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Caterpillar bunching sawCaterpillar Introduces New Bunching Saw

Caterpillar Forest Products has introduced the new Cat HFW232 and Prentice SH-58 Bunching Saw.
The saw boasts improved cutting performance, increased single cut capacity (22.6 inches), and increased bunching capacity, which all combine to enable greater productivity and maximum revenue generation.

In addition, increased swell butt and low stump cutting capability, plus design features to minimize width and improve symmetries for thinning applications, deliver the most versatile machine and saw combination on the market.
Wide towers and a low profile saw shaft and motor configuration give operators greater visibility than ever before through the saw to the disc.,

John Deere 337E Knuckleboom LoaderJohn Deere 337E Knuckleboom Loader

John Deere unveiled the latest addition to its line of full-tree forestry solutions, the 337E Knuckleboom Loader.
A key upgrade in the 337E Knuckleboom Loader is the incorporation of the reliable hydraulic system used in the 437E models. This proven system offers loggers the peace of mind that their machine has been thoroughly tested in a variety of applications. Additionally, the hydraulic system reduces fuel consumption compared to the previous small knuckleboom loader model.
Like the larger 437E models, the 337E machines are equipped with several improvements to increase operator productivity. The 337E boasts a five percent increase in both swing torque and boom lift over previous models, reducing delimbing and truck loading times.

Tigercat Offers 570 Harvesting Head and New G-Series Feller Buncher CabTigercat Offers 570 Harvesting Head and New G-Series Feller Buncher Cab

Tigercat continues to expand its range of harvesting heads with the new 570, a robust, high-performance, two-wheel drive harvesting head.

The new Tigercat 570 harvesting head is ideally suited to Tigercat H845 series carriers. The 570 wheel arms, pins, bushings, cylinders, feed motors, and rotator are shared with the 575 model for proven strength and long life. The chassis is designed for optimum strength-to-weight with a focus on visibility, component protection, and quick service access. A new integrated valve package enhances performance and service access with fewer hoses and connections to improve reliability.

Tigercat also continues to evolve the G-series drive-to-tree feller bunchers with the introduction of an improved operator’s cab. The new G-series cab is quiet and well equipped. On the outside of the G-series drive-to-tree feller buncher cab, the work lights have been moved into enclosures incorporated into the cab structure to better protect them from falling trees or limbs. LED lights improve reliability and brightness over the previous halogen models.

The front window area is nearly 10% larger. Combined with Tigercat’s low-profile boom structure, it provides exceptional visibility to the front. The rear quarter windows are over 20 percent larger with superior view over the back tires.

Rotochopper’s New Key Knife Chipper Package

Rotochopper and Key Knife’s launch of the Key Knife Chipper knife package, allows horizontal grinder owners to chip and grind with a single machine.

The chipper knife package is a bolt-in option that works with the same patented replaceable mount rotor for the Rotochopper B-66 and B-66 E.

This chipper knife system makes it simple to diversify into chipping applications without a complex conversion kit or a second machine.

To switch from grinding to chipping, the operator does not need to swap the whole rotor drum or assemble a complex overlay onto the grinding rotor—the operator simply and quickly swaps the grinder tooth mounts with chipper knife mounts. The only tool needed is a torque wrench.

TimberWest November/December 2013
July/August 2016

On the Cover
Photo taken by Lindsay Mohlere.
Komatsu PC240LL at a Windy Ridge Logging operation.

Delivering Results
Bewley Logging began as a logging and trucking company 45 years ago, and has done jobs for both large timber companies and small landowners in Oregon and California.

Leading the Way in Winch-Assisted Steep Slope Harvesting
With the introduction of winch-assisted steep slope logging to North America, the family-owned C & C Logging is again on the front lines of a new movement.

Deere Delivers with New 748L Skidder
The new John Deere 748L skidder is helping a logging operation be more productive, especially on hilly ground.

As wildfires rage, congress continues to blow hot air.

Ponsse Assists Off-Road Racing
Ponsse North America realized that an exceptional opportunity awaited them just down the road at the Crandon International 
Off-Road Raceway.

High Expectations for a Demanding Job
Windy Ridge Logging demands performance and quality.

Guest Column
The Russian government plans to design a package of measures aimed at fighting the ever-growing volumes of illegal forest exports 
to the U.S.


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