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TimberWest November/December 2013

May/June 2015

Photo of the Schlafer team at Covelo, Calif., with Paul Shandel on the left, loader operator, Ramon Echeverria, in the center and Antone Schlafer on the right.

Nothing Stands in Schlafer’s Way
Schlafer and his small logging crew don’t know the meaning of impossible, and that is one of the keys to his success.

IFG’s Wood-Eating Machine
Idaho Forest Group (IFG) recently unveiled its new HewSaw SL250 3.4 installation at the 2015 Small Log Conference.

Cold Winter Bumps Up Demand for Pellets
Purcell Premium Pellets, based
in Hauser, Idaho, talks pellets.

New Cable Yarder Takes to the Woods
T-Mar sees the need for a new steep slope cable yarder specifically designed to address the increasing volumes of second-growth timber.

Keeping the Wheels Turning
Ever since Joel Olson built his first logging road and bought his first three log trucks, innovation and attention to detail have been key to his business.

Top Five Causes of Forest Equipment Fires
Although most machines are equipped with fire suppression systems, operators can take steps to help prevent fires.

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Firewood Processing Equipment


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TECH REVIEW - Firewood processing Equipment

Bells MachiningBell’s Machining, Welding & Hydraulics

Bell’s Firewood Processors are ruggedly built, easy to use, and productive processors. All firewood processors come with a one-year parts and labor warranty that can be performed by a capable local professional.

Each machine is portable and easy to transport. With an aggressive tooth on the in-feed conveyor, almost nothing will stop a log from progressing to the saw. The live deck is raised substantially, meaning logs will enter the in-feed trough with ease, eliminating log pile-ups and the necessity of a cant hook. An adjustable hydraulic log stop gives perfect length to the wood every time. Hydraulically adjustable 4, 6, and 8-way splitting wedges are available to ensure uniform blocks every time. Conveyors come in standard 24 ft and 32 ft lengths. A 14 ft attached conveyor option makes transporting the processor even easier.

Blockbuster Inc.Blockbuster Inc.

For the last 28 years, Blockbuster Inc. has manufactured firewood processors.

Currently offering eight different sizes with a variety of specifications, Blockbuster. can customize your machine to help fit your particular needs.

Blockbuster builds firewood processors, elevators, cut-to-length machines, and log maximizers. These machines are offered as portable, stationary, diesel, gas, or, electric and with right or left hand variations. Disability customizing is also available.

Blockbuster equipment is manufactured in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, and shipped anywhere in the world. All Blockbuster firewood processors are dependable, portable, and low-maintenance.

cordmaster internationalCord Master International

The Cord King firewood processor has been in production since 1978. Cord Master manufactures eight different sizes ranging in price from $30K-$140K to fit the budgets of most firewood producers. Cord Master has equipment in Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Sweden, England, France, and South America. Simplicity of design is a hallmark of their machines. “Off the shelf” components ensure availability of spare and replacement parts at competitive prices.

The Cord King Compact will maximize your productivity by providing the means to produce more than 9000 full cords in a standard working year (220 days). The Cord King’s unique design allows for accurate cutting and splitting of wood with a cycle time of 2-4 seconds and a production rate up to ten full cords of firewood per hour. With many different splitting configurations available, the customer can choose the splitter blade that will produce the desired product. .

Properly maintained and operated, Cord King firewood processors will provide years of reliable service. All machines are covered by a one-year bumper-to-bumper comprehensive warranty, a two-three year engine warranty, and Cord King’s exclusive lifetime splitter chamber warranty for the original purchaser.

Dunlap EnterprisesDunlap Enterprises

Dunlap Enterprises offers firewood processing equipment and handles equipment from Bells, Brute Force, Dyna, Halverson, Hud-Son, Range Road, Tajfun, and many more. With over 35 years of experience processing firewood, Dunlap Enterprises can provide expert advice for a successful business.

faverFaver Inc.

The new F137-STS Commercial Firewood Log Splitter debuted on September 20, 2013. It is one of the most advanced, productive, and pleasurable firewood splitters to run. With a host of industry leading features, the F137-STS comes standard with all new STS technology.

STS (Safety Turbo Splitting) technology is a two-step splitting system designed to increase operator safety by encouraging the operator to remove both hands from the wood to achieve higher production.

The first splitting control lever works like most log splitters. Pull the lever out for stroke and push it for retract. The first lever works at a slower ram speed. The second lever (two levers on models equipped with Auto cycle) increases the splitting speed. However, the faster splitting speed lever(s) can only be activated in the outstroke if the slower speed lever is being held simultaneously. The return stroke does not require both levers to be held for quick return.

The slower speed helps minimize the risk of the operator accidentally putting a hand in harm’s way while securing the wood between the wedge and ram. Once the wood is caught, the system encourages the operator to remove both hands by requiring them to pull two levers to achieve a faster splitting cycle time.

hahnHahn Machinery Inc.

A pioneer in the development of timber processing equipment for more than 40 years, Hahn Machinery Inc. continues the tradition with its line of innovative firewood processing attachments for skid steer loaders, compact track and wheel loaders, and smaller excavators.

When installed on a suitably equipped carrier, the HFP160 Firewood Pro and the new HFP150 Compact can pick a log up off the deck, cut the log into firewood blocks, and split those blocks into 4, 6, or 8 pieces with all functions being performed by one person from the comfort and safety of the loader’s cab. The finished wood can be piled on the ground or deposited into a truck or trailer, minimizing handling.

The HFP series processors are designed with a “universal quick-attach” mount and coupling up to the loader so firewood can be cut in minutes, with no crews to assemble and no set-up time. Just hop into the cab and go to work.

