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Tech Update: Horizontal Chippers & Grinders

By Joan Cronk

Bandit Industries, Inc.
Turn your Beast® into a whole tree chipper with the Beast® recyclers with Cutterbody knives. A simple exchange of standard cutterbodies for cutterbodies with knives converts the Beast® horizontal grinder into a chipping machine. One bolt holds in the knife and counter-knife, making it easy to change knives when they are dull.

The concept was developed to cater to the European fuel wood market, which has strict requirements on the size and quality of chip. Adding the knife set-up to the Beast® allowed the machine to produce an ideal chip for this market. During research and development testing, a 700hp Model 3680 Beast® equipped with the new knife set-up produced thirty-five tons of material from large-diameter frozen hardwood in 30 minutes with little vibration.

Convert your Beast® into one of the largest capacity whole tree chippers on the market.

Continental Biomass Industries, Inc.
CBI has unveiled the biggest, most powerful, portable grinder — the Magnum Force 8800. According to CBI President, Anders Ragnarsson, “The tracks on the 8800 get this grinder to sites that can be difficult in terms of terrain so that it can perform a critical function.”

With over 1200hp the Magnum Force 8800 can efficiently process large amounts of material — full-length logs, brush, stumps, telephone poles, railroad ties, etc. A unique clamshell hogbox opens in seconds with the push of a button — giving full access to the rotor and quick-change screens.

The 8800 features extra-thick shear pins to protect the screens and anvil. A large capacity feed hopper handles fulllength trees or large material surges with no problem. Two heavy-duty planetary and high-torque motors power the upper-feed roller system and chain-feed conveyor. The 8800’s wide discharge conveyor facilitates high volume throughput and folds for transport. And a proactive metal-detection and release system provides maximum protection for working parts.

Diamond Z Manufacturing
Diamond Z Manufacturing proudly announces the addition of the DZH4000 to its line of horizontal grinders. Available on wheels or tracks, this midsized machine offers easy transportability with on-site mobility. An aggressive down-cut hammermill, with a large mill box opening, handles most materials with ease. Combined with the 765hp C18 Caterpillar engine, this unit will deliver a 112-ton per hour production rate. Friendly operation, ease of maintenance, and attention to detail reflect the hallmark traits customers have come to expect from Diamond Z.

Doppstadt US
Doppstadt offers the high-speed, versatile AK grinder series —AK 230, AK 530, AK 630 and DZ 750. With precise control over the machine’s various functions, and the consistency with which material is fed to the tramp-tolerant hammermill,

product quality is maximized across a wide variety of applications. From the processing of dimensional lumber and green waste, to the conversion of land-clearing material into a final sellable product, the grinder deliver consistency and product quality.

The company’s DH whole-tree chippers (DH-610 and DH- 910) are ideal for processing softwood, hardwood, slash and other delimbed waste material. Because of a unique design, the chippers produce a shaved chip and incorporate a sizing screen to control output size—creating an exact product for biofuel consumption. They have a 10-minute set-up time, come standard with fluid-coupling power transfer to eliminate clutch failure, hydraulically adjusted blower for easy loading, and hydraulic door access for easy blade changes.

DuraTech Industries
The Model 9564 Horizontal Grinder is the newest member of DuraTech’s lineup of industrial grinders. The heavyduty industrial grinder boasts a wide array of grinding capabilities for industrial applications such as recycling and converting wood waste, tree clippings, pallets, paper, and other waste into reclaimable material like compost or mulch. Lumber contractors are able to utilize the horizontal grinder for their clearing and recycling needs, such as the removal of ground slag (lowering fire risks) due to the downward drive of the hammermill, which makes containment of debris safer.

With a 40 x 60.5 inch feed opening and a 950hp CAT C27 diesel engine, this massive machine can grind an entire tree, large stumps, branches, or wood pallets. Equipped with an enclosed engine compartment, producing the lowest decibel reading in its class and the only self-cleaning air intake system on the market, the 9564 is heavy duty and safe.

Morbark, Inc.
Morbark has introduced a new horizontal grinder, the Model 3800 Wood Hog, aimed at mid-range wood and green waste recycling applications.

It features a number of innovative design elements. A large 38” x 59-3/4” infeed opening provides outstanding material flow into the mill chamber along with a generous rotor tip swing. A step-frame design creates plenty of space under, and within, the mill area allowing processed material to exit freely. Equipped with internal hydraulic drive on the feed wheel, as well as a 6-tooth drive sprocket on the bed chain, torque is increased to both the yoke and the infeed chain, eliminating wayward debris and congestion at the mill site.

Complete with three sections of screen, the 3800 offers a roomy 3,539 square inches of screening area. And engine options include Caterpillar or Cummins diesel engines with horsepower ranges from 400 to 630. Electric power is also available. It weighs around 53,000 lbs., so no permits are required for transport. A track model will be available soon.

The 2710C is Peterson’s latest generation of high production track grinders. Powered by the Caterpillar C13 engine at 475hp, or an optional C15 at 580hp, this model provides plenty of power in a compact grinder. At 59,000 pounds, the 2710C was designed for operations requiring high production and frequent moves between jobs. With a feed opening of 60 3/4” x 32”, combined with Peterson’s high lift feed roll for an optional opening of up to 44” high, the 2710C can readily reduce a wide range of material.

