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New Products

Serpent™ Ventilated Safety Helmet
According to NIOSH, working in a hot environment can lower workers’ mental alertness and physical performance, or divert their attention from their tasks. To help offset the adverse effects of working in hot weather, Gateway Safety offers the Serpent™ Ventilated Safety Helmet with the CoolSense™ air flow system that lets heat escape, keeping workers cooler, therefore promoting compliance. A soft cushioned brow pad helps absorb moisture and perspiration.

The helmet weighs in at just 13.1 ounces, and its soft, six-point nylon suspension is comfortable, yet provides exceptional impact absorption. Serpent is available with a pin-lock or ratchet suspension, which adjusts to fit 6-5/8 to 8- 1/4 head sizes. A rain trough helps divert water from workers’ faces.

Stretch Truck
The Stretch Truck Company does what their name implies — they stretch trucks. The trucks remain fully functioning trucks, but now they are capable of transporting more people. Stretch Truck takes 4-door crew cab trucks and adds a fifth and sixth door. Suddenly, the truck has a 9-passenger capacity. They also do the same thing with SUVs like Ford Excursions. Adding the fifth and sixth doors increases the passenger count to eleven.

JP Carlton Chippers
JP Carlton has introduced their newest series of drum style chippers — the Apaches. The 2518 features a massive 25” by 18” opening, combined with a 37” diameter pocketed drum, allowing it to easily consume the largest trees. A dual pump hydraulic system, controlled by a digital reversing auto feed system, handles aggressive feeding. The Carlton Apache series uses an exclusive long arm pivot for the large diameter top feed wheel. This long arm pivot gives the top feed wheel a smooth vertical lift path making for easy opening over the largest butt ends. The Apache series also incorporates an exclusive Air Vortex Control to channel and accelerate discharge air, for high discharge velocities and great chip throwing power.

Prentice Skidders Boost Productivity
Higher horsepower on Prentice skidders has reduced cycle times and boosted productivity with no increase in fuel cost per ton.

An increase from 173hp to 190hp has resulted in a 6.8 percent improvement in cycle times, 7 percent increase in drawbar pull, and an average 8.5 percent boost in load start-up torque. These improvements will result in higher production.

For example, with the 190ph skidder, a logger producing 50 loads of wood per week would add more than three extra loads, or 88 tons, per week, with no increase in work hours or fuel cost per ton. The curvature of the tongs rolls wood better and makes loading easier, while clamp force and the raised edge increase the grapple’s grip on a load and prevent log slippage.

Rotobec and Hultdins Partnership
Rotobec and Hultdins have entered into a marketing agreement where both companies will complement each other’s core product areas and expertise.

Rotobec will modify its RotoCut saw units to integrate exclusively the Hultdins saw unit technology. Starting now with the 3/4”- 11H model and followed at a later date with the lighter .404 – 18H option, all RotoCut units will be powered by the Hultdins saw technology. The RotoCut structure and its hydraulic system will be unaffected. Hultdins will discontinue its TL Grapple line on the North American market to focus on its short log SG Grapples and SuperCut saw unit product lines.

FECON’s New Tree Shears for Excavators
Fecon has added three new tree shears to their line of excavator attachments. Two of the new models are designed for 12 to 18-ton excavators with 15-20 gpm — the FBS1400EXC and the FBS1500EXC. The FBS1400EXC weighs 2,000 lbs., features a single knife cutting system, and can shear trees up to 14” in diameter. The FBS1500EXC weighs 2,100 lbs., features a dual knife cutting system, and can shear trees up to 15” in diameter. For 20-ton or larger excavators, Fecon offers the FBS1600EXC that can shear trees up to 16” diameter and weighs 3,500 lbs.

Wireless Remote Head Control for Wood-Mizer Sawmills
Wood-Mizer Products Inc. is introducing a wireless remote option that conveniently operates three of the company’s thin-kerf, portable sawmills. The LT40 Super Hydraulic, LT50, and the LT70 are now available with optional wireless remote Swayers can operate the up/down, forward/reverse, blade guide arm and other head controls from any practically viewing distance. The remote is designed to be worn around the waist or with the standard break-a-way shoulder strap, placing the joystick and toggle controls at the user’s fingertips. It’s powered by four “C” batteries, protected in a weatherproof box, and features technology that prevents interference from frequency hopping.