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TimberWest November/December 2013

Sept/October 2014

Photo by Diane Mettler: Brintech Logging and the company’s two new machines — a Doosan and Hyundai

Keep on Thinning
Pleines Logging has focused on
thinning for two decades

Good Crew Makes the Company
RDL Northwest Inc. is picky
about its crew and equipment

Running on All Cylinders
While companies were struggling
through the recession Brintech

Woody Biomass Column
Be Ready with the Message

16 Seconds: The Divider
Winners and losers of the LWC

ScorpionKing Struts
Ponsse shows of the new
ScorpionKing in Rhinelander, Wisc.

Guest Columnist
Preparing Your Forestry Equipment for Winter


Tech review - Brushcutters & Mulchers

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Advanced Forest EquipmentAdvanced Forest Equipment

The SS Extreme is the newest of Advanced Forest Equipment’s product line. The SS Extreme is designed for the largest of skid steers with 110 hp and steel tracks. It features a 125 to 250cc Rex Roth bent axis piston motor, large bearing box with 6” heat treated shaft, large 10” drive coupler system, Swedish-made Weldox T-1 steel cutting disc, debris waste gate, and an expandable cutting teeth arrangement system.

One of this mulching attachment’s unique features is the operator can see the cutting teeth engaging the material, allowing him to guide the material into the top of the cutting disc. There are no belts, pulleys, or shivs. Advanced Forest Equipment systems are direct drive. The power goes directly into a bearing box, transferring 100% of the power to the cutting disc.

The SS Extreme also features a unique design of the reduction shroud system, the direct drive motor, and the 58” diameter-cutting disc. Inertia is carried through the cut. Material less than 4” in diameter is pulled into the shroud, productively mulching in a one-step process.

Bandit IndustriesBandit Industries

All Bandit forestry mowers, from the 142 hp Model 3000 all the way up to the 600 hp Model 5000, feature powerful and efficient hydraulic systems. Large Caterpillar track undercarriages endow these crawlers with low ground pressure, allowing operators to traverse unpredictable terrain common in land clearing settings. Operators can sit in complete comfort in spacious, climate-controlled cabs. Each control cab uses six-way adjustable cushioned seats with a dual-joystick interface to control the functions of the forestry mower. A large windshield provides a superior view of the work area, and the standard rear-facing camera and in-cab display (along with rear view mirrors) allow for exceptional visibility for operators.

The forestry mower attachments are the most rugged of their kind currently available. Built in-house at Bandit headquarters, these mulcher heads are designed to provide years of service and deliver maximum power to the cutterhead with two powerful hydraulic motors. The stump grinder attachments feature a Revolution cutter wheel, providing an aggressive and efficient cut to stumps.

Barko HydraulicsBarko Hydraulics

The Barko 920, 930, and 937 industrial tractors offer power options up to 365 hp while maintaining excellent fuel efficiency for all-day performance. Barko tractors deliver up to 106 GPM of hydraulic power where it’s needed most, at the attachment. A newly available quick-attach system allows easy connectivity to a wide range of attachments for land clearing, right-of-way maintenance, snow removal, utility work, and farm applications.

Trouble-free attachment adaptability is also complemented by a patent-pending hydraulic control system that displays real-time hydraulic flow and pressure on a convenient electronic display. Safety prompts are also included to verify settings and provide optimal hydraulic flow that could otherwise damage the attachment.

Operators control machine operation with dual seat mounted joysticks in a climate controlled, sealed, and pressurized cab providing comfort, even when working in the most demanding environments. Maintenance of the Barko industrial tractors is also efficiently handled with removable side engine panels and grouped single-point grease fittings.

Cat 586CCaterpillar

The new Cat 586C Site Prep Tractor is a multi-purpose, heavy-duty machine built to run attachments like the Cat HM825 Mulcher and BR624 Brushcutter.

The PowerDirect Plus system optimizes performance by monitoring operator and attachment hydraulic demand and delivering power where and when it is needed. The 350 hp engine and oversized hydraulic system push more flow to the attachment for faster recovery without slowing other functions. The 586C also includes faster simultaneous lift-tilt and lift-steer functions and attachment recovery.

The tractor runs cool and doesn’t collect debris, which cuts down on cleaning. The oversized, on-demand reversing fan spins at a slower speed overall and only turns as fast as needed to maintain proper hydraulic and engine temperatures. The machine is segmented into pressurized compartments to prevent debris from entering. The pressurized airflow also keeps electronics, sensors, and other key components cool.

