Brushcutters 2007

Advanced Forest Equipment
The Rotary Disc Mulcher (RDM) EX series is a high performance mulching attachment for excavators. The RDM attachment features a high rpm disc with sharp cutting teeth and a reduction shroud for efficient mulching without binding or clogging. The exclusive RDM technology transfers maximum power to the attachment to create a cutting and mulching head that operates off the existing flow and controls of the carrier. No heavy, expensive auxiliary power boosters are required. The head is lightweight, connects in minutes and is efficient enough to operate off as little as 17 GPMs. This versatile attachment is efficient and durable and has been proven in thousands of hours of rigorous fieldwork. The RDM EX comes in a variety of sizes to fit excavators from 7 metric tons to more than 20 metric tons and can handle materials from 6 inches to 20 inches in diameter.

Denis Cimaf
Denis Cimaf Inc. develops, manufactures and distributes industrial land clearing and vegetation control equipment. The DAH brushcutter chippers for excavators and the DAF brushcutterchippers for skid steers both use the patented rotor technology of sharpenable blades bolted on fixed knives. They cut and chip the vegetation and don’t require an extra power unit to perform. The DAF-180 is the most efficient front-mounted brushcutter- chipper developed especially for skid steers. Using the same proven rotor technology with bolted-on, fixed blades used for the DAH line, it offers sturdiness, easy maintenance and high output. It can be attached to skid steers with 80+ HP. With its 73” cutting width, it can easily handle trees 7” or more in diameter. The lighter version is the DAF-80. The DAV brushcutters are attachments with a vertical-axis disc with a pair of swiveling blades. Designed for application where chipping is not required, they offer maneuverability and low maintenance cost.

From grasses to brush to small trees, the Dymax Vortex Brushcutter draws into its center all that surrounds it. Ideal for larger skid steer loaders and multi-terrain loaders, the Dymax Vortex uses a 750-lb flywheel that spins in excess of 900 rpms and features a 5-inch cutting capacity. www. or

FAE USA inc.
FAE’s Forestry Mulchers (FM) and Universal Mulchers (UM) include machines that are particularly suitable for cleaning brushwood.                       

The unique Stump Cutter Heavy (SCH) series can grind stumps with different diameters and can work down to a depth of 40 cm. It simultaneously mills stumps and roots, making lands ready to be cultivated. Creeper transmission and reversible driving console are recommended. The Forestry Tillers (SS) series are particularly suitable for the grinding of stumps and wooden residues while incorporating the material into the soil. Due to the rotor’s low rotation speed and the subsequent high torque, the power drive is guaranteed by two reduction gears with parallel axes shrunk on the rotor and integrated into the frame, in order to reduce the overall size. It’s best used with medium-high power tractors, with creeper transmission.

FECON offers The FTX140 Track Carrier, the most powerful hydraulic tractor in the industry says the company.                       

Features include a 140 HP John Deere engine, gross power of 2400 rpms, hydraulic cooler, hydraulic reversing fan and the proven BH74FM or BH85FM Bull Hog® Mulcher. With its compact size and powerful engine, the FTX140FM is perfect for forestry applications, land clearing, mechanical fuel treatments and mulching brush, slash, standing and fallen trees, root balls and stumps.

With the BH85FM Bull Hog® Mulcher, the FTX140FM weighs 15,100 lbs and offers a 70” cutting width. Other attachments available for FTX140 include: standard and skidder winches, front and rear grapples, buckets, rippers and the new SH140 Stump Grinder. Fecon® manufactures Bull Hog® Mulchers, FTX track carriers, tree shears, grapples and stump grinders for vegetation management.

Gyro-Trac offers three mulching machines and two attachments — a Low Flow and High Flow cutter head.                       

Their tractors are low-ground-pressure, high-speed mulching machines. They leave soil structures intact, eliminating burning, erosion, and runoff pollution.                       

The GT-13XP is a compact machine that can navigate tight spaces, reach high and still mulch large trees. It has a captive track system and a 140 HP Cummins turbo diesel engine. The 260 HP GT-25XP is the flagship of the fleet, with a wider cutting head, a heavy-duty undercarriage, and can traverse the widest range of terrain in its class. This heavy-duty mulcher is extremely productive against trees of almost any size or type.                       

The 600 HP GT-60 mega-mulcher is perfect for site preparation where roots and stumps need to be raked and mulched or where large slash piles need to be destroyed quickly. The cutter head attachments will turn any skid steer or compact track loader with an enclosed cab into a productive land clearing tool.

