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This year’s conference, held April 10-12 at the Spokane County Fair & Expo Center, was a true success

This year marked the 70th anniversary of the Intermountain Logging Conference.

Mike Hanna, new ILC President, says, “This year’s great participation and attendance confirmed that the 70th Annual Intermountain Logging Conference was the place to be!”

“The conference offered 18 Idaho, Montana, Washington, and Oregon loggers credits, 2 meals a day, great speakers, panels, and classes, and the latest equipment displayed,” he says. “A committed effort from all the ILC board members and our Secretary/Manager, Julie Schwantz, made the 2008 Conference one of the best.”

Powerful Lineup
The conference scheduled a powerful lineup of presenters and panels, starting with Idaho’s Governor Otter on Thursday. And Friday’s panels of Private Industrial Land Owners included: Andrew Miller (CEO-Stimson Lumber), Michael Covey (CEO-Potlatch), Matt Donegan (Pres.-Forest Capital, LLC), Tom Ray (Regional Mgr.-Plum Creek), and Agency Managers: George Bacon (Idaho Dept of Lands) and Doug Sutherland (WA, DNR).

Hanna said there were several important messages that the speakers brought home:
• Our economy relies on a healthy Timber Industry.
• We can’t afford to lose any more timber industry infrastructure in the Intermountain West.
• We are partnered with logging contractors, mill operators, and foresters in our goal to maximize returns to the Endowments and/or our shareholders.

Food & Fun
At Friday’s banquet, the annual Donald G. MacKenzie Award went to a deserving Montana Logging Association President, Keith Olson.

“Saturday’s activity was filled with great breakout sessions, presenters — Sherm Anderson, Steve Henderson, and Gerry Ikola — and a logging demonstration with the University of Idaho’s Logging Sports Team,” says Hanna. Hanna closed the 70th annual Conference stating, “Our greatest asset is our people. We are fortunate to have the very best logging contractors, mill owners, and equipment folks in the Intermountain area, who have all worked towards acommon goal of building and perpetuating our timber industry.”