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Ben Meadows
For over 50 years, Ben Meadows has been the choice for the equipment and supplies necessary to meet the challenges of each new wildfire season. The company offers hand tools needed for digging lines, sprayers to help put out the hot spots, and Nomex® clothing and certified boots to keep you safe. Also check out the new foam and gel equipment, PLBs, and more. Whether you’re deploying to a camp or doing prescribed burns, Ben Meadows has the tools. You can rely on the company’s professional-quality equipment and supplies backed by their superior customer service and satisfaction. Go online or call to receive a free catalog and discover a huge selection of products designed to keep your team safe and effective in your first-response or wildfire situation.

Columbia Helicopters
Columbia Helicopters — the world leader in heavy-lift helicopter operations — first started using buckets to fight forest fires in 1966. Today, Columbia uses larger helicopters and state-of-the-art buckets to support ground crews in fighting forest fires. These SEI Torrentula buckets can self-fill in water sources as shallow as 18-inches, and they are capable of making multiple drops from a single fill. The company’s Model 234 Chinook carries a 2,650 gallon bucket, while the Vertol 107-II carries a 1,100-gallon bucket. Carrying the buckets at the end of a 200-foot line, Columbia’s pilots are able to use water sources not available to tanked helicopters, or those using a standard bucket. Columbia’s helicopters can also carry supplies or heavy equipment to the fire lines as requested.

Construction Safety Products
Beginning in 1986, Construction Safety Products has been supplying the forestry industry with high quality, cost-effective supplies. Among the thousands of regularly stocked products, is a complete line of fire fighting and controlled burning items. These products include: flame resistant apparel, drip torches, tools (axes, shovels, and fire rakes), backpack pumps, and a full line of ANSI approved personal protective equipment. The company has three locations to serve your needs: Shreveport, La.; Nacogdoches, Texas; and Kelso, Wash. Feel free to call 1-800-592-6940 to speak with their customer service team. Orders can also be placed on their web store. In-stock orders are shipped same day. They welcome the opportunity to serve your needs and exceed your expectations.

Cutters Edge
Cutters Edge introduces its 18-piece Field Kit, which contains everything needed for high performance rescue cutting anywhere. The diamond plate aluminum case includes custom compartments that hold everything securely in place, and the lockable twist-lock closures provide maximum security in transit or storage.           

Each Field Kit contains one Cutters Edge MULTI-CUT® Fire Rescue Saw with the exclusive BULLET® Chain, plus one spare chain and two tree cutting chains. The Field Kit also includes a complete Tool Kit with grease gun, oil, replacement air filters, etc., plus a 1.25 gallon fuel container and all operation and maintenance manuals. The total weight of the fully loaded Field Kit is just 70 pounds, and it measures 41” Long x 15” wide x 14” High. www.

Erickson Air-Crane Co.
The S-64 Aircrane Helitanker features a 2,650 gallon tank with microprocessor- controlled tank doors that allow for eight different coverage levels. Unlike many fixed wing tanker aircraft, the tank doors of the S-64 are controlled by a microprocessor that adjusts for airspeed and opens the tank doors to allow for a flow rate that matches the particular coverage level selected by the pilot.                                   

The tank adds the delivery capacity of fixed wing tanker planes to the maneuvering capability of a helicopter. No other system can compare with the precision in which up to 30,000 gallons of foam mix, retardant, or water is delivered, per hour, to the fire.

The FTX Track carriers and Bull Hog mulchers can compliment traditional methods for reducing forest fuel loads before, and during, wildfires while minimizing post-fire rehabilitation. Track mulcher combinations range from 87- 440hp with various track options. The range of power and track choices allows the equipment to be sized for critical variables, including tree diameter and density, slope conditions, ground disturbance, and production requirements. Excavator-mounted Bull Hog mulchers are also complimentary to these applications. Bull Hog mulchers selectively reduce fuels while minimizing costly post-fire rehabilitation work. The Bull Hog process also eliminates hazardous leaning trees or piled trees at the sides of fire lines. The end result is an eye-pleasing finish with desirable mulch that provides weed abatement and slows further re-growth of noxious vegetation.

Fire Solutions
Fire Solutions offers Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS) units. Their instant foam protects homes, garages, farms, and industry buildings. With a 120-gallon water capacity, they are totally self-contained, require no power source, and are well-suited for a wide range of applications. The unit is durable and power coated with stainless steel/brass fittings. Its one-lever operation makes it easy to use, with no training required. It is also affordable and easy to maintain. CAFS Units are available in 30-, 60-, and 120-gallon water tank sizes.

Hobi Equipment
Hobi Equipment has been building, selling, and renting stand-by fire protection equipment to construction companies, loggers, and homebuilders for over 20 years. They can custom-design a trailer or skid unit to meet specific requirements and have done so for helicopter companies and the Forest Service.                 