The MERI crusher grinds almost anything from small trees, stumps and branches with its extra hard carbide teeth. The crusher is able to crush up to 10’’ below ground level depending on model. Several models available with working widths from 3’3’’ to 9’2’’. The crusher has low power demand compared to its crushing capacity. The MERI crusher is equipped with a built-in safety clutch that protects the transmission components from too high torque peaks. For best results a 60 HP or higher tractor is required depending on model. Module-based design enables you to choose the right equipment for your specific needs.

The KMC Mulcher/Grinder unit, with a rear engine, 200 to 400 HP, hydrostatic drive and front (or rear) mounted mulcher attachment, is capable of brush clearing and major fuel reduction in both timber harvesting areas. Its unique track and suspension system allow it to work on steep slopes to 50 percent, moderately wet/boggy ground or on environmentally sensitive soils.                       

The KMC Track Skidder has been reconfigured for wild- fire prevention and suppression. The KMC Fire Tracker unit is equipped with a 6-way angle/tilt dozer blade, a 1,250- gallon water tanker, a 20-gallon foam retardant tank, a high pressure fire pump, a high volume loading pump and an electric hose reel c/w 200’ of 1” lined hose. It’s a quick, maneuverable off-highway vehicle to be used as an initial attack unit, a prescribed burn stand-by unit or a mop-up unit.

Loftness has introduced the all new Generation 2 (G2) Carbide Cutter for skidsteer loaders with high flow hydraulic systems that will aggressively cut up to 6” diameter material with as little as 48 hydraulic HP. The cutter heads are available in 51” and 61” cutting widths. Twelve new features focus on a new housing design that creates a two-stage cutting chamber. Intermittently cuts up to 10” or lager material.                       

The two stage cutting action begins with the spiral tooth rotor picking up material and forcing it to pass between the moving carbide teeth and the stationary counter teeth. The staggered pattern and angles of the stationary counter teeth in the two-stage cutting chamber promote aggressive feeding action, while still minimizing the jamming that plagues competitive cutters. For special applications requiring extra fine mulch, an optional second recutter bar is available. Choose between standard carbide teeth or the all-new carbide planer teeth.

With 90° articulation and the muscle to power mulchers, stump grinders and rotary mowers, the Prentice site prep tractors are flexible, multi-purpose power tool carriers ideal for many land clearing applications. The line includes three models: 260 HP Prentice 2864, 220 HP Prentice 2764 and the newest 190 HP Prentice 2664. The Tier 3 Cummins QSB 6.7L engine is designed to maximize machine performance through a “power bulge” that boosts horsepower when the engine is loaded. The tractors’ load-sensing hydraulic system provides smooth power while consuming less fuel. A variable displacement pump and pressure compensating system monitor hydraulic power requirements. Flow is sent to steering on demand for smooth, efficient maneuverability, while providing consistent flow to the working end of the tractor. The Quik-Flow selection system allows the operator to easily install and operate many attachments. Prentice attachments include a rotary ax brush mower, felling sawhead and stump grinder.

PRO MAC Manufacturing
PRO MAC produces a wide variety of excavator attachment brushcutters. The rotary cutters are available in 22”, 36”, 52” and 66” and can be used with up to 40-ton class excavators. The company’s horizontal flails are available 34”, 48” and 60” and designed for up to 30-ton excavators. They are ideal for thinning, powerline right of ways and land development.                       

Pro Mac maintains two adjacent shops in Duncan, British Columbia; a fabrication shop and a machine shop, covering in total some 36,000 sq. ft.

Quadco offers a choice of a disc-type brush cutter or the recently released drum-type.                        The disc-type Brushco 52” fits a wide range of applications — from light brushing to heavy full-tree mulching. It’s equipped with a mulching disc and 20 four-sided rotatable Quadco teeth, and a Rexroth variable displacement 160cc motor. An anvil system holds the material for high productivity. The head weighs 3,700 lbs with optional 90-degree tilt and mulching disc. It can work up and down a tree or by swinging on small diameter material. Handles on the twopiece removable guards make for easy/quick changes from side to side.                       

The new 55” swath drum model has four rows of 13 or 14 teeth, produces finer finished material and discharges directly to the ground without compromising performance. It weighs 3,756 lbs with a boom adapter. It uses new reversible 8-sided teeth designed to reduce operating cost and the large variable-displacement Rexroth motor makes the head equally suitable for 20-ton excavators and high horsepower purpose-built machines.

