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Tech Update - Portable Sawmills

By Diane Mettler

Baker Products
The Baker model 3667D Blue Streak features a powerful 67 hp John Deere diesel engine, 28” diameter band wheels and is capable of cutting logs up to 36” in diameter. It also has a dual chain drive carriage and can handle logs 20’6” and even longer upon request. It comes standard with computer setworks, hydraulic log loader and turner, log clamps and toe rollers. The operator’s station features all of the user controls in one convenient location.                 

The Baker Blue Streak sawmill is also available in stationary models. Power options include 65 hp Cummins, a 38 hp Kubota diesel engine or 30 hp or 50 hp electric motors. The Baker Blue Streak sawmill is built to handle big logs and big jobs. It is built heavy and strong, yet is versatile, productive and easy to use, says the company.

Clarke Custom Steel
Clarke portable sawmills are manufactured by Clarke Custom Steel Inc—a family owned and operated business for 38 years—in Lindsay, Ontario.                                   

The company produces and stocks five models, from the #50 model to the #350 model, and it features both manual and hydraulic portable band sawmills.                                   

The sawmills can cut logs 30” in diameter and 20’ long. All the mills are made in Canada, come fully assembled, are of solid twin rail construction, and come complete with the trailer package. Buyers can have a choice of any name brand gas motor. Clarke also offers a larger custom built model #500 mill with a 40” cut, available with a diesel motor. Clark mills are said to be ideal for a part-time or full-time sawyer, or operators who require an extra long bed on a new mill for log home construction or specialty project.

D&L Timber Technologies
D&L offers several new and affordable swing blade models. Customers can choose from 6”, 8” and 10” models—they are the most diversified models D&L manufactures, and are the company’s number one sellers.                                   

These particular sawmills have one blade that works two operations. The 180-degree swinging action of a circular saw blade allows the operator to swing the saw to make either a horizontal or vertical cut through the log, edging all the lumber in the log with no log turning. The mills come with a mobile system and are easily transported by one person.                 

D&L also offers a band saw head in the swing blade frame. This allows the option of a second mill to cut on the same rails, if needed, to process logs into large beams or for log home applications.                                   

D&L has a large 25” planer head and cut off saw system which can be adapted to run on most current band saw mills, for planing beams for the log home industry, and squaring beams or posts while still on the mill.

Davco Solutions Inc
Davco Solutions continues to incorporate additional features into its Twin-Cut portable sawmill. The company is currently completing the final design of the second generation of its portable mill. The design will incorporate many features to increase production and machine flexibility, adapting it to produce diverse target products. Among the changes are a 30 per cent increase in horsepower, a redesigned waste system and upgraded operator climate controlled cab. With the Twin- Cut’s high portability and its concept of “back to the bush” thinking, it is opening up new ways to add value to wood recovery and salvage.

Hud-Son Forest Equipment
Hud-Son is introducing the new Slab & Trim saw. It’s said to be easy and efficient, freeing up one man to do other duties while turning waste slab wood into valuable firewood. Each unit can be fully integrated into an existing sawmill with auto infeed and outfeed conveyors. It cuts boards up to 8” thick and 18” wide. The Slab & Trim saw is made of 1.5” and 2” tubular steel, and is equipped with a hydraulic conveyor, an infeed conveyer 10’ long and 18” wide, and 24” or 30” saw blades are                                   

available. It has a small footprint: 14’ long by 42” wide. Cut stroke speed can be adjusted for small or large cuts. The stop flag adjusts from 8” to 36”, great for outdoor wood furnaces. It features a feed roll system and automatically holds wood down. The 21 hp gas engine is standard; an electric motor is optional.                 

Also new is the H360 hydraulic mill, built with the same heavy-duty frame as the FarmBoss and H2HG. It has the standard 36” log capacity and can cut logs 20’ long. It comes with a 23 hp engine, adjustable power feed, a hydraulic log loader, and hydraulic log turner.

Mighty Mite
The company’s band saw line includes the Mini Mite II, Mighty Mite Generation IIIa and the Mighty Mite Mark IVb. They range from the 18 hp Mini Mite II with a 30” throat that can mill a log length up to 15’ to the new Mighty Mite Mark IVb band saw mill—a fully self-contained lumber producing system.                                   

In less than 10 minutes one person can be producing precision lumber in any dimension up to 30” wide. The fully automated sawmill handles logs up to 36” in diameter and 24.5’ in length. It’s equipped with three hydraulic log loaders, two commercial grade 360-degree continuous dual directional hydraulic log turners, and three hydraulic dogging systems. The company’s circular saws include the H and W Series. The H series cuts up to 10,000 board feet per eight-hour shift and handles dense hardwood logs up to 7’ in diameter and 18.5’ in length, or larger with optional extensions. The more powerful W series has 30 per cent more horsepower and can cut up to 12,000 board feet per eight-hour shift.

Norwood Industries
It’s important that sawmills suit the unique requirements of mill operators, and meet their future needs. With the Norwood LumberMate, mill operators can handle logs up to 31” in diameter, cut boards up to 24” wide accurately to within 1/32nd of an inch and shave veneer as thin as 1/16th of an inch. It can mill logs 13’ long or, with additional bed extensions, logs of any length.                                   

Operators can customize the LumberMate by selecting the right engine for their particular situation. They can pick the power to fit their purposes, and choose from a 23 hp V-twin, 20 hp V-twin, 15 hp or 13 hp engine. Operators can finish customizing their LumberMate by selecting from a variety of commercialcapacity options—trailer package, log loader/repositioner, toeboards, 1-1/2” blade system, lapsiding/shingle-making package, stainless steel cross-bunk covers, leveling feet, cam dogs and more.

SELECT Sawmill Co
The company’s commercial model 4221 features a 6” double- cut blade that cuts in both directions up to 3 ft/sec. There is a choice of many features and optional equipment for customized operations.                                   

The portable model 3620 has a 4” double-cut. The two models are equipped with a fully hydraulic system, computerized setworks and either diesel or electric high-powered engines. The cut logs up to 42” in diameter and 22’ long. SELECT also produces a variety of mill accessories such as a Rosserhead style debarker, a new portable edger, conveyor systems, live infeed and outfeed decks and more.

Peterson Sawmills Ltd
Peterson’s All Terrain Sawmill (ATS) is