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New & Noted Portland

The 2003 Portland Wood Technology Clinic and Show was a showcase for new trends and products in the forest industry. The following items represent some of the highlights and newest innovations unveiled there.

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Chapman Wins Award
Bob Chapman of Optimil Machinery Inc received the Wood Technology Award for Excellence at the Portland show. Chapman has been involved in the design and manufacture of sawmill machinery since the 1950s. He designed the edge chipper and produced the first Chip-N-Saw in the 1960s and later oversaw the development of new products such as spinning discs, a blender system for OSB, a chipper knife design and thin kerf technology. In 1983, he started Chapman Sawmill Machinery, which later became Optimila company producing computer controls, laser scanners and other technologies for modern optimized sawmills. Chapman has been dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the wood products industry throughout his life and is steering the company towards new endeavours both at home and internationally. Formerly the Forest Industries Award for Excellence, the historic award presented to forest industry innovators was reborn this year after a two-year hiatus. Reader Service Card #678

Comacts High Speed Sawing
Comacts DDM 10 is a high speed, one pass, controlled curve sawing machine that has been sold to Aspen Planer Mills in Merritt, BC. The space saving machine produces 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 wood from small to large logs. Optimized sawing means improved recovery. Other features include log profile scanning, automatic rotation and centring of logs and automatic setting of canter heads and saws. www.comact.com  Reader Service Card #679

Moisture Meters from Northern Milltech
The MC-PRO 1000 transverse moisture meter from Northern Milltech Inc is a moisture/density sorting system for sawmills and planer mills that increases grade recovery, optimizes drying times and decreases trim loss. The system handles 200+ pieces per minute of any species of wood in multiple thicknessesincluding frozen wood. The MC-PRO 2500 in-line moisture meter offers new automatic wood temperature compensation and eliminates costly claims. It features auto calibration, accurate digital pulse technology to determine moisture content, full reporting and kiln tracking. The system automatically adjusts for board movement and reads moisture content to +/- one per cent. www.northermilltech.com  Reader Service Card #680

Softac Bucking and Merchandizing Systems
The log bucking and merchandizing systems from Softac offer accuracy to 1/32 and speed up to six ft/sec. A Motorola processor provides bucking solutions, scanning every 1/4 on length and 1/16 on diameter. The log deck has shifting saws, log cradles and a variable speed take-away belt to the log sorter bins. It can process 60-foot stems with five shifting saws, positioned with variable frequency drives on a machined track. Features include a 72 saw blade, up to 1.5 seconds per cycle with flux vector drives, saw shifting rates of 72 per second and stem cutting rates of up to 10 per minute. www.softacsys.com  Reader Service Card #681

Hermarys Laser Profile Scanner
The LPS-2016 laser profile scanner from Hermary Opto Electronics Inc is a fully integrated co-planar scanning system designed to scan logs and cants in sawmill optimization applications. A sealed, machined aluminum head houses all optics and processing electronics, while a single environmentally sealed connector and a 10-pair cable carry all DC power and signals. A two dimensional profile of a surface intersecting the scan plane is available on the communication ports. Two or more heads mounted around the log transport system give the log shape. Features include high point density, wide dynamic range, accuracy of +/- 0.06mm and a scan rate of 10m/sec. www.hermaryopto.com  Reader Service Card #682

Coe Linear High Grader
The linear high grader from Coe Newnes/McGehee is a modular optimization system that uses patented XLG and microwave technologies along with vision defect scanning modules. The combined technologies allow automated grading capability plus MSR lumber evaluation. The machine displayed will be installed in a Mississippi mill. www.coemfg.com  Reader Service Card #683

Gemofors Lumber Grader Optimizer
Gemofor/Optifors lumber grader optimizer is a non-contact linear planer mill optimizer that provides full profile, true shape measurement. Installed directly after the planer, the optimizer offers accurate measurement with no rolls and no maintenance. The machine is four feet long, has a maximum input speed of 2,600 fpm, an acquisition frequency of 800 frames per second and a maximum lug chain speed of 450 fpm. www.gemofor.qc.ca  Reader Service Card #684

Algis Automatic Transverse Grading
The fully automatic transverse grading and inspection system from Algis Autograding Inc is a modular vision inspection system that looks at all four sides of each piece of lumber, locates and identifies defects, grades the board and determines the optimum grade-trim decision. The system uses machine vision scanners coupled with vision computer technology to grade each board to individual association grading rules. Designed in two-foot modules, it can be retrofitted onto any transverse grading table in the sawmill or planermill. Each module contains its own machine vision scanner, lighting and grade processor. www.algisautograding.com  Reader Service Card #685

