UPDATE: Felling Heads

Barda Equipment
The QC1400 hot saw feller buncher — a Davco Manufacturing model from Barda Equipment — features a new patent-pending, multitree cutting layout that decreases cycle times compared to single-tree cutting systems. Designed for the RC100 Posi Track, the QC1400 has a cutting capacity of up to 14” trees and has a 42” diameter saw disc. Overall attachment dimensions are 48” wide by 78” tall. The high-speed,hot saw has 1-5/8” kerf and rotatable teeth. Davco Manufacturing also offers the 1,100-lb QC 1200 hot saw feller buncher, with a 36” diameter saw,1-5/8” kerf and rotatable teeth, a universal quick-attach mount, accumulator arm and a cutting capacity of up to 12” trees. Works on skid steers with adequate hydraulic flow and horse power. www.bardaequipment.com

Promoting Sustainable Forestry and Profitable Logging, the Caterpillar 500 Series Track Feller Buncher (TFB) and Wheel Feller Buncher (WFB) machines have a complete line of Cat disc saw attachments to meet felling needs. Whether loggers are thinning in a plantation or select cutting in large diameter timber, a wide selection of models are available. On track machines, saw head models come with a standard 40-degree partial lateral tilt (PLT). An optional 220-degree full lateral tilt (FLT) is also available. Cutting capacities range from 20” to 24” for zero tail swing TFB models (511/521/522/532), and 22” (559 mm) to 24” for full tail swing TFB models (541/551/552). The smaller HF181 felling head (20” cut capacity) is also available when the optional long reach feller buncher linkage is selected. For WFB machines, head cutting capacity ranges from 20” on the 553 model to 22” on the 563 and 573 models.                                   

Both single post, and dual post head designs provide maximum visibility of the cutting area. All Cat disc saw heads utilize high-pressure hydraulics for fast saw recovery and quick arm speed. Additional enhancements on Cat saw heads, including new frame structures and improvements to the saw shaft system, provide increased service life, improve tree control, and increased productivity. www.forestpro.com.

Gilbert Products
The Gilbert 3000 series felling heads are high performance units and are said to be among the most productive on the market. They are built without compromise to help loggers increase the profitability of their operations. The heads are available with Gilbert’s patented high rotation wrist, among the most widely recognized in the industry. The felling heads are outstanding in all types of operations and have a large accumulation capacity in multiple tree gathering. The heads control the stems for an impeccable grouping without any crossing. The sturdiness of the units allows the same felling head to shine equally in the harvesting of hardwood and in the harvesting of the huge trees on the West Coast. The 3000 series felling heads are available in 22”, 24” and 28”. www.gilbert-tech.com

Loewen Forestry Equipment
Loewen Forestry Equipment offers a two-gearbox 350-degree rotate mount. It converts the existing saw head, is simple to install (just unbolt the old and bolt on the new) and there are no extra hydraulics. With the high rotation wrist, operators will experience more

versatility and productivity and do more than they thought possible, says the company. It allows the operator to cut standing trees and wind-fell trees, and place them in bigger bunches at any angle with a lot less movement of the carrier, increasing skidder efficiency and resulting in higher profits. www.loewenforestryequipment.com    

Madill Equipment
Madill produces two feller buncher sawheads for heavy-duty applications. Both sawheads are designed for use on Madill feller bunchers, but are available for individual sale. With Madill feller bunchers, the highrotation and head tilt capability allow for large bunches and increased range of placement—increasing overall productivity.                       

Madill sawheads are high torque (600,000+ in*lbs), highrotation (360 degree) hot saws, with one pair of grab arms and one pair of accumulating arms. Each arm has a dedicated cylinder for increased holding capacity, and grab arms are hydraulically synchronised. Madill sawheads are box-structure designed for increased strength and have large covers for easy access to internal hydraulics. The MHS 24-7-365 sawhead weighs 8,000 lbs and has a cut radius of 24.7 inches. The MTT 22-7-365 has a cut radius of 22.7 inches and weighs in at 6,200 lbs. www.madillequipment.com

GN Roy
Two circular saw head models are available from GN Roy, the 2456-B and the 2252-C. The 2456- B has a greater cut depth of 24” through a 40” opening, a greater holding capacity of 5.06 square ft and 280-degree tilt (with planetary gear). The planetary gear is built with a holding bearing that is completely separate from the planetary and supports the head’s weight. With an operating pressure of 2,800 lbs, the 6,400-lb head has a saw blade 56” in diameter. The 2252-C offers great access to the saw motor, easy access to arms, accumulator cylinders and the hydraulic system, a 22” cut depth and a holding capacity of 4.28 square feet. The clamp design makes classification of wood easier. Seals are made of polymyte and are resistant to heat, cold and high pressure. www.gnroy.com

Prentice Bunching Saw
Prentice has introduced the SH-50, a new bunching saw that incorporates innovative bunching technology to increase productivity. The SH-50 features the Strait Grip bunching finger (patent pending) that tucks trees into the saw pocket, keeping the tops together and creating tight bunches. This allows the operator to bunch and control more trees before piling.                       

Other saw designs don’t keep the treetops together, forcing the operator to drop the load before reaching full capacity.                       

The beefy saw has a 3/4-inch thick carrying plate and an 8-inch diameter, 5/8-inch thick gathering arm tube. A boxedin top limiter gives the saw added strength and rigidity and aids in controlling the trees. For even longer structural life, PRETEX abrasion-resistant steel is an available option. The saw also features top- and bottom-sealed bearing chambers, a patented feature found in all Prentice saws, which maximizes shaft and bearing life by ensuring top bearing lubrication. www.prenticeforestry.com


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