New Products

18HX Harvester Saw Chain
Oregon Cutting Systems Group (OCSG), a unit of Blount Inc., has introduced its new 18HX Harvester saw chain. It’s an enhanced version of the aggressive 18H chain built exclusively for mechanized timber harvesters. It features a thicker drive link, making the saw chain stronger and less likely to break. The load-bearing surface of the rivets was increased to fit the thicker drive link, which consequently enlarges the contact area and lubrication surface within the moving part of the chain.                       

OCSG features incorporated into this saw chain include: LubriLink™, a lubrication enhancement feature that promotes reduced chain stretch and longer life, and patented OCS-01 steel alloy.

Cat’s New D6K
Caterpillar has introduced the D6K track-type tractor, which is the first in a new line of crawler dozers. It comes standard with a new hydrostatic drive train, durable SystemOne™ undercarriage, and seat-mounted electro-hydraulic controls for easy installation of the AccuGrade® grade control system.                       

The Cat® engine with ACERT® Technology delivers the most flywheel power in its size class (125 hp) while meeting stringent worldwide emissions standards. Constant net horsepower ensures peak engine power is available for the drive train and operates even in high ambient temperatures. The D6K weighs 28,409 pounds with the XL (extended length) undercarriage and 29,790 pounds with the LGP (low ground pressure) undercarriage.                       

The D6K’s new hydrostatic drive system allows excellent maneuverability, enhanced power turn capability, and variable speed control. The hydrostatic drive train provides independent power and control of each track for precision maneuvering, quick acceleration, and fast on-the-go direction changes.

ConocoPhillips Lubricants upgrades 76 Super Diesel Synthetic Blend
On May 30, ConocoPhillips Lubricants announced that 76 Super Diesel synthetic blend motor oil had been upgraded to API CJ-4 quality. 76 Super Diesel was specially developed for use in diesel engines of light trucks and sport utility vehicles and exceeds performance requirements of major North American Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) for vehicles equipped with diesel engines from Cummins, Duramax and International (Navistar). API CJ-4 is the latest diesel engine oil standard that meets the lubrication requirements of diesel engines compliant with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) 2007 emissions regulations for urban transportation vehicles and on-highway trucks. These vehicles are equipped with pollution control devices such as diesel particulate filters (DPF) and diesel oxidation catalysts (DOC).

Tigercat brings back the 845
Tigercat has brought back an old favorite, the 845 midsized feller buncher that was produced from 1995 to 2002. Completely redesigned, the new 845C is hardly recognizable compared with its predecessor. It’s powered by high performing Mercedes 906 with an output of 275 hp and equipped with the same modern and quiet, spacious cab as the 822 and 860.                 

Although the 845C has a compact upper assembly design and limited tail-swing, component layout is optimized and the clamshell style retracting roof provides excellent access to the engine and valves. The 845C is ER boom equipped for quicker, more efficient boom operation and reduced operator fatigue. And the machine can handle a variety of Tigercat attachments including the 5400 and 5702 felling saws. It is standard equipped with a D6-sized nine roller forest duty Tigercat-built undercarriage.

Prentice Blends Engineering in New Line of Processing and Harvesting Heads
The Fabtek and Votec heads have been brought together in a new line of Prentice heads. They can be mounted easily on excavators and purpose-built wheel or track harvesters, are available in a variety of sizes with models for both hardwood and softwood applications.                                   

The heads are simple to operate and maintain. Major functions are controlled from the cab and a single cover over the hydraulic valves provides easy access to hydraulic and electrical components. Built-in diagnostics make troubleshooting simple.                                   

Various high speed or high torque motor sizes are available. Feed roller styles include spiked, machined, debarking and rubber with chain. Bar pitch saw systems include .404 and 3/4” 11H. Topping saws are available as options and all saws have an automatic chain tensioning system. Expander bolts are used on most heads to greatly increase pin and bushing service life.

Cummins QuickCheck 5100
Cummins Inc. announced the next generation of QuickCheck engine information tools — the QuickCheck 5100. It brings the power of a portable computer and proprietary engine-monitoring software into one handheld device. The QuickCheck 5100 is a self-contained device that makes capturing and reading engine data easier and faster. It’s ready to work right out of the box, runs on the Windows CE operating system, and is preloaded with QuickCheck CE and PowerSpec CE applications.                                   

It provides a convenient trip summary report compiled from 10 data fields: average miles per gallon, average miles per gallon driving, percent of time spent at idle, percent of PTO time non-moving, percent top gear distance, maximum vehicle speed, number of sudden decelerations, distance, total engine hours, and trip time. This data can be captured and then transferred to a desktop computer for analysis using optional Cummins QuickReports software.

New Eye Protection
SoundVision safety glasses by FullPro offer a clear advantage over ordinary safety glasses. SoundVision eliminates the pinching and improves hearing protection by 3-7 decibels by attaching to the outer surface of earmuffs with flexible Velcrolike straps. The result is full and comfortable protection of both eyes and ears, and increased use and compliance. SoundVision is used in workshops, factories, shooting ranges, and tarmacs, as well as around loud yard equipment. It meets or exceeds ANSI’s Z87.1+ high-impact safety rating and is compatible with most popular brands of earmuffs and headsets.  


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