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70th Annual Oregon Logging Conference

Review By Kurt Glaeseman & Diane Mettler  

Rikki Wellman, Blair Moody, 2008 OLC President
and Joel Olson, 2009 OLC President

When the industry is in a slump, there’s often concern that industry shows will experience the same fate. In the case of this year’s Oregon Logging Conference (OLC), held February 21-24, there was no reason to worry.                 

The mood at this year’s show was incredibly upbeat and positive. Classes were well attended, and equipment sales were being made. Success from the Start “It was a team effort,” says new OLC director, Rikki Wellman. “The exhibit staff did an outstanding job in putting together a top notch inside and outside equipment show. The comments we’ve heard about the show are the best we have received since 2003.”                                   

She adds that although OLC didn’t get the large volume of people (crews were left home to work), they felt they got the right people. “Some exhibitors told me they were so busy, they didn’t have time to walk around and look at their competitors’ displays.”                                   

If you attended, you might have noticed it was easier to get around the displays. That was no accident. This year, a lot of time was spent reviewing old aerial photos to create an attendee-friendly layout.

The Big Machines
As always, there was new machinery making a debut. Below is a sampling of what was on display: • Volvo’s LevelMax, a tracked carrier leveling machine, which automatically levels the superstructure of the carrier up to 21 degrees when working on steep slopes and uneven ground. • Komatsu Forest’s 430FX/FKL and 450FXL feller bunchers that feature a new Komatsu engineered undercarriage, sturdier tracks, and thicker dozer-weight shoes. • The John Deere 1490D Eco III, now available with either a fixed or detachable bundler, allowing it to also be used as a forwarder. • Boman’s lightweight Z-7900 carriage — at 4,300 lbs., it offers more speed and power. • The Madill 1250 Feller Buncher with a 285hp Isuzu 6HK1X 7.8 litre engine and 27’8” reach. The boom is mounted rear of center for increased lift capacity. • The Log Max 10000 XT, developed for tracked carriers. It cuts wood up to 35.4” in diameter, and the new one-piece cast roller arms and felling link are lighter weight, allowing it to be mounted on a smaller carrier. • The Cat 140M Motor Grader that includes, among other things, a Cat® C7 engine with ACERT™ Technology, a technologically advanced cab with joystick controls, and full systems integration with advanced electronics.

Speakers, Panels, and Classes
The conference kicked off with the traditional loggers’ breakfast. The event started with the auction of two chainsaw carvings, the net profits going to the OLC’s Scholarship Fund. President Blair Moody spoke of the timber industry’s challenge to adapt to a diminished American dollar, an increased interest in biomass, and a shrinking workforce. He emphasized the ongoing need for committed mentors to encourage, monitor, help, teach, and reward workers seeking a career in the timber products industry.                                   

Keynote speaker, Ed Shepherd, BLM State Director for Oregon and Washington, reiterated BLM’s continuing efforts to manage forestlands, nurture resources, harvest intelligently, provide jobs, and support local communities. The successful principle of sustained yields incorporates an ever-widening responsibility to include production and harvest, fire hazards, natural habitat, biomass demands, and carbon sequestration.                                   

“We understand what timber means to communities,” said Shepherd, but he pointed out that BLM must analyze more than 30,000 comments from the public before updated or refined plans can be offered by the Bureau of Land Management.                                   

When co-speaker Russ Hoeflich, Vice President and Oregon Director of the Nature Conservancy, was unable to be present, Charlie Quinn, a Nature Conservancy representative, who has worked in Portland and Eugene, outlined four updated ingredients for solutions that harmonize with the Conservancy’s mission statement, “to preserve diversity of life on Earth”: • Put the ecological needs of the forest first. • Increase plans for restoration on a larger scale. • Bring the full diversity of stakeholders to the table so all are represented in discussion. • Stabilize and increase funding capacities from federal partners. Friday’s breakfast was again jump-started with the auction of a chainsaw-carved salmon and a bear, and again the proceeds went to the OLC Scholarship Fund. At the end of the conference the carvings netted $4,200 for future scholarships. In addition the money raised for scholarship, the OWIT auction netted around $86,000, which will be used for forestry education and the Desserts for Dreams brought in over $3,500 for the Smart Reading program.                                   

Classes covered a broad spectrum of areas — like the twocredit Oregon Forest Practices Seminar presented by Russ Anderson, Stewardship Forester from the Oregon Department of Forestry; Doug Grafe, Toledo Unit Forester from ODF; and Rick Gibson, Fire Prevention Manager from ODF. The seminar made comprehending the sometimes tedious laws and rules accessible and entertaining. Short summarizing quizzes and a humorous approach helped demystify Statutory Written Plans, Non-Statutory Written Plans, and Plans for an Alternative Practice.                                   