Robust box section frames and a field-proven center hitch with large dual-tapered roller bearings and 3” diameter pins provide a solid foundation. The tractor’s weight is distributed evenly over the axles for rock-solid stability, and the cab is positioned between the axles for a smooth ride.

D&MD&M Machine

D&M provides a variety of brushcutters ranging in size and power from their brushcutters for compact and mini excavators to their Extreme Service Series featuring cutting swaths from 36-inch to 60-inch cutting and mulching trees from 8-inch to 18-inch in diameter. Most models come standard with an automatic wire shear, and a rotating hub debris guard. The Extreme Service Series all come with a magnum drive system standard.

Various models also feature a third boom and material handler, an optional 90-degree tilt mount and a hydraulic trimming saw.


The DAH Forestry Mulchers are land clearing and vegetation control tools mounted on excavators and backhoes. They use DENIS CIMAF’s patented horizontal-shaft rotor technology with two chevron-like rows of knives that direct the brush toward the center of the rotor rather than to one of its extremities. They are powered by variable displacement, axial-piston motors that minimize overheating problems and improve re-acceleration and an industrial cogged-belt drive system that prevents slippage and reduces effort applied to bearings compared with V-belts, for longer bearing life.

Knife holders come with protective discs, reducing risk of breakage of welded parts on the rotor tube.

Heat-treated, bolt-on forged knives deliver maximum resistance to impact and abrasion, and they can be sharpened on the unit. A single nut and bolt holds the knife in place so replacing worn knives is a snap.

The hydraulic panel closes the rear of the hydraulic brushcutter to limit projection chip. By positioning the funnel, it also helps to immobilize the trees standing for shredding. And in the closed position, at ground level, it allows thinly shredded wood chips.

DENIS CIMAF currently offers DAH Forestry Mulcher models that are adaptable on excavators seven to 35 metric tons.

Fecon FTX600Fecon

With an advanced blend of innovation, technology, power and performance, the FTX600 is the tractor for high demand, high production work.

The FTX600 is Powered by a 600 hp Cummins QSX15 Tier III engine, combined with Sauer hydraulic pumps controlled by Fecon’s Power Management System® and an IQAN machine operating system.

Performance is gained with an oscillating all steel undercarriage and selectable float control, along with the Fecon BH300 hydraulic Bull Hog® mulching head.

The operators cab is designed for production with an air ride seat and a filtered and pressurized climate controlled cab to keep the operators performance and comfort at a high level. Tinted polycarbonate windows all around and a rear view camera with a large screen, maximize the visibility on this primary ROW performer.

Features of the FTX600 service oriented design include easy reaching service points (all from ground level), large compartment doors, and field service designed component positioning.

Gilbert GM-6Gilbert Products

The new GM-6 is the latest addition to Gilbert’s GM Series Brushcutter-Mowers, which are recognized for their cost-effectiveness in roadside vegetation management.

The GM-6 is mounted on a folding boom arm that offers excellent maneuverability with a total reach of 16 feet. It can be used to brush cut ditches and back slopes and trim the trees as needed on forestry, municipal, secondary roads, etc. It easily cuts stems of diameters up to eight inches at an average operating speed of six km per hour, thanks to the patented concept that cuts vegetation as opposed to mulching it, using three saw discs rotating at 1700 rpm.

The head can be installed on most graders or carriers using the standard hydraulic and fixing points for easy fitment and removal.

The GM-6 folds tight to the carrier when not in use so there is no interference with the grader blade for fast changeover between road grading and brush cutting work.

Gyro-Trac GT_35Gyro-Trac

For 2014, Gyro-Trac has expanded its product line with updated and re-engineered mulchers including introduction of the GT-35. The GT-35 has added horsepower (350 hp) and the proven features that operators loved from the GT-25XP and also includes the Plus+1 compliant graphical display monitoring system and a re-designed cooling system. It is perfect for use in traditional forestry applications with the added benefit of being compatible with Gyro-Trac’s patent-pending Biomass Baling System (BBS). The GT-35 is available with either Gyro-Trac’s captive track system or steel track.

Gyro-Trac’s BBS-XP is a combination of the GT-35 and the BBS. While the GT-35 expertly mulches debris, the BBS collects the mulch, resizes it, and packages it resulting in a bale weighing approximately one ton that can easily be transported to a location of choice.

The GT-35 and BBS-XP are perfect for use in many heavy-duty forestry applications. They have a cutting width of 88 in/224 cm and offer the benefit of low ground pressure and operating on a closed-loop hydraulic system.

