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The Sierra-Cascade Logging Conference (SCLC) held its 59th Annual Forest Products, Construction, and Equipment Exposition on February 7-9 in Anderson, Calif.                 

The SCLS had a new event this year — the backhoe rodeo — in addition to their equipment displays, and educational panels and seminars. Spectators watched as operators picked up, swung and set down a balance beam dangling from chains without dropping the baseballs perched on either end. They also had to maneuver square and triangular blocks into the appropriately shaped holes. And they had to grab, carry and gently drop lettered stumps into an array that spelled “AXNER,” the event sponsor’s name. The winner was Ron Doelker who completed the tasks in 4 minutes, 23 seconds and walked away with the $1,500.00 prize.                                   

The backhoe rodeo event raised more than $10,000 for the Sierra- Cascade Logging Conference. For more information about the conference visit