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New Products

Alliance Introduces Six New Forestry Tires
Alliance Tire has introduced six new sizes in its line of forestry and agroforestry tires. They include:

18.4-26 and 16.9-30 sizes for the Alliance 345 Forestar LS-2 design. These compact sizes augment the 345’s larger offerings, which include 23.1-26, 24.5-32, 28L-26 and 30.5L-32 sizes. With these, operators of smaller skidders and forestry tractors can take advantage of the steel-reinforced, high-traction performance of the aggressive 345 line, says Cicero.

800/40-26.5, 710/45-26.5, and 600/55-26.5 sizes of the 344 Forestar LS-2 flotation tire. They combine an outstanding grip with a wide footprint for low-impact work in a variety of forest terrains. The new sizes allow the 344 Forestar to fit a wider array of forwarders and harvesters.

A 420/70-24 size for the Alliance F-370 Agroforestry tire provides tractors the flexibility to operate in forests or fields without changing air pressure. High-elasticity design and rugged tread compound deliver the ideal combination of traction power, low compaction, and puncture resistance.

WSM Offers Fiber Preparation System
West Salem Machinery (WSM) announced the completion of a wood fiber preparation system for converting green chips, sawdust, and shavings to pellet fuel.

The system handles up to 100 green tons per hour of fiber, and includes pre-screening and shredding/milling of material to an approximate ” to ” minus product size. The system includes two WSM drag chain reclaims, which allow bulk loading and metered feeding of wood fibers, a WSM belt conveyor with overhead self-cleaning permanent magnet, WSM vibrating screen, and WSM 4272S swing hammer shredder/hammermill. Pre-screening the incoming material provides increased throughput with less energy consumption.

RAYCO’s New Horizontal Grinder for Small Tractors
The new RAYCO RH1754 is designed to be both compact and affordable. At 14,000 lbs., the RH1754 allows easy transportation from job to job and can be maneuvered and operated on small jobsites, inaccessible to larger machines.

The high productive unit is ideal for processing tree limbs and brush, sawmill waste, dimensional lumber scraps, and pallets, and for re-grinding wood chips. It’s an economical solution for reducing wood waste, lowering dumping costs, and creating high quality mulch.

Tigercat 635D Skidder Debuts
Tigercat, a developer of high production six-wheel drive skidders, has come out with the 635D — the company’s most advanced, efficient, high-production, and operator-friendly skidder. The D-series is powered by the 260 HP Cummins QSB6.7 Tier III. Improvements to the hydrostatic driveline enable the 635D to get im
proved performance and superior fuel economy out of the smaller displacement engine.

A variable/reversible pitch Flexxaire® engine mounted fan further contributes to energy efficiency by automatically matching the fan blade pitch to cooling requirements. Inside the cab, the 635D has a rotating seat with a two position mechanical lock, providing full rear-facing drive capability. The steering wheel has been replaced with armrest mounted joystick steering for improved ergonomics.

John Deere Upgrades 710J Backhoe
John Deere has added a new PowerTech E™ 6068 Tier 3 engine to its 710J Backhoe, improving both emissions compliance and power.

The 710J still provides a dig depth of 22’ 4” when extended, but the new 710Js feature net horsepower of 126 HP, compared to the 123 HP on the Tier 2 engines, along with a host of other improvements. For example, the high-pressure common rail fuel system provides higher injection pressures, variable timing, and precise control of fuel injection, giving it highly efficient combustion.

The increased combustion efficiency, power, and torque result in higher low-speed torque and faster response, while the new ECU has twice the memory and five times the computing power of the previous engine. Plus, the redesigned ECU is now located inside the cab, and your in-depth diagnostics can be retrieved using the monitor’s onboard diagnostics or Service Advisor™.

Fecon Introduces Bio-Harvester
Fecon introduces the Fecon Bio-Harvester, a machine that simultaneously fells, chips, and collects small diameter woody biomass. The Bio-Harvester is ideal for pre-commercial and commercial thinning applications, non-merchantable timber, and brush.

The Bio-Harvester can be mounted to the Fecon FTX440, a 440 HP forestry guarded crawler tractor or to a large, high horsepower PTO tractor. The FTX440 is also capable of towing and powering an agricultural dump wagon to collect material.

Material is chipped using Fecon Bull Hog chipper knives or carbide tools, then augured to a material processing fan and blown into a collection unit. It can discharge from the rear or the side, enabling a variety of collection units.

Case Adds CX130B Long-Carriage
Case Construction Equipment recently added the CX130B LC (long-carriage) excavator to its CX B Series lineup. The excavator provides the benefits of increased stability, reduced ground pressure, and increased lift capacity. The CX130B LC track length is increased by nearly a foot, to 12’ 4”.

With an operating weight of 28,400 lbs., the CX130B LC can handle heavy digging and lifting applications in any environment, and with the longer track, ground engagement lift capacities over the end are increased.

The clean-burning, electronically controlled Tier 3-certified 3.0L engine delivers 95 net HP. The noise level has also been reduced — at full throttle, the excavator is among the quietest in the industry — and reinforced tubular structures reduce vibration and support the ultra-low cab.