New at DEMO International 2016

Cat 500 SeriesCat

Caterpillar bought visitors up-to-speed on two new Cat forest machine models, the 538 and the 558. They are the first models in the 500 series to meet US EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards.

Both machines were unveiled at DEMO International and feature outstanding fuel efficiency and optimized work tools while increasing horsepower and swing torque, says the company.

Like other Cat Forest Machines, the 538 is available in a general forestry version for road building, stroke delimbing, grapple applications, site preparation and processing. Both the 538 and the 558 are available in a log loader configuration for log loading, shovel logging, butt-n-top/power clam applications, and millyard activities.

The Cat 538 and Cat 558 feature a new machine design, new engine, and optimized components and work tools to provide exceptional fuel savings and also excellent productivity. Machine and hydraulic performance are boosted by increased engine horsepower.

Ponsse H8HD harvester headPonsse

Ponsse introduced a completely new harvester head model for big timber.

The new Ponsse H8HD harvester head is specifically designed for harvesting and processing big timber in demanding conditions. It continues the success of the smaller Ponsse H7HD harvester head and can be installed on the Ponsse Bear harvester and on over 20-tonne, track-based machines.

Ponsse says that this new harvester head model offers superior performance considering its size. A powerful feed, combined with its geometry which firmly supports larger trunks on feed rollers, guarantees extreme productivity and fuel economy. Thanks to the Opti automation system, it has excellent cutting precision, and trees are always fed directly to the specific length at maximum speed.

Ponsse H8HD is also available with a top saw for processing curvy trees with a lot of branches.

John Deere 3154/3156GJohn Deere

Setting a new industry standard for the swing machine market, the highly anticipated John Deere 3154/3156G and 3754/3756G swing machines shown at DEMO offer operators increased productivity, durability and reliability.

From loading to processing big wood, the G series swing machines help loggers efficiently power through jobs.

The most notable improvement on the G-series swing machines is the completely redesigned cab, which is equipped with features to increase operator comfort. The larger side-entry cab and the elevated rear-entry, climate-controlled cab are more spacious than their predecessors and include fatigue-reducing features, such as excellent window clarity, ergonomic controls and isolation mounting to boost operator productivity throughout long days. In addition to the redesigned cabs, the new G-series swing machines offer a host of features designed to improve machine uptime and performance.

Waratah HTH 623C 4X4Waratah

The Waratah HTH 623C 4X4 shown at DEMO International is described as a good match for big wood or small wood. The high torque, four wheel drive system provides outstanding performance in any application. Multi-tree processing features, such as dual diameters, independent log shuffling and Waratah’s dual laser find-end system with auto stem alignment help with productivity, while eliminating trim waste. Easy maintenance features such as bolt-on datum plates, drive arm stoppers and centralized greasing stations provide simple field serviceability and overall component longevity.

Turn it, place it, load it with the Waratah HTH 624CW (Control Wrist) built from Waratah’s HTH 624C. The control wrist option provides versatility along with complete control of the processor. There is no requirement for a heel rack when loading or shovel logging as the carrier’s tool cylinder provides the power and control to turn, place and load those stems.

Tigercat’s new skidders, the 632E skidder and its 625ETigercat

DEMO offered a close look at Tigercat’s new skidders, the 632E skidder and its 625E. The 632E has larger rear axles, hydraulic cylinders and main pump. The company says, the 632E features the largest grapple available in the industry today and sets a new standard for extreme productivity in timber extraction in the toughest conditions. The 632E can be equipped with grapples with an enclosed area up to 23 square feet.

The 625E, combines the front-end of the large 620E four-wheel skidder with the back end of the small, nimble 615E six wheel skidder. The result is a six-wheeled skidder suited to soft or steep terrain with excellent traction and low ground pressures. It gives loggers a “medium-sized” option with the agility of the 615E but the higher pulling power of the 620E.

Tigercat unveiled the 570, a two-wheel drive harvesting head best suited to in-stand harvesting with an optimal range of 6”-20” diameter using Tigercat’s H845-series, H822-series, H855-series carriers or a 20-25 tonne forestry excavator. With independent knife arms, the 570 harvesting head excels in tough timber with large limbs and poor stem form.

Lastly, the new 880D logger is a heavy duty, purpose-built forestry carrier that can be configured for multiple uses including loading, shovel logging and roadside processing. High horsepower and robust construction mean it can handle the toughest jobs with ease. The 880D stands out from converted excavators in durability and productive capacity.

Doosan Log LoaderDoosan

The biggest Doosan log loader yet, shown at DEMO International, the DX380LL-5 creates new opportunities for shovel logging and log loading operations.

Designed to provide high swing torque and impressive reach at ground level, the DX380LL-5 comes standard with a forestry cab with excellent all-around visibility, including a standard rearview camera. Boom, arm and heel cylinder guards and machine guarding help to minimize damage and machine downtime.

The engine is rated at 318 gross horsepower, operating weight is 113,500 lbs., and the working reach is 44’.

Doosan’s new and improved DX225LL-5 log loader features a Tier 4-compliant, non-DPF Doosan engine. It is enhanced with robust heel, arm and boom cylinder guards and an auto-shutdown feature. The engine delivers 167 gross horsepower, it weighs 68,123 lbs., and the working reach is 36’1”.


The company says replacing tire chains with Olofsfors ECO-Wheel Tracks means that equipment owners can say goodbye to unnecessary hours taken up by maintaining chains, adding that ECO-Wheel Tracks provide superior traction with reduced spin and grab, less maintenance and less ground disturbance, and are a very economical alternative to conventional tire chains.

KOVAX, described as an all-around track, provides good traction, good flotation, and is suited for most operating conditions. It is the company’s newest track model and fits most machines. KOVAX is available with cured cross members for additional flotation on sensitive ground and easier machine turning, and is available in three different link systems to fit any size machine.


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