The company’s 500-gallon trailers have self-priming Hi Pro roller pumps and 9hp Honda engines that meet Forest Service specifications for stand-by fire protection. They come with all hoses and accessories required (except hand tools for the crew). The pressure side can pump either directly out or through the live hose reel, and a pressure relief valve is plumbed in the system. The suction side can draft from the tank or an external water source. The tanks are baffled and a large toolbox is built in. Call (541) 672-7754 or email hobilog@

Hydro Engineering Inc.
Hydro Engineering Inc. has introduced a new defense against the threat of forest fires to property and timber. It can also aid in extinguishing peat bog fires. The system lays out long lengths of 6” flexible feeder hose directly in the path of an oncoming fire. The hose can handle 1200 to 1500 GPM. A water thief connector, every 100 feet, hooks up smaller hoses with sprinkler heads that create a wet break in the path of the oncoming fire. The hose comes on a large hose reel that handles 1.5 miles of hose pulled by a tractor or caterpillar. From setup to startup, laying out the 1.5 miles of hose takes about 4 hours. This system has been used in Saskatchewan, Canada since 2002.

JD Rents & Power Equipment Inc.
JD Rents & Power Equipment, located in John Day, Ore., has been building wildland fire pumpers for eight years. These units range from small ranch 100-gallon units to type 4-6 attack units and tenders. The client provides chassis — JD Rents does the rest. Tanks range from Gator poly tanks to custom made aluminum, and can be made to accommodate as a slip-in unit or permanently mounted. They offer an extensive supply of aluminum or brass fire fittings, small hand held parts, and used fire hose, ranging from 3/4” to 3” in width. JD Rents can custom cut and make suction hose, cam loc to NPSH fittings. With the options in pumps, manual or electric hose reels, and foam units and engines, you can create the ideal unit. Then enjoy continued support from their knowledgeable staff. (541) 575-1156

Just-In Case Fire Ltd.
Just-In Case Fire Ltd., based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is a design, manufacturing, and distribution company, specializing in water based fire suppression systems. Sold worldwide, all of the company’s products are portable, environmentally safe, innovative foambased fire suppression systems, including the Fire Caddy, Fire Caddy-12 volt, Roof Caddy, and sprinklers. Just- In Case Fire is the exclusive distributor of FlameOut, the only Forestry certified Class A/B fire foam in the world to be used in environmentally sensitive areas.

The KMC FireTracker is primarily designed for fire suppression activity — a task at which it excels. The machine can work all phases of the fuels/fire scenario from reduction through suppression and into post fire remediation work. It can build hot lines, move logs and rocks, mop up, and provide all around water support. The versatility of the 6-way blade allows construction of difficult fire lines and holding the completed line with the 1,250-gallon tank complete with foam capabilities. It is extremely valuable during mop up situations in remote, roadless areas. The KMC FireTracker is the ultimate battle tank for wildfire suppression. www.kmckootrac. com

Lacrosse Footwear introduces a one-of-a-kind lightweight structural firefighting boot. It features an innovative midsole alternative that takes foot safety to the next level. The 7.5 oz DEFENDER™ 750 KEVLAR/ NOMEX® upper with CROSSTECH® by GORE upper provides superior waterproof durability while also prohibiting blood borne pathogens. The firefighter remains protected, no matter the conditions underfoot, and can better focus on the job at hand.

L.N. Curtis & Sons
L.N. Curtis & Sons provides high performance wildland firefighting equipment to maximize your safety! From top-ofthe- line personal protective equipment to water flow, to web gear needs and much more; they supply emergency responder equipment to thirteen Western states and to the U.S. Government worldwide. The company’s sales, distribution, and service centers are located in Seattle, Wash.; Oakland, Calif.; Salt Lake City, Utah; Los Angeles, Calif.; and Phoenix, Ariz. L.N. Curtis & Sons and its family of employees are proud to provide fire service members and the community with safe and effective Tools for Heroes®. www.LNCURTIS. com

Mallory Co.
Mallory is growing to become the leading fire and safety distributor on the West Coast, with 7 locations in Washington, Oregon, and California. Mallory has access to the inventory and pricing of the largest suppliers, yet offers the local service, expertise, and touch of a family business. When it comes to safety and fire fighting equipment and supplies, access to full product lines, rapid delivery from stock, knowledgeable people, and over 30 years of experience, Mallory is a great choice.

Montana Track Claws, Inc.
The quick connect grousers known as “Track Claws” are designed for snow, ice, mud, and steep terrain. Also, the unique design provides penetrating traction while mini-mizing side slippage. Manufactured by the Affco foundry in Anaconda, Mont., Track Claws are made of cast steel and are heat treated to provide a durable product that can be reused many times. For pads without cleanout holes, a template will be provided. Only 8 to 10 grouser assemblies are required per side on each piece of equipment.                                   

They are quick and easy to install. With a ratchet and socket, they bolt on in just minutes. Down time is reduced because you no longer have to disconnect the computer system of the newer machines to weld them on. (888) 293-2529.