The 2710C can be set in the detent mode to provide consistent product sizing or switched to the floating anvil mode for a primary reduction where accurate sizing is less critical. The floating anvil mode provides a high production primary reduction with more protection from contaminated feedstocks and reduced fuel consumption.

An optional on-board modem permits remote diagnostics and monitoring of many machine parameters.

Precision Husky
Precision’s ProGrinder horizontal grinders are powered by diesel engines that range from 520hp to 860hp. The large-diameter infeed roll is sensitive enough to permit grass clippings, brush, limbs, pallets, slabs, logs, and stumps to be fed at variable speeds for continuous, rather than batch, feeding.

This grinder is engineered with several cutting surfaces at varying depths, which virtually eliminates the frequent jamming characteristic of more conventional type grinders. Rotating downward, the double-cut hammermill momentarily wedges the incoming heads and the cutter bar, limiting the depth of cut. This procedure prevents wide items from lodging between the screen and the hammermill. Also, this system provides a more efficient cut with a self-adjusting hydraulic clutch.

The large diameter feed wheel allows easy access to the hammermill and the changeable screens. The wheel has freefall restrictors. When raised, the wheel is parked against dual safety stops with a hydraulically operated safety pin. The horizontal grinders are available on track or trailer mount.

Rawlings Manufacturing
Rawlings has been manufacturing and installing patented waste wood recovery systems for more than 30 years. The Rawlings HZX roll fed horizontal wood hog is a high performance shearing action hog that can process material of any length. The HZX infeed openings accommodate up to 73” wide and 40” high. Its patented multi-step anvil serves as a primary breakdown, adding life to your screen.

These machines are offered in stationary, portable, and skid mounted systems. Both vertical and horizontal models are available in various sizes to produce your desired finished requirements.

Rawlings has its systems in various types of installations, processing a wide variety of materials including: tough stringy bark, stumps, demo debris, railroad ties, whole logs, bark, pallets, and mixed wood wastes. The company provides support before, during, and after installation. In-house engineering is available to provide a turnkey operation to meet all your specifications.

The Rotochopper MC series is ready to process forestry slash, brush, bark, small trees, cutoffs, slab wood, edgings, whole pallets, as well as plywood, plastic, and paper products. And it’s the only wood waste processor that can colorize as it grinds. Capable of producing a perfectly consistent, high-value product in one pass, it’s a permanent solution to wood waste problems while creating a value-added product.

Rotochoppers can grind up to 400 yards of bark per hour, and they are equipped with 300 to 525hp diesel engines and the Rotochopper ABD (Auto Belt Drive TM) or Ptech clutch engagement. They’re low to the ground, with remote control and a discharge conveyor tall enough to load semis — a roadready “factory on wheels.”

The company’s patented Power Application System delivers a mix of water, colorant, odorants, fertilizer, or pesticides directly into the grinding chamber. The additives are spread quickly and evenly throughout the wood for maximum efficiency and a uniform final product.

Vermeer Pacific
Vermeer horizontal grinders are built tough and offered in a variety of configurations to suit large land clearing and municipal waste operations.

Trailer-mounted units feature extra-long feed tables and adjustable-height hitches. Self-propelled track grinders are highly maneuverable and are able to drive between piles at uneven job sites. All horizontal grinders feature remote-controlled operation, an exclusive feed system, Vermeer Duplex Drum, and a PT Tech PTO.

The Vermeer Duplex Drum offers reversible hammers and cutter blocks that nearly double the life of single-sided designs. Controlled by a microprocessor, the standard PT Tech hydraulic PTO is designed to control the starting sequence with the push of a button.

West Salem Machinery
West Salem Machinery (WSM) is introducing the Titan Series 6000 Horizontal Grinder. This massive machine features a 60” diameter by 70” wide rotor assembly for processing high volumes of waste materials.

The Titan can be operated in upstroke or downstroke configuration and includes dual electric drive motors (800-1500 hp) with belt drive to the grinder rotor. The Titan utilizes proportional hydraulic load-sensing controls, and the extra long drag chain infeed and aggressive powered feedroll provide a large infeed area for efficient loading of materials. The extra large throat opening and variable speed infeed are helpful when processing large and bulky materials. The Titan Series 6000 is just one in the new line of WSM Titan Grinders that are designed for high volume processors who demand reliable machine operation and long machine life and are looking to reduce the cost per ton to grind.

Woodsman Model 337 Bio-Mass Chipper
The Model 337 bio-mass chipper is designed with a unique combination; large infeed bed, unique rear pivoting feed system, 48” wide pocket cutting rim, and a specially designed discharge chute, which is capable of completely filling a 54’ trailer.

Model 337 comes with the most advanced hardware available in a drum-style chipper today. Each pocket has a boltin replaceable holder, counter knives, clamps, and Babbitt knives. Woodsman’s hardware upgrades provide advantages such as lower operating costs, easier maintenance, increased knife usage, and better chip quality.

With the incorporation of state-of-the-art hydraulic sys tems that utilize high-quality, pressure-compensated, loadsensing pumps, a fully-adjustable modular valve allows an operator to adjust each function to his particular chipping operation. Woodsman’s hydraulic connections use flat face O-ring seals, and the electrical system incorporates plug-andplay technology. It’s available with 630hp to 800hp in either Caterpillar or Cummins engines.