Risley™ has added two attachments intended for the vegetation management market, the horizontal surface and subsurface mulcher grinders, which they manufacture. The mulcher grinders come mounted as a package on our Eclips EX400™ prime movers. Both attachments are very efficient and do the job they were designed for. The subsurface mulcher grinder goes nine true inches into the ground and handles rocks and stumps easily. The packages have too many features to list. Risley™ encourages you to get in the driver’s seat to truly appreciate the value.

RWF Industries out of Woodstock, Ontario manufactures a full line of mulcher tractors — the BRON 300, 400, 500 and 550. The units boast low ground pressure (3.7 PSI) and 32” steel tracks, making for long life and durability in rugged conditions. They feature a large cab that sits high for greater visibility and the contractor-inspired design for ease of service.                                   

All the models are fully hydrostatic, creating a userfriendly environment for all operators. And BRON offers a choice of cutting heads giving operators greater options for specific needs.                                   

The units are manufactured in Canada with parts made in North America. Dealers are responsible for stocking parts and have fully trained technicians to service their units. BRON continually strives to make its machine the “no. 1” built machine by traveling to meet with their customers, listening to their needs and making product improvements. That’s just one of the reasons they’ve been in business for over 30 years.

Slashbuster® brush cutters are capable of cutting brush and shredding 18Åh diameter trees with ease. Their excavator attachments utilize low-RPM mulching disks for safer operation, and chip size can be varied for fast production or a fine park-like effect.                                   

New for 2007, the Slashbuster® XL 480B brush cutter shreds brush and trees up to ten inches in diameter. Its patented third boom extends the reach of the cutter further than the competition, allowing you to cut faster by reducing carrier movement. Incorporating an economical head design, the XL 480B attaches to any hydraulic excavator in the fifteen to twenty thousand pound range and utilizes the excavators existing power plant — no auxiliary engine is necessary.

SUPERTRAK, Inc. manufactures a variety of high-horse powered/high-hydraulic capability carriers for the mulching industry. They have upgraded the SK120STR Custom Steel Track Mulcher (shown) to have higher horsepower and a steel undercarriage option.                 

Now called the SK140TR Custom Rubber Track Mulcher and the SK140STR Custom Steel Track Mulcher, both boast 140 HP powered by a CAT® C4.4 ACERT diesel engine and are built utilizing the CAT® 287B frame. Both are equipped with a custom 40gpm @ 5500psi closed loop hydraulic system dedicated to the mulching attachment. They also include the custom high-debris and high-ambient temperature radiator and roof mounted remote located oil cooler with an independent electric fan and temperature cooling system.                                   

 Both come standard with enclosed cab and air conditioning, hydraulic winch with bumper kit, Lexan front windshield, forestry/debris guarding, and a Fecon BH74SS Bull Hog® Shredder/Mulcher head. Options include triple or single grouser pads (steel only), cab pressurizing kit, and external pre-cleaner/air filter kit.

The Saint George Company
The Saint Geroge Company offers the SEPPI SUPERFORST — a large heavy-duty forestry mulcher capable of felling and shredding trees up to 16” (40 CM) in diameter. The mulcher is designed for use on forestry tractors (250 to 400 HP). This SEPPI forestry mulcher has unique cutter bars mounted on the underside of the body that assist with the shredding of trees and brush. The rotor has fixed carbide tipped hammers for felling standing brush and clearing material that is already on/in the floor. The SEPPI SUPERFORST has a double transmission belt drive, shock absorbing joints between hydraulic motors and drives, a universal hitch mounting, 2 x 160cc hydraulic motors, a hydraulic open/close hood to control rate of mulching and the largest carbide hammers in the business with a record of use of over 900 hours per set under very tough conditions.

Tigercat offers both four-wheel drive and track-based mulchers. The smallest wheeled mulcher is the M726E equipped with a Cummins QSL9 Tier 3 engine producing 300 HP. It is designed for horizontal drum mulching attachments requiring up to 230 HP. The larger wheeled mulcher is a M760 equipped with a CAT C-13 415 HP Tier III engine. It is capable of supplying 400 HP continuously to a horizontal drum attachment.                                   

The M822C track mulcher is powered by the Cummins QSL9 Tier III engine producing 300 HP and is designed for horizontal drum mulching attachments requiring up to 200 HP.                                   

Efficient hydraulics, durable construction and excellent cooling packages set Tigercat mulchers apart All Tigercat mulchers are equipped with a high capacity cooling system and automatic variable speed cooling fan with a reversing cycle.  


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