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Metal Shark offers enhanced metal detection
Mills that are processing a large variety of log diameters can be forced to use a metal detector to accommodate the largest log. This in itself can be problematic. The weakest point of the signal on any metal detector is mid aperture. When scanning larger logs with metal at or near the centre of a medium-sized log, some metal may not be detected due to the diluted signal. Known for its leading edge technology and industry innovation, Tectronix offers the Metal Shark Super Power Drive, which creates the strongest signal at the aperture centre. As an added benefit, a homogenous zone is created, which allows mills the flexibility to teach the metal detector to ignore metal such as staples.  

Volvo to offer hybrid technology on construction equipment
Volvo Construction Equipment’s president and chief executive Tony Helsham has announced that the company plans to offer customers machines featuring hybrid technology by 2009.                                   

The company foresees offering machines with lower emissions and fuel savings of up to 50 per cent. The integrated hybrids would also have the ability to operate on bio-fuels. “While different hybrid configurations, biofuels and energy storage systems are still being investigated, the basic technology platform is already established,” he says.                 

Volvo’s hybrid engine was on display recently at a construction trade show in Germany and drew a good deal of attention. “Prototype machines will be on test with customers next year, with limited serial production due to begin in 2009,” says Helsham. “The project is moving full speed ahead.”                                   

The first machine to be launched using hybrid technology is likely to be a wheel loader, where fuel savings of up to 50 per cent appear achievable.  

New Jeffrey Smarthog monitoring system
Wood hog operators and maintenance personnel can now identify machine problems faster, schedule maintenance functions more efficiently, and prevent repeat failures more reli
ably with Jeffrey Specialty Equipment Corporation’s new SmartHog system.                                   

The new SmartHog system integrates easily with existing control systems and represents the most advanced technology offered in condition monitoring (CM) and condition-based maintenance (CbM) for rotating machinery. It provides vital information such as worn and damaged hammers and rotors, worn or bent shafts, bearing problems, and excessive vibration. Modules capture and store data and are connected via Ethernet to a remote access modem, which allows analysts to dial in securely to the system and view live-time data.

New Mobile grinder
Continental Biomass Industries (CBI) says that its recently introduced portable grinder, the Magnum Force 6400-T, is already receiving positive response from customers in North America, Holland, Norway, Finland and Sweden.                                   

The 6400 is said to be extremely wellbuilt, with no compromises, according to the company.

“At under three metres in width, the CBI 6400 is compact and very versatile, making it ideal for most European applications,” said Henk Landeweerd, sales manager, CBI Europe. “The fact that it can accommodate several different rotors is very attractive in our market—it gives our customers much more flexibility and value.”                                   

The Magnum Force 6400 series is available now for delivery in portable, track and stationary configurations each with four different field-swappable rotors—drum, solid steel and two- or four-pocket chipper.

FECON introduces FTX350 track carrier
Fecon, Inc has announced the FTX 50, an addition to its track carrier line. The FTX 50 is equipped with steel tracks, making it ideal for high production in tight or open places, soft ground, rough terrain or where transport weight is important. With various track width options and a machine weight of roughly 28,000 lbs, the ground pressure on the FTX 50 can be as low as .4 psi. A powerful Tier III Cummins engine and steel tracks makes this a durable mulching package. It’s also equipped with a BH99HD Bull Hog mulcher, which offers a 0 degree lateral tilt and an 86” cutting width for more efficient mulching on uneven terrain. The standard LCD screen with computer monitoring system and user-friendly controls make this an easy and comfortable machine to operate. Options for the FTX 50 include a 25,000 lb Ramsey Winch, Espar Heater (coolant and hydraulic) and winter cleats.  

John Deere 848H skidder
The new John Deere 848H skidder features a new Tier III PowerTech Plus engine with 224 peak gross hp and an exclusive lock-up torque converter.                 

The lock-up torque converter combines the benefits of a torque converter and direct drive to create a powerful, responsive and fuel-efficient system, according to the company. Operators will be more productive and be able to optimize uptime with the enhanced features available on the 848H. Like the rest of the H-Series, the 848H features best-in-class axles and grapples, and innovative features like dual-mode steering, which allows operators to alternate between standard steering and quick-steer mode with the flip of a switch. The 848H grapple comes standard with a 16-square-foot area and 1 0-inch-wide opening that can securely handle as much wood as larger competitive grapples.  

New transducer features vibration resistance
Mobile equipment and stationary processing systems demand absolute accuracy and reliability in linear position feedback. Through its innovation, proprietary technology and decades of experience, Gemco developed its 95 VMAX linear displacement transducer. The 95 VMAX features high vibration resistance to 0 Gs and high shock resistance to 1,000 Gs. It also has a wide input power range of seven to 0 VDC, sensor lengths up to 00”, and high accuracy and resolution. In addition to being contaminant-resistant, its power consumption is low (one watt is typical), it is 1P68 rated and has a removable cartridge for hydraulic applications.  

Peterson 5710C horizontal grinder The 5710C is Peterson’s latest generation of high production track grinders. Powered by the Caterpillar C27 engine at 1,050 hp, this grinder provides the highest power to weight ratio of any Peterson grinder. At 82, 0 lbs, it was designed for operations requiring high production and frequent moves between jobs.                 

With a feed opening of 60” x 44”, combined with Peterson’s high lift feed roll, the 5710C can readily reduce a wide range of material including stumps. The 5710C utilizes Peterson’s new generation of impact release system that can be set in the detent mode to provide consistent product sizing or switched to the floating anvil mode for a primary reduction where accurate sizing is less critical. The floating anvil mode provides high production primary reduction with more protection from contaminated feedstocks, and reduced fuel consumption.                 

In addition, the 5710C’s new generation of controls includes Peterson’s high production adaptive control system and a fully adjustable feed system that can be optimized for a wide range of materials. It also features a square-shaft rotor and large grate area that enables the 5710C to produce materials to exact specifications.

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