Or, if you attended Rick Gibson’s review of logger requirements for fire prevention, you would have heard, among other things, that modified chainsaws are a real red flag during fire season. If a modified chainsaw no longer matches factory specifications, it is illegal during fire season.

Every show has a few unforeseen highlights. For example, the auctions brought in $19,500 for the scholarship fund. Also enjoyable, was watching Rikki Wellman blush when she received a standing ovation for her contribution to this successful show — this is her 36th year of involvement.                                   

“I truly feel the 2009 conference will be another excellent year, now that the heavy equipment is back and will continue to be back every year,” says Rikki. For more information about the show, log on to www.oregonloggingconference. com.

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On display at the Wyatt’s exhibit were a number of recovered feed rollers and Lencab RST feed rollers ranging in size from 8” to 30”. The company also had feed roller chain nets and straight chain available. Attendees were able to see an example of a worn feed roller and learn how rollers wear when the chain becomes loose. Loggers can send worn out cores to the Eugene factory for high quality, fast turn around time and competitive feed roller pricing. Alternatively, Wyatt’s now offers rubberized new steel cores for loggers interested in increasing up time by buying a second set of rollers.

On display at the Wyatt’s exhibit were a number of recovered feed rollers and Lencab RST feed rollers ranging in size from 8” to 30”. The company also had feed roller chain nets and straight chain available. Attendees were able to see an example of a worn feed roller and learn how rollers wear when the chain becomes loose. Loggers can send worn out cores to the Eugene factory for high quality, fast turn around time and competitive feed roller pricing. Alternatively, Wyatt’s now offers rubberized new steel cores for loggers interested in increasing up time by buying a second set of rollers.

Triad Machinery continues to be a dominate force in the forestry equipment industry with Link-Belt Forestry Equipment offering: log loaders, delimbers, processors, and road builders. Triad also offers a variety of other forestry related equipment including Tigercat’s full line of feller bunchers, processors, skidders, forwarders, and dangle heads. Triad also offers the full line of Kawasaki front end loaders, a variety of Metso mobile crushing and screening equipment, Terex off road trucks, plus a variety of forestry attachments. Visit

Jewell’s Shovel Logger package was one of the main items on display at Jewell’s OLC exhibit area this year. Jewell offers loggers two distinctly different conversion packages; a cost effective lighter Log Loader conversion package for roadside applications, and a heavy duty Shovel Logger package for in-woods durability in the most demanding conditions. Both packages feature Jewell’s unique formed booms that provide more reach and payload than box style booms. Jewell personnel were on hand to point out the different conversion options on a Komatsu PC 220 Shovel Logger. This machine featured Jewell’s boom, stick, live heel and grapple, 4’ elevated side entry cab and heavy duty shovel logger guarding.

TITAN 22 — Advancements that are a cut above. What makes a great processor even better? More speed, greater power and smarter design features. An additional valve section provides more flow to the drive system for greater power.The heavyduty frame and top saw location is designed to reduce and distribute stress loads, while providing extra support for the rigors of North American timber and conditions. Even the Pierce INTELLITEC Measuring system is enhanced to provide unprecedented performance,whether you’re harvesting at the stump or processing from a log deck. (800) 760-3270.

Feenaughty Machinery carries a full range of powerful and precise Kobelco shovels, configured to meet the rigorous demands of log loading, shovel logging and harvesting throughout the forests of the Western United States. Kobelco has earned its spurs as a rugged, reliable and accurate forestry machine, fully supported by the knowledgeable technicians and complete inventory stocked by Feenaughty Machinery. Visit for more information.

John Deere displayed a wide range of machines at the Pape exhibit area. These included a 959J feller buncher, 848H skidder, 1490D Energy Wood harvester, 1270D harvester, 2554 delimber and both a 2554 and 3554 log loader. Deere’s forestry swing machines are designed with the logger in mind. The purpose-built loaders and processor carriers incorporate strong structural components combined with state-of-the-art technology and world-class support. Deere’s 1490D energy wood harvester also drew strong interest — designed to collect, compress and bundle logging residuals into 1 MW fuel logs.

Brake Systems Inc, displayed a working model of their Blue Ox Exhaust Brake and Air Cylinder line. Manufactured in Portland, Ore. for the last 35 years, BSI has one of the largest offerings for Exhaust Brakes; ranging in size from 58mm up to 5” pipe, with applications from 2.8 to 30.5 liter engines with all installation kits to serve a wide range of trucks. In addition, BSI is now manufacturing Williams Air Valves, and remanufacturing Air Valves, Compressors, Boosters and Fan Clutches. For your Air Control Specialist, count of Brake Systems Inc. for details.

