Tech Update- Stroke delimbers and slashers

Tech Update Editor: Diane Mettler

DDI Equipment
This past June, DDI purchased the assets of Timberline from the Oldenburg Group. DDI is now in the process of gearing up production of the Timberline stroke delimbers at its manufacturing facility in Grand Junction, Colorado. DDI is putting more power into the machines, a Tier III engine and creating more compatibility between machines. They will also be introducing new models and expanding product lines. The Timberline SDL2A will now be called the Trail Blazer 42, with 00 hp and a 42’ boom. The Timberline DL 800 will be the Forester 26 8, with 260 hp and a 8’ boom. DDI views the Timberline as its “green machines,” in part because of their reduced emissions, and is painting the machines a classic green to emphasize that point.

Introduced in 2007, the new Hahn HRT2 0 roll-through delimber is designed to be mounted on selfpropelled and trailer mount log loaders in the 150 hp to 185 hp range. The loader places the tree into the powerful, high speed feed rollers, which then pull the tree through Hahn’s rugged and reliable, five-knife delimbing head. A /4” pitch hydraulic chainsaw is used to butt and top the tree. The HRT2 0 is faster than pull-through delimbers and eliminates side loading common to most pull-through applications, says the company. The Hahn HRT2 0 is competitively priced and offers logging contractors a lower cost alternative to bigger, more complex, delimbing systems while extending the range of use of their log loaders.

Pierce Pacific
Pierce and Pierce Denharco monoboom and telescopic delimbers are built strong to handle the big timber and feature superior designs. Measuring from a lineal steel boom assures precision accuracy—and greater efficiency— time after time. Pierce Denharco delimbers shine in large diameter timber, heavy limb applications, irregular logs and multiple sorting requirements, guaranteeing the most value out of each stem. When it comes to working in challenging forest conditions, it pays to have the right equipment for the job.

Pro Pac
Pro Pac offers two slashers, the Model 600 and Model 500. They both have a Volvo motor with 2,260 psi. The 500 is equipped with a 60” saw blade, butt plates ranging from 48” to 100”, and has a cut length from 48” to over 16’. It is 19’7” long and weighs 5,000 lbs with the saw. The Model 600 has many of the same features as the 500, but is 28’7” long and has an adjustable Pintle hook. It weighs 8,900 lbs with the saw. The company offers several delimbers, the PP 9 , PP45 , PP51 and PP61 . All models have a grapple opening of 0”. They range from 9’7” to 45’7” in length and the boom length is 6’ for the PP 9 and up to 8’ on the PP51 . The maximum delimbing diameter is 18” for the P 9 all the way up to 2” with the PP61 . The stroke ranges from 26’6” to 1’6” and the butt saw ranges from 24” to 2” depending on the model.

Through the Forespro trade name, Quadco offers telescopic and monoboom stroke delimbers for every type of operation across Canada. The telescopic model produces fast cycles, is compact, has a long boom reach and has the versatility to fit most operating conditions. It can deliver boom speed of up to 16 ft/sec with a delimbing stroke of 54’ and diameter up to 4”. The optional butt saw, normally positioned on the carriage in the back, can be mounted at the front, behind the delimbing arms on the head. Monoboom models are robust and low maintenance. They are ideal in large softwoods or the toughest hardwoods. Hoses slide on cables using pulleys made of durable Teflon material, reversible for maximum life. The top saw can be disc or bar type. Quadco has recently updated its delimber line to include a shorter monoboom model with delimbing length of 41’ and a delimbing capacity of 0” at a speed of 1 /ft sec. This new machine, the M 041, is designed for efficient processing of mixed species. Forespro stroke monoboom delimber models offer a delimbing diameter capacity up to 4” and delimbing length from 41’ up to 45’. Quadco’s Forespro chain drive delimbers are engineered with the highest performance standards and can efficiently handle a wide range of forest conditions. They are built rugged and are easy to operate. The company prides itself on the machines’ robustness, serviceability, and low operating cost.  

Risley The Lim-mit line of delimbers offers a number of standard features and options that help match each model to a range of applications. The accuracy and speed of these models are unequaled, says the company, and they feature superior quality and design. Workmanship has established the Lim-mit as a reliable machine with an extraordinary service life, according to the company.                                   

The delimbers feature a measuring wheel built in the head frame, delimbing arms with proportional squeeze and Hultdins Supercut topsaw.                                   

Risley has increased the effectiveness of the Lim-mit with the addition of timber optimization using Dasa and Risley patented software and hardware. Operators can view the profile of the tree displayed as it is delimbed and processed. The software includes a full tree optimizer (delimb and process the whole tree with length, diameter and top size before bucking), dynamic auto bucking, a visual decision maker (visually cuts defect out and re-evaluates the next bucking length), as well as real time production reports.

Tanguay’s TS150B slasher has a number of benefits including lower fuel consumption, a strong loader and easy service access. The TS150B is powered by a 215 hp Mercedes engine allowing it to use less fuel. It has a 2’ reach with a lift capacity of 27,000 lbs, and a full lift capacity over 60 degrees. It also features a self-propelled carrier with three forward speeds and reverse transmission. The machine weighs, with grapple, approximately 55,000 lbs.                 

The TS150B is also equipped with four heavy-duty hydraulically actuated stabilizers activated by rocker switches and a large, 140-gallon fuel tank for extended shifts. And the operator will enjoy a cab that is engineered for safety, comfort,  and excellent visibility. A few of the options include a stopper kit for additional cutting lengths, a Rotobec grapple model 6606-HD with RT-504 rotor and stopper panel for 4’2” wood.  

TimRick Welding & Machine, already well known for its mobile slashers, has broadened its line of forestry equipment to include a radio remote Tag Slasher designed to work in tandem with a log loader. This self-contained, 14,000-lb, portable unit is said to be ideal for contractors processing pulp or OSB wood and is currently producing approximately 20 cords per hour in 8’ poplar.                                   

The Tag Slasher is powered by a 150 hp John Deere diesel engine. Fuel consumption is low—two gallons per hour at operating rpm. All hydraulic components are Rexroth. The Tag Slasher employs a 60” Simonds cut-off saw, eliminating the cost of saw bars, saw chain and lubricating oil. The machine’s defining feature, the radio remote, operates 14 separate functions including engine auto start and shut down.   

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