With more than 20 years of product development and manufacturing, Gyro-Trac has taken the next step in revolutionizing its industry with equipment that is on the edge of emerging technology.

Iron Wolf

The Iron Wolf Mulcher Series feature a robust, low maintenance design, direct drive: no belts or pulleys; oil-filled planetary drives, which don’t require daily greasing; and a high-torque motor for efficient production and rapid recovery time. Cutting widths vary from the 5X, which has a cutting width of 57.5 inches to the 10XP with a cutting width of 120 inches.


The Versatile KMC High Speed Steel Track (HSST) vehicle has been adapted to become a carrier for both a rear-mounted mulcher or wildfire-suppression unit.

This machine is capable of being utilized for fuel reduction, fire reclamation, vegetation clearing and fire guard construction. It can also be quickly converted to a fire-suppression unit for off-highway initial attach or mop-up use.

The KMC HSST Vehicle is capable of working on steep slopes as well as in sensitive soil conditions. One of the major benefits of the KMC Tracked Vehicles, because of the independent torsion bar suspension system, has always been and continues to have minimal environmental impact.

The KMC rear-mounted mulcher can have the same positive impacts on Fire Suppression work by rapidly cutting fire lines and temporary access without the costly post-fire remediation commonly required. Also, after wildfire season, the machine can be converted back to being a log skidder.

Prinoth Raptor 800Prinoth

With a patented direct drive and power belt system, as well as no hydraulics (which means less engine drain), the RT200 and the Raptor 800 are both high production machines when it comes to land clearing and vegetation management.

The RT200 has a water-cooled C 6.6 Caterpillar 6-cylinder 176 hp engine. A maintenance flap allows access to the engine cooling, charge air cooler, and condenser/capacitor for ease of maintenance, and the hydraulic cab tilt system permits easy access to the main components of the drive train. A reverse fan ensures contaminants are blown out.

The Raptor 800 comes with an electronically controlled 6-cylinder Caterpillar turbo diesel engine with an output of 630 hp. The Power Belt System provides the mulcher with a very high range of vertical reach even under full load of the engine. The mulcher lift frame allows for 1.75-inch vertical movement allowing the mulcher to follow the terrain and reduce stress and impacts on the mulcher and the vehicle.

An electronically controlled traction drive and a CANBUS system, which controls all machine functions, are standard on both the RT200 and the Raptor 800.

Promac 48HFTPromac

Promac’s new 48HFT drum mulcher features a totally enclosed and protected drive system, a heavy-duty frame designed to withstand rigorous conditions imposed by 40-ton carriers, and low-profile tooth holders on the drum, which eliminates damage caused by striking immovable objects.

The 48HFT can be equipped with your choice of teeth to accommodate various field conditions. A sixty-inch version of the mulcher is already in production, and a new 100-inch dual drive unit is in development and planned for a spring release.


QUADCO’s efficient saw tooth technology in combination with its drum mower creates an extremely productive attachment. With a direct drive or belt driven option, the QUADCO drum mower is designed to fit a wide range of applications - from light brushing to heavy full tree mulching.

The robust mowers mulch vegetation into fine material, discharging directly to the ground. Both mowers feature minimal operating costs, low-maintenance, and are equipped with an improved 26 staggered-tooth drum that is 3/4-inch thick and offers a choice of rotatable teeth to fit the application—Reversible, Beaver®, Concave, or Carbide.

An anvil system is designed to hold the material for high productivity. A high strength 1⁄2-inch plate used on the main frame makes these the strongest mower attachments on the market today. The Rexroth variable-displacement 160cc motor provides superior performance.

Rayco C260 CrawlerRayco Mfg.

The C260 Crawler is a mid-sized mulcher that delivers 260 hp in a compact, low ground pressure package. This mulcher is suited for clearing small trees, underbrush, and more. The heavy-duty steel undercarriage and powerful final drives allow operators to tackle difficult terrain. Rayco’s exclusive elevated cooling design keeps engine and hydraulic temperatures within their limits in all environments. To minimize maintenance, a reversing fan can be activated from the cab to clear the limbriser debris screens, helping to extend service intervals even when operating in hot, debris-filled environments. When manually cleaning the debris screens, they are easily removed, and the rear door opens to allow unrestricted access to the debris screen and engine radiator.

The low profile Predator mulcher head is made specifically for the C260 carrier and provides excellent visibility. The rotor is driven from both sides by a pair of variable displacement hydraulic motors and hydraulic pressure in the mulcher drive system is monitored by the cab display. A lift height of 43 inches above ground level helps to reach high brush. The Predator FM185-7R has a mulching width of seven feet, and the Predator FM260 is available in both 7-foot and 8-foot widths.