Linden/MPM Log Merchandizer
The log merchandizer system from Linden/MPM is designed for high-speed log merchandizing with either lineal or transverse scanning methods. In the lineal system the scanned logs are discharged into a Linden log ladder. The log is then positioned for optimum recovery by either an even-ending system of hourglass rolls or by a log pusher in the log ladder. In the transverse system, the scan deck is used in combination with a log ladder to feed logs to the travelling merchandiser saws. www.linfab.com  www.mpm-eng.com  Reader Service Card #686

Eagle Mills Board Flipper
The board flipper from Eagle Mills Manufacturing LLC is patented and low maintenance, with a capacity of up to 200 bpm. The efficient and adaptable board flipper avoids timing issues, the company says. www.eagle-mills.com  Reader Service Card #687

HewSaw Machines Inc has formed a single source alliance with PLC Inc and Prologic+ Inc for complete package supply, allowing single responsibility and contact with fully integrated installed systems. HewSaw also presented the R200 Plus for small log professionals. With a standard line speed of 70 to 200 m/min, it features standard optimized edging, optimizing of independent edged board sizes and position with 3D scanning, controlled curve sawing, short log cutting, dimensional accuracy and modular construction. www.hewsaw.com  www.prologicplus.com  www.plcinc.ca  Reader Service Card #688

Flares Small Log Processor
The single pass small log processor from Flare International features a capacity of up to 50 eight-foot logs per minute, a feed speed of 500 fpm, two electrically-driven, self-centring spiked rolls and 16 electrically-driven, self-centring knurled rolls. It offers a high percentage of chip acceptance, precision sawing and flexibility of cut pattern. Canter heads and saws are positioned by hydraulic linear positioners. www.flareinternational.com  Reader Service Card #689

Sawquips High Recovery
The high recovery sawline from Sawquip International Inc features 3D scanning of logs and cants, log positioning in real time and optimized sawing patterns and machine settings. It offers real-time positioning infeed, a twin or quad saw canter, controlled cutting path canter, curve sawing profiler and curve sawing multi-saw edger. Sawquips chainless log infeed features continuous controlled orientation (CCO) which repositions the log in three zones until the optimized sawing axis is attained. www.sawquip.com  Reader Service Card #690

SLICE Technology from Key Knife
SLICE (spiral lead in cutting edge) Technology from Key Knife Inc is a new twist for drum style chipping. It reduces the depth and overall area of fibre pull caused by changes in grain or knots and improves chip quality. Gains in surface finish quality are made through a slicing action that makes a smooth cut rather than a chop, with the end result being increased lumber value. Designed for high feed speed applications such as curve sawing, SLICE Technology utilizes a knife set-up that is twisted and tilted to enter the cant at an angle. By utilizing an opposing knife configuration, a balanced cutting force is created, eliminating excessive stress and thrust load on the shaft and bearings. Reader Service Card #691

USNRs Vertical Shape Saw
The vertical shape saw (VSS) system from USNR is an innovation that features higher yields as it cuts along an optimized path to get the greatest number of high quality boards from every log. The VSS follows the wood grain more accurately, resulting in higher quality lumber than a straight sawing system. Longer boards also result, as the saws follow the natural curvature of the log. It offers total transition control, greater throughput, efficient operation, compact design and easy maintenance. The USNR drying systems division displayed a new powered kiln vent, while the Perceptron division exhibited a real time lumber size control system that minimizes saw variation. www.usnr.com  Reader Service Card #692

Precision Dowel Mills
Dowel mills from Montana Manufacturing Inc produce precision dowels, deck railing, fencing material and log furniture components. Each system is customized to meet client needs. The dowel mills process uniform round wood with a consistent diameter from 2 to 8. The operator sets the diameter of the finished product and any irregularities in the wood are eliminated. The mills can be stationary or mounted on a truck chassis or trailer. Optional accessories include infeed and outfeed conveyors and bundling equipment. www.postyard.com  Reader Service Card #693

Ulti-Vision Board Scanning
Ultimizers Inc offers the Ulti-Vision defect scanner for detecting defects such as wane and knots using multiple scan camera technology. Top and bottom scanners find most knots on relatively thin wood, while edge cameras detect edge knots on thicker wood. Ulti-Vision wide board multi-sensing scanners offer defect optimization using scatter, colour and 3-D profiling via infrared lasers, top and bottom camera multi-sensing and top and bottom colour cameras. A typical ripsaw system includes an infeed, an Ulti-Vision scanner, a transfer, a ripsaw and an outfeed. Operators are able to see which sizes are being cut and ensure yields are as high as possible. Ultimizers Duo-Drive cut-off saw, with patented top and bottom conveyor belt drives, is one of the fastest automatic cut-off saws available, says the company. www.ultimizers.com  Reader Service Card #694

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Linden/MPM Log Merchandizer #686
Eagle Mills Board Flipper #687
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SLICE Technology from Key Knife #691
USNRs Vertical Shape Saw #692
Precision Dowel Mills #693
Ulti-Vision Board Scanning #694

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