Rapco Industries
Engineered specifically for challenging cutting applications, Rapco’s carbide chain is designed to stay sharper, longer than any other chain. Rapco’s standard chain is ideal for cutting in abrasive and severe conditions and stays sharper up to 25 times longer than standard chain; saving time and money by reducing sharpening frequency. It’s available in all standard pitches and gauges and has been in use worldwide for more than 25 years. Rapco’s heavy-duty “Terminator” carbide chain is ideal for the challenging and difficult cutting applications seen by firefighters. It will outlast any other chain when ventilating roofs, and cutting buildings and other materials. Used and valued by firefighters for over 15 years, Rapco’s chain speeds up rescue operations by reducing downtime. www.rapcoindustries. com

SEI Industries, Ltd. Collapsible, lightweight, tough, and easily stowed, the Bambi Bucket has proven itself in action worldwide as the most powerful and effective weapon for aerial fire suppression, says the company. The award winning foam compatible bucket comes complete and ready to deploy with a simple electrical hookup. A helicopter with Bambi Bucket is a highly efficient, independent firefighting vehicle. It puts more water on the fire than any other system, at a lower cost. The company’s latest Bambi Bucket innovation is loaded with cutting-edge firefighting technology: the GPS Drop Controller. With features like GPS, data recording, electronic load control, and preset split drops, this intelligent unit achieves unprecedented accuracy and valuable reporting. Experience the evolution of firefighting operations with the GPS Drop Controller for the Bambi, Aqualanche, and Torrentula Buckets.

Shiloh Enterprises, Ltd.
The Stand-by Water Tank, built by Shilo Enterprises, was designed by George Zacharias to be user friendly and to be transported by most grapple skidders. Jordie Weins from Westlake Contracting in Prince George, B.C., says, “I’d seen George Zacharias’ initial attack fire tanks at many forestry shows over the years, but never wanted to spend the money on something I had never needed. The spring of 2007…I invested in one, partially for our company’s image. That summer our company had its first equipment fire. A buncher caught fire 750 meters down a new right-of-way we were cutting. That shinny new tank with its simplicity and fast response paid for itself many times over that day. We lost the buncher, but we saved the bush and who knows much in fire fighting expenses.” (250) 698-7451

The Supply Cache, Inc.
The company was founded by two wildland firefighters, Jim and Diane Felix. It started with a one-page brochure with ten products in the fall of 1990, and they have continued to respond to customer requests. The Supply Cache goal is to be able to outfit fire crews and all risk responders with quality products at an affordable price. They have excellent delivery time — in 2007, 70 percent of their sales shipped within 24 hours of order placement. The company also offers USAR equipment. As the fire communities, disaster relief, USAR, and urban interface crews converge, the need for multifunctional equipment is in high demand. Supply Cache chooses top quality manufacturers who are willing to expand their product lines into these areas of diversification as well.

Swanson Group Aviation
Swanson Group Aviation (formerly Superior Helicopter) is the world leader in Kaman Kmax helicopter operations for firefighting and heli-logging. Its fleet of Kmax aircraft is equipped with customdesigned 685 gallon water buckets that can be carried in the aircraft and deployed rapidly. They also utilize the Bambi Powerfill 3 Torrentula bucket, with selfcontained pumps that allow rapid filling in shallow water sources of less than 18”, and metered split-drop capability. In addition, Swanson Group has a new tank and snorkel system for the Kmax that lends ultimate firefighting versatility to this efficient aircraft for any fire environment from remote canyon terrain to urban interface fires in congested areas. The Kmax has superb hot and high load capability and is a rugged, reliable high-tech firefighter.

The big advantage of the TRI-MAX is that it is very easy to operate — just turn a valve and point the nozzle. It offers fast attack and first line of defense against fire. In a fire situation, slashing just seconds from response time will make the difference between containment and a fire spreading out of control. Paul Warner of Warner Enterprises in Redding Calif., says, “The TRI-MAX system is first and foremost reliable. We have never had one that failed. They’re bulletproof.”                                   

Built using the basic features and same rugged components as its time-proven TM30 skid system, the durable and powerful family of TRI-MAX systems is adaptable to meet your exacting demands. The powerful TRI-MAX high-capacity systems can protect your site — stopping the threat from fire in its tracks.

A global leader in wildland fire fighting equipment, Wildfire is a full-line manufacturer and distributor with more than a century of industry experience.

Perhaps best known for its Mark-3™ — the benchmark in portable centrifugal pumps — Wildfire also manufactures the highest quality slip-ons, backpacks, forestry tools, in-line accessories, and personnel protective equipment and accessories. Wildfire distributes fire hose, foam, aqueous firefighting gel, and many other related products. The company maintains extensive R&D facilities in the U.S. and Canada and has developed a strong international presence. Wildfire’s expertise and commitment to customer service are second to none. www.