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When it comes to moving logs, the machine you can count on is the LeTourneau Log Stacker. Whether it’s unloading trucks, sorting, decking, or loading the in-feed at the mill, this machine does it all. Totally electric (with no chance of hydraulic spills) the 45-ton lift capacity LeTourneau was designed from the ground up to provide quick response, precise maneuverability, fast travel speed, and rapid hoist speeds. The LeTourneau 4592/4, with a 24’ lift height, low fuel costs, and low maintenance costs, is carving an impressive mark in the log-handling world. Visit us at  

The Buffalo’s strong K90 loader provides massive force. The construction is based on technical solutions which have proven reliable through the years. Its 33’ reach and seamless control increase the machine’s productivity. The loader’s strength is ideal for work on sloping terrain and processing large trunks. The BuffaloKing is based on the P0NSSE Buffalo forwarder and its well-received, reliable technical solutions. The extremely strong rear bogie receives most of the load’s weight. Broad rear tires with ample air space distribute the load weight evenly on varying terrains, meaning that ground contact pressure remains low even with heavy loads.  

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The Cat® 532 track feller buncher, with enhancements to maneuverability, climbing ability and multi-functioning, was the star of the display from Caterpillar dealers Peterson Machinery Co., Halton Co. and NC Machinery. The Cat dealers also showcased the Cat 324D FM shovel loader, Cat 525C wheel skidder, Cat 527 track skidder and the Cat 501 HD track harvester with the new 157-horsepower Caterpillar® C6.6 engine with ACERT® Technology for responsive power and Tier 3 emissions compliance. In addition to the full line of forestry machines, the dealers demonstrated the breadth of Cat equipment available by displaying a multi-terrain loader, a mini excavator and the revolutionary Cat 140M motor grader with total joystick control.

Log Max promotes products for healthy forests with a continued focus on providing harvesting and processing solutions. This year Log Max was excited to release the newest addition to our product line, the Log Max 10000XT. The Log Max 10000XT has a maximum delimbing diameter of 25” for larger wood and is able to be installed on smaller carriers for an efficient forestry package. Log Max continues to provide products designed for the unique conditions of the North American market. Visit

The ADC COPS system consists of an enclosure (COPS, or cabin operator protective structure) which encapsulates the entire OEM cab, providing certification for ISO 8083 FOPS protection (falling object), and ISO 8084 OPS (operator protection, windows). The enclosure incorporates a hydraulically operated outer door, controlled from inside the operator cab. The in-cab door control can be overridden from the outside in the event of an emergency rescue. The enclosure also has two additional escape/rescue hatches on the front and rear. Visit  

Multitek North America, LLC brings 30 years of innovation and new technology to the 2008 line-up of firewood processing equipment. With the introduction of a new small firewood processor and new features to its classic models, Multitek enables firewood business owners to reduce costs and increase value for their customers.

Komatsu Forest’s first showing of the new Valmet FXL leveling buncher/harvester lineup pleased the crowd: the brand new 430FXL, 445FXL, 450 FXL and 475FXL. The 430 replaces the popular 425EXL, with a new carbody, larger tracks and frame by Komatsu, huge Komatsu track drives, and thicker shoes, all for longer track life and improved stability. The 450FXL incorporates “next-size-up” leveling components, a stronger upper base plate, and special “450 boom” for heavy timber. All FXL machines feature Tier3 performance, cooling, and economy, and awesome hydraulics for unsurpassed multifunctioning and productivity.  

Tigercat and Triad Machinery displayed a range of feller bunchers and skidders well suited to demanding mountain logging applications including the 635C six-wheel drive skidder. The 625C/635C series machines are equipped with super-duty wide spread bogie axles for reduced ground pressure and superior weight distribution. The machines are equipped dual cylinder grapples sized up to 25 square feet.The result is high production and lowest cost per ton log transporting in challenging terrain and long distance skidding.

Quadco gave loggers a chance to view the full line of their products at the OLC. This included: hot saw felling heads, Keto harvester/processor heads; the QuadTooth®, four-sided replaceable saw tooth; Super Tip®, a saw tooth with a thick carbide and insert overlap; Forespro® stroke delimbers; Brushco® brushcutters; and the Prolenc® heavy duty swing brake. The patented Prolenc® swing dampeners are used to restrict the movement of a free-dangling attachment such as a log grapple, harvester/processor heads and do not use inefficient fibre friction discs to operate. Quadco also supplies bogie tracks, rotators and saw head replacement parts. Quadco Equipment is celebrating its 20th anniversary. It incorporated in 1988 to pursue the commercialization of the QuadTooth®.  

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