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New Products

Ponsse’s Bear
The new Ponsse Bear harvester performs best in stands with larger diameter trees. Its well-designed features enable quick, precise, and safe handling of sizeable trees in demanding terrains and conditions. The exceptionally powerful crane uses two slewing motors, which results in an enormous 36,882 lb-ft of swing torque. The powerful crane, the exceptional swing torque, and the 20-degree tilt of the crane table provide unforeseen timber handling on sloping terrains.                       

The Ponsse H8 harvester head has been designed specifically for efficient handling of large challenging stems. The crane and the cabin are located in different parts of the frame, which improves visibility and reduces vibrations on the driver. Great visibility and a comfortable, functional working environment increase efficiency and productivity, while reducing operator fatigue.

Improvements to Cat Log Loaders
New features of the Cat 559 knuckleboom log loaders give loggers both high production and low fuel consumption. Different power modes and an automatic idle down system work together to maximize production, while minimizing fuel use. For normal loading operations, the Run Mode provides fast cycle times and saves more than 20 percent in fuel. The Power Boost Mode provides 40 percent more productivity muscle for heavy duty delimbing, slashing, and loading applications requiring fast swing with maximum swing torque. Auto Idle Down (AID) cuts fuel usage even more when the loader is idling.                       

Activated by a flip of the switch, the Run and Power Boost Modes allow the operator to match engine speed and pump flow to the application, yielding maximum production and minimum fuel use.

Waratah Unveils New Processing/Harvesting Head
Waratah Forestry Attachments has added a new processing/ harvesting head to its powerful HTH600 series. Building on the success of the HTH624, which proved reliable in continuous harvesting of larger, second-growth timber, the HTH624 C model is designed to handle big trees and tough projects. It easily cuts through large diameter wood and processes timber up to 28-inch diameter. Additionally, it can fell wood up to 30 inches and is most productive in wood 20 inches and larger. It also comes with the guidance and support of a professional, highly trained technical support team.                       

Some of the key features include: increased top saw cut capacity from 16” to 20”; new C design sawbox; stronger tilt bracket and delimb knives; relocated head module for vibration protection; improved hose routing; and a redesigned Parker Valve to improve flow efficiencies in the head. www. Launches Lift Truck Calculator, an online resource for lift truck manufacturers, buyers, operators, and dealers, has launched an online calculator that compares the cost of owning and operating an internal combustion engine (IC) lift truck fleet to that of owning and operating a similar fleet of electric trucks. The calculator can be applied to all brands of trucks and fleets of any size, making it a valuable resource for potential lift truck buyers. Visitors are asked to submit information in six different tabs. Once the information is submitted, the calculator generates an operation summary, comparing capital, energy, and maintenance costs for IC and electric trucks. The operation summary can then be used to determine which type of lift truck best suits a company’s budget and needs.

Bandit Sharptooth
The Model 1680 ‘Sharptooth’ is the newest Beast Recycler distributed by Bandit Industries, and it is ideal for land clearing operations, municipalities, and tree services looking for an efficient way to dispose of brush, limbs, and tree waste on site. Compact, simple to maneuver, and easy to tow, the Model 1680 features a 52” wide by 24” high infeed opening, weighs in under 20,000 pounds, and rides on two 10,000 pound Torflex axles for easy transport. The 1680 also features 26 cutterbodies with teeth, engine options up to 275 hp, and an optional 36” hydraulic folding infeed pan.

Prolenc 500 Series Snubbers
The 500 Series Snubbers are made of strong alloy steel components. The original square, B3T-180S wear block can be upgraded to part #B3T-1410 Wedge style wear block. The original slot anchor must be torch cut and ground to fit the 5-degree wedge angle. This eliminates repair welding and regrinding of the slot to the original 2” square. It also provides a stable, stationary lock between the wedge block and anchor. Primary application is Tigercat’s wheel skidders using 500 Series snubber assemblies.

New Carriage for Bowman
Boman Industries will unveil its new carriage at the 2008 Oregon Logging Conference. Dubbed the Z-7900, this new lightweight carriage offers more speed and power in a 4,300-lb. package. For use on a 1 1/8 – 1 13/8” dia. skyline, the Z-7900 motorized carriage is powered by a 160 hp Cummins diesel. Line pull ranges from 52,000 lbs on a bare drum to 31,000 on a full drum and it offers speeds up to 700 feet per minute. Like all Boman carriages, it’s controlled by an advanced digital radio system and options include skyline clamp and high speed gearing.

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