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New Products

Deere Rolls Out Two New Wheeled Excavators
John Deere Construction & Forestry has introduced two new wheeled excavators, the 190D W and the 220D W, featuring Tier 3-certified engines and significant increases in horsepower, weight, and digging forces over their predecessors.

Both units have fuel-efficient 5.2-L diesel engines rated at 159 HP, with the 190D W weighing in at 44,974 lbs. and the 220D W at 51,368 lbs., when equipped with two-piece booms and front and rear outriggers. In addition to its heavier operating weight, the 220D W has a greater dig depth at 20 feet, 8 inches, and more digging forces. The 190D W and 220D W are also available with monobooms for long-distance work and blades for backfilling.

On the 220D W, wider axles and the additional weight provide more stability and lift capability for quickly moving Jersey barriers.

Tigercat will soon be releasing its first dedicated track drive mulcher carrier. The Tigercat 480 will be ideally suited to land clearing applications for seismic lines, utility right-of-way maintenance, commercial and residential development, trail maintenance, and forestry and firebreak operations. At 500 HP, the 480 will come standard equipped with variable/reversing pitch cooling fan, rearward and upward visibility cameras, HID lighting and electronic joystick control. The 480 will be propelled by a durable, low ground pressure D5 undercarriage. Top speed is slated for 7,25 km/h in forward or reverse.

Tigercat also manufactures two rubber tire mulcher carriers, the 726E and M760, as well as a track mulcher based on the 822C feller buncher.

Start-Stop Data Loggers Available from Dickson
Monitoring lumber storage areas is now easier with the new Dickson multi-feature digital display temperature and humidity Data Loggers with both push-to-start and push-to-stop functions. Data recording is clean and easy-to-read, and a temperature-only version is also available.

Chris Sorensen, Dickson VP, explains, “If you are trying to map temperature and/or humidity conditions, you want to know when data recording starts and stops. Without this ability to control the start and stop of data recording, you can get unnecessary readings mixed in with your real data, making it more difficult to make an analysis.”

The Data Logger also includes: easy-to-read digital displays that let you keep track of temperature and humidity conditions in between data downloads; options to display current or min/max temperature and humidity readings; user-replaceable battery; and USB-enabled triple-speed data downloading.

Ponsse BTS
The new Ponsse BTS system allows loads to exceed standard fixed bunks by more than 50 percent when compressing forest residue. Using this new system, sapling are saved due to loads not exceeding the outer diameter of the vehicle. Field test shown number in the 10-12 ton load capacity range, allowing a semi trailer to be filled in about 3 loads totaling over 30 tons of biomass. The Ponsse BTS bunks also handle cut-to-length loads in a locked position.

The Ponsse BTS features, among other things: 10 tons of hydraulic compressions; 53-degree travel out-ward and 58-degree travel in-ward; brush grapple; fixed head for better loading control; and user friendly foot pedal operation.

Prolenc HD Swing Brake
Quadco has introduced a new 1000 series link with single braking for the rotator side of the linkage. It is designed to fit “U.S.” series rotations with 135mm internal width, or larger and various pin diameters, 45mm thru 2 1/16”. The top width of the link is 100mm with 45mm pin bushings designed to fit the various crane tips of larger European forwarder cranes.

Based on the proven 1000 series link, it provides a heavy-duty solution of braking capacity and strong durable structure. The single tapered wear sleeve is available with a zinc alloy to be greased daily with the linkage pins and bushings, or a maintenance-free, self-lubricating composite sleeve is also available.

Komatsu Introduces Forestry Excavator
A new PC220LL-8 Tier 3 compliant forestry excavator is now available. Powered by an improved Komatsu SAA6D107E-1 engine, rated at 168 hp, the PC220LL-8 has 30 percent more swing torque and larger 8.5-inch pitch track on the high-and-wide undercarriage.

The excavator also has 24 percent more drawbar pull than the standard PC220LC-8. A new, easy-to-view 7-inch LCD color display and Komatsu’s Komtrax 3 satellite communication system monitor all vehicle systems, maintenance, and location. New forestry cab/risers, meeting Oregon OSHA requirements, are available with an optional 1.25-inch polycarbonate window. It comes with a 38-foot reach logging front. Factory authorized HKX hydraulic line kits are also available for harvesting and processing duties.