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Supplier Newsline

Glacier introduces computers for forestry

Glacier Computer has introduced its Magnum series of computers, which are said to be ideal for forestry applications, including use in field vehicles such as ATVs, logging trucks, and the foreman’s pickup truck. The Magnum line is designed to perform 24/7 in the harshest conditions despite temperature extremes, dirt, humidity, shock and vibration.                 

The computers are available with a 12” sunlight readable colour display, an array of processor options, from a 600 MHz Celeron up to a 1.4 GHz Pentium M, and up to 1 GB DRAM. The units accept a wide variety of area cards and support GPS for  location and AVL applications.  Providing 6V to 60V isolated  internal power supply, the Magnum  eliminates the need for external  power converters or filters when  mounted in forestry trucks and  vehicles. The computers are HALT  tested, have passed thermal and  reliability testing and have an MTBF  of nearly 40,000 hours.    

Lucidyne GradeScan for  Weyerhaeuser’s Grande Prairie mill 
Weyerhaeuser recently purchased  its fourth Lucidyne GradeScan system  for grading dimension lumber. It will be commissioned this December in a new  high-speed SPF planer mill in Grande  Prairie, Alberta where it will be operating  at speeds of ,600 ft/min after a year and  handle surges to 4,000 ft/min. GradeScan  features fully-integrated colour, tracheid,  geometric, density, and other sensors  designed specifically by Lucidyne to  analyze wood fibre.                                     

Lucidyne’s GradeScan installs directly  behind a planer and requires less than  five feet of space. Boards are tracked from  the planer to the lug chain by Lucidyne’s  patented True-Q lumber queuing  system—no inks, sprays, or other marking  equipment are required.   

Shell Canada launches  next generation hydraulic oil 
Shell Canada is launching its next  generation of Shell Tellus hydraulic oil,  which is designed to offer exceptional  performance and help customers extend  maintenance intervals, protect equipment,  provide flexibility in maintenance  scheduling and increase productivity.  Shell Tellus oil can help overcome  problems such as corrosion, contamination, sludge build-up, filter  blocking and increased wear, says the  company, which can result in major  equipment failure, increased maintenance  requirements and expensive downtime.  Features such as exceptional wear  protection, filterability, and oxidative and  thermal stability, are now taking hydraulic  oil performance to a new level. 

FERIC joins PREFoRT to participate in logging  research activities  FERIC, a division of FPInnovations,  has announced its association with  PREFoRT, a research program on logging  and transportation contractors. FERIC will  participate in research activities aimed at  measuring contractor performance and  developing training methods in an effort  to contribute to revitalizing Quebec’s  forest sector.                                     

Several of PREFoRT’s specific  objectives are already in line with those of  FERIC and this new partnership will make  it possible to better co-ordinate research  efforts. In the end, several diagnostic  tools, software programs and technical  documents will be produced.   

Research provides new guidance for harvesting 
The results from research projects led by Quebec researcher Dr Sylvie Gauthier  and a large team of scientists from across Canada are providing important new  guidance for the ways in which tree harvesting can be used to effectively mimic  natural forest disturbances. Researchers at the Sustainable Forest Management (SFM)  Network are filling gaps in knowledge about how fire, insects, and other natural  disturbances affect  Canadian forests.  They are finding that  by changing logging  practices, forestry companies  can create conditions similar  to natural disturbances as a  way to preserve forest  biodiversity. A new book on  the subject is being prelaunched  with recommended  changes to logging practices. events_workshops_f.html 

Prentice introduces new bunching saw 
Prentice has introduced the SH-50,  a new bunching saw that incorporates  innovative bunching technology to  increase productivity. The SH-50 features  the Strait Grip bunching finger that tucks  trees into the saw pocket, keeping the  tops together and creating tight bunches.  This allows the operator to bunch and  control more trees before piling.                 

The beefy saw has a /4” thick  carrying plate and an 8” diameter and  5/8” thick gathering arm tube. A boxed-in  top limiter gives the saw added strength  and rigidity and aids in controlling the  trees. For even longer structural life,  PRETEX abrasion-resistant steel is an  available option. The saw also features  top- and bottom-sealed bearing chambers  (a patented feature found on all Prentice  saws) which maximizes shaft and bearing  life by ensuring top bearing lubrication.  Reader Service Card #160 

Wajax appointed  distributor for Tigercat equipment 
Logging equipment manufacturer  Tigercat has appointed Wajax Industries  as its exclusive, authorized full-line  distributor for the provinces of Alberta,  Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and  Nova Scotia, effective December 1, 2007.  Founded in 1858, Wajax is a publicly  traded company with extensive forestry  equipment industry experience.  Wajax is said to be highly focused on  providing exceptional product support  and after-sale service. The company’s  mobile equipment division employs over  1,000 employees in 0 strategic locations  throughout Canada. It commands  extensive knowledge and expertise in all  types of logging operations.