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New & Noted at 2010 Oregon Logging Conference

Oregon Loggin ConferenceTowering heavy equipment and forestry professionals from across the Pacific Northwest once again returned to the Lane Events Centre in Eugene, Oregon, in February for the 72nd Oregon Logging Conference. 

The conference, renowned for its high-quality educational opportunities and networking events, proved to be a great value to participants who had the opportunity to earn professional logger credits and view the logging, construction, trucking and heavy equipment.

This year's theme, "Forest Biomass...Fuel of the Future?," was discussed at conference educational seminars and during the keynote address given by Nate Clark, director of public affairs for John Deere's Construction and Forestry Division and John Deere Power Systems.   

As with previous OLC shows, manufacturers took advantage of the opportunity to present new and improved logging equipment. Below are the highlights of the new equipment at the show.

BruksBruks 805.2 STC Mobile Chipper

Show attendees got to see the Bruks mobile chipper in action on the OLC grounds in Eugene. The company's 805.2 chipper is an update of the 805 version with new versions of control and hydraulic systems for even higher productivity and easier operation.

The 805.2 STC is the company's multi-function version featuring infeed from the side and a high-dumping chip bin. The machine can be installed on forwarders, trucks, as well as other vehicles. It features a powerful, fuel-efficient 450 hp Scania diesel engine and can easily process logging slash, and roundwood up to 20" in diameter.

Koller K702 Power Yarder

The K702 power yarder is Koller's newest and most powerful track, truck or trailer mounted yarder. The tower stands 39', or 49' with extension. Line pull with the skyline is 26,450 lbs. and with winch 1 and 2 it's 17,640 lbs. It's equipped with a self-supporting frame, allowing simple assembly on various trucks and trailers.

The K702 is principally used for selective cuts and for general wood harvesting operations. All four guylines run inside the tower and winches can be synchronized to each other for rigging corridors, with operation by radio control. It's said to have low fuel consumption, and offers high speed with heavy loads because of a converter and powershift transmission. Maintenance is easy and low cost due to the K702's simple construction, the company says.

Eagle debuts Electronic Choker

At the OLC, Eagle Carriage featured a streamlined, easy-to-use, electronic choker on display. Just cock the trigger back and close it to activate the choker. The cable is attached to the choker and once the load is lifted, the choker can be opened by remote control from up to 30 yards away.

The choker avoids labor-intensive manual load releasing and is a safer option--reducing risk exposure when releasing a load. It's waterproof, mud-proof and snow-proof, and weighs only 3.5 pounds. It's easy to install and repair, according to the company.

Peterson 4300 Drum Chipper

The Peterson 4300 drum chipper is a good choice for those looking for a chipper suited for high volume and variety feed material, according to the company. It can handle logs up to 26" down to brush and small feedstock. The 4300 is powered by a C18 Caterpillar engine, and is available in three power ratings--630, 700 and 765 HP.

The 4300 utilizes a 36" diameter by 44.75" wide drum with wear resistant AR450 wear surfaces on the drum pockets and shell. A sloped feed deck makes feeding the chipper easier.

It uses a heavy-duty adjustable knife and clamp system and the chip length can be changed from 3/8" to 1.5" by adjusting knife extension and feed speed.

Quadco's two new driver mowers

On display at the OLC were Quadco's new 44" and 56" heavy-duty direct driver mowers. The mowers mulch vegetation into fine material, discharging material directly to the ground.

They are simple and easy to use, using only three hydraulic lines; two additional hydraulic lines are required for the optional rotator.

The two mowers cut a 44" and 56" swath respectively and the 56" weighs approximately 3,700 pounds with the boom adapter. Quadco's boom adapter is made to fit any carrier for quick attaching. The mowers are equipped with 26 reversible, 8-sided teeth with optional rotatable carbide teeth. They are ideal for a 20+ ton excavator and drive-to-tree machines, says the company.

Satco 325 Processor Head

The Satco 325 is a 25" single grip, two roller processing head said to be ideal for contractors who require a full processing head that's "not too big, but not too small", according to the company. It can process 25" stems and weighs 800 to 900 kg. It features a unique "hose through centre" connection to the base machine, which allows the hoses to travel through the centre line of the attaching pins. This prevents the hoses over-bending and causing premature failure, protecting them from damage, especially in cut-to-length applications.

Since the bottom delimb arms are so close to the butt saw, operators have accurate diameter measurements and there is less risk of tree slippage when tree falling. It also offers the advantage of better delimbing.

Waratah 623C Harvester Head

Waratah's newest head addition is the HTH623C. It has large, high-torque feed motors, delimbing power and great balance of feed speed. It is designed for a 25-ton carrier. The head's hydraulic design provides high-flow characteristics combined with low-pressure drop for increased performance.

The TimberRite measuring system on the 623C provides a wealth of data, and an optional large color monitor. The butt saw and top saw have a maximum cutting diameter of 30" and 18" respectively. It has three feed rollers with full hydraulic synchro-drive, and various feed roller opetions are available. Feed speed is 18 ft/sec. @ 95 gpm.

Wintersteiger Banso Bandsaw Blades

Banso bandsaw blades are imported from Germany and are manufactured from C75, a special German steel which combines toughness and flexibility. Wintersteiger employs state-of-the-art production methods in tooth-cutting, setting and sharpening to ensure perfect cutting and long service life for these affordable blades.

The company offers a variety of blades. It has standard blades as well as stellite-tipped band saw blades for softwood and European hardwoods. Its carbide-tipped band saw blades are known for their high wear resistance and are ideal for tropical hardwoods, the company says.

InterWrap introduces PRO RapidWrapper

InterWrap introduced the PRO RapidWrapper at the recent Wood Technology Clinic & Show in Portland, Oregon.

According to InterWrap, this is the first cost effective, fully automatic wrapping machine specifically designed to quickly apply woven wrap in either fully automatic or semi-automatic mode. The PRO RapidWrapper is designed to economically and safely wrap lumber, I-Beams and OSB packages from 5' to over 64' in length.

The PRO RapidWrapper system is available with the PRO WrapPrint in-line inkjet labeling/bar code module. It's now possible to print label information directly on to the wrapped package, meaning no more label reordering or missing labels, says the company. 1 (800) 206-9727

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