The HFP Firewood Pros are simple, rugged machines that deliver a long service life and exceptional availability. They feature a hydraulic chainsaw with an efficient piston motor running .404 pitch, 18HX Harvester chain, and .080 ga Harvester bar. The splitting system uses an automatic “regeneration” circuit to ensure fast cycle times while retaining high splitting forces. The hydraulic requirements call for an auxiliary hydraulic flow of 20 gpm and an operating pressure of 2850 psi.

palaxPalax Firewood Processors from Hakmet

With over 10 models to choose from, the Palax firewood processors are available in both chain saw and circular saw configurations for processing wood up to 17” diameter. These processors can produce one to three cords per hour depending on model and setup. The machines are PTO driven and some come with a three-point hitch. PTO power packs are available for some models, or they can be mounted to the owner’s motor. Depending on the model, adjust the length of the log from 10” to 22” and split the wood up to 12-ways with up to 35,000 pounds of force. The units have a high-speed valve, sealed bearings, rear swingable 14’ conveyor with chains, and scrapers. A joystick-controlled unit is available.

Some models come with a power booster to speed the splitting process. Larger units have live log decks with chains and rollers to speed up the processing time. The units fold up for transportation. These professionally-built processors are easy to use and service. Large and small packing solutions are available.


The Multitek Pro Model 1620 SS Firewood Processor has many features that are well suited for the firewood producer.

A 30-strand hydraulic folding live deck processes logs up to 20 feet in length. This model is professionally engineered for maximum performance and low maintenance. With a 4.5-second cycle time, this machine will efficiently cut and split hardwood logs into saleable firewood. The circular saw option is 20 percent faster than comparable bar and chain machines with significantly less maintenance. The 1620 SS is professionally engineered to be the most efficient, safest, and operator-friendly mid-size machine available on the market.

The circular saw requires no oil or lubrication, sharpening, or other daily maintenance, and this machine is praised for its portability, versatility, low operating costs, and high rate of productivity. The ergonomic operator station with twin joysticks makes operation simple. The splitter features an auto retract, allowing the operator to cut and split at the same time. The innovative patent pending guillotine cutting system provides a safer, more controlled cut than comparable machines. Scheduled maintenance is not required until approximately 500 cords of wood have been cut, and saw teeth are easily replaceable with the saw on the machine.

The 40” saw blade turns at 1400 RPM and allows the operator to cut and split at the same time. The 44 hp turbo charged diesel optimizes operator productivity and maximizes throughput. Three-strand hydraulic log deck is rugged and utilizes Multitek’s log flippers to aid the log entering the trough. Available with 4, 6 or 8-way hydraulic adjustable wedges.

resource recovery systemsResource Recovery Systems Inc. (Wood Beaver)

The “LIL Beaver” Firewood Processor is the most economical and perfect machine for getting a firewood business off the ground.

The new LIL Beaver 13 Firewood Processor handles 13” logs, but don’t let that size fool you—this is a commercial grade machine on a smaller log platform. The standard Subaru 14 hp has plenty of power. A log lift and shuttle table are standard.

Highly mobile and designed with the homeowner, farmer, or contract firewood producer in mind, this one-operator machine will quickly and efficiently cut and split logs up to 16” in diameter and 12’ long at a rate of up to a full cord-plus per hour.

It features a 3 ½” bore and 2 ½” rod specifically designed and engineered; a welded hydraulic cylinder with a 24” stroke for “fast splitting”; hydraulic saw, and 2/4-way adjustable wedge.

This machine can be towed to the site with an ATV or easily towed behind a pick-up truck using the optional highway wheel package with lights and 2” ball.

tajfunTajfun USA Inc.

The RCA 400 Joy is Tajfun’s flagship firewood processor. It has all the basic machine functions such as log feeding, clamping, cutting, and splitting, and the splitting wedge height adjustment is controlled via a single joystick. Power to the cutting chain is clutch controlled allowing for stopping the blade between cuts, which saves on chain slash/bar wear and chain lube. An oil cooler on the self contained hydraulic system ensures reliability during sustained operation.

The length of the log cut is eight to 20 inches, and the log diameter is four to15 ½ inches. The chain bar is an Oregon 17-inch with Oregon 3/8-inch MULTICUT.

Timberwolf Manufacturing Corp.Timberwolf Manufacturing Corp.

The Timberwolf TW-PRO MP XL firewood processor weighs in at 5,750 lbs. and features a powerful 45 hp Mitsubishi Power Plant. The TWPRO MP XL’s 22-22-8 gpm three-part hydraulic pump runs all processing functions, with the ability to hydraulically operate an attached conveyor. This firewood processor can handle logs up to 22 inches in diameter and 14 feet long, rendering salable firewood within an impressive 4.5 second cycle time.

With a number of timesaving functions such as the simply deployed and retracted live deck, which features a hydraulic winch as standard equipment, it can be equipped with a hydraulic piston for faster setup and takedown. Once loaded onto the live deck, logs progress via the PRO-MP XL’s chain-run, 10 ft long feed trough to the patented Top Roll Clamping System, which applies an even, automatic pressure to hold logs firmly while allowing knots and irregularities to pass smoothly through.

The 25-inch hydraulic chain saw utilizing a .404 chain gauge cleanly feathers through passing clamped logs and drops them into the log carriage. The 4” diameter splitter cylinder makes short work of the remaining pieces. The TW-PRO MP XL is equipped with electric auto cycle for push button efficiency in regulating splitting cycles, and a hydraulic oil cooler to maintain an even operating temperature for hydraulic fluid in warmer months. Maximum hydraulic oil capacity is 40 gallons.