and grapple skidders consists of four-wheel, rubber-tired frame articulated vehicles, available with front axles or centre section oscillation. All the machines are powered by Cummins engines and feature heavy-duty planetary axles. The current cable skidder product linedesigned to forward timber from the felling site to the loading area by means of a rear-mounted winchoffers several powershift models, including the 405 S2, the 170 S2, the 185 S2, the Q70, the Q80 and the Q90. The models feature four - or six-speed powershift transmissions and horsepowers ranging from 152 to 230 Franklins grapple skidders move timber to the loading area by means of a rear-mounted hydraulically actuated grapple.

The 405 S2 and the 170 S2 feature the FH-34 grapple, with a 34,000-lb capacity. The 185-hp Q70 has a four-speed transmission and two winches: the FH-34 and the M36A Franklin H-42 grapple with a 37,000-lb capacity. The 230-hp Q90 features a six-speed transmission and the Franklin H-42 grapple with a 37,000-lb capacity and a Franklin M56 dual arch grapple assembly with a 127 opening bunching grapple and continuous rotation grapple. www.franklin-treefarmer.com  Reader Service Card #707

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