RWF Bron 275 mulcherRWF BRON

The BRON 275 Mulcher comes equipped with a Berco D3/D4 undercarriage featuring an oscillating front axle for improved stability, maintaining constant ground pressure for a better ride with less wear and tear.

The 275 Mulcher is designed with an upfront, ergonomically designed pressurized cab with single-stick steering controls. The cab seating is designed for operator comfort with height, headrest, and seat tilt adjustments with mechanical suspension to eliminate operator fatigue. The cab is also climate-controlled and features easy to read head pressure gauge and CAT® LCD visualizing to monitor engine status. An electronic pump can tilt the cab making for easier machine access, and lamps inside the engine compartment provide better visibility for servicing.

The newest BRON 275 Mulchers come equipped with a Seppi MIDIFORST mulching head as well as ergonomic tilting cab and removable multi-section belly pans for ease of use and service.

The hydrostatic drives are powered by a CAT® diesel engine. Balanced in line with the frame, the components are positioned for even traction, easy service access, and maximum cooling. Managed by the Plus+1TM machine control system, the engine power characteristics are matched to hydrostatic demand for optimum cutting performance.

Supertrak SK350PPSupertrak

The Supertrak SK350PP is designed to match equal weight of traditional standard counterweight for ease of machine transportation and is equipped with a Cat C9.3 Tier IV engine delivering 100GPM at 5500 PSI. The cooling system features industry leading heavy-duty, high-debris combination charge air, radiator, and oil cooler. Roof louvers get air out of the enclosure quickly, and the large intake area has optional debris screens. The power pack can be track mounted, or built as a stand-alone power unit. Depending on excavator reach, you can clear and maintain steep side slopes. When the power pack is not in use, the excavator will perform all day-to-day functions.

Supertrak also offers a compact wheeled mulching machine. The Supertrak SK170RTL is a super-high-performance mulching tractor for the vegetation industry. Weighing under nine tons and equipped with a Cat C4.4 Tier IV (at 170 hp), this versatile machine packs a punch. The cooling system is equipped with auto reversing fans to maintain optimal hydraulic and engine cooling.

The new selectable work tool hydraulics can produce up to 50 gpm at 6000psi depending on available mulching attachments. When the SK170RTL is not mulching, it can utilize all standard compact wheel loader tools.

Tigercat 470Tigercat Industries

The Tigercat 470 is a 300 hp class track driven mulcher carrier well suited to tough terrain, right-of-way, and site preparation projects where a narrow, agile, and extremely low ground pressure machine is required.

The 470 is powered by a clean, fuel-efficient Tigercat FPT C87 Tier 4i engine with an efficient, high capacity cooling system. It features an automatic variable speed, reversible fan for improved fuel economy and cold weather starts, a heavy-duty forestry undercarriage, and extremely low ground pressure for sensitive sites.

This machine has a highly refined closed loop track drive system, high-lift boom geometry, and is built to maintain productivity in uneven and sloped terrain.

A quiet, climate controlled operator’s station is insulated and isolation mounted and includes a high output heater and A/C, an extreme duty air ride seat, CRF counter rotate function for one-touch ‘on a dime’ turns, and an ergonomic armrest-mounted joystick steer and drive.

The 470 gives you a choice of horizontal drum type mulching attachments requiring up to 300 hp and has excellent access to daily service points with a tilting cab for additional access to components.

Vermeer BC700XLVermeer

Built tough enough to withstand the daily grind, and are engineered with exclusive features that promote easy operation, high efficiency and operator safety. They’re also easy to maintain and transport.

Brush chippers range from the BC700XL to the BC2100SL Tier 4. The BC700XL features a centrifugal clutch system, 25 hp Kohler EFI engine, bottom feed stop bar and Vermeer exclusive SmartFeed feed-sensing control system. The new member of the chippers line offers the compact size operators are looking for and the performance they want to achieve a job efficiently.

The robust BC2100XL Tier 4 is powered by a 275 hp Tier 4 Final (Stage IV) diesel engine to tackle the toughest land clearing projects. With a 21-inch capacity and the largest infeed table in its class, the BC2100XL allows for smooth material feeding. Offset horizontal feed rollers have theoretical combined 10,000 lb. of pulling force and allow for easier feeding of material and less need for manual control of the upper feed roller when chipping large diameter material. The exclusive SmartCrush system provides increased down pressure on the material being fed and assists when feeding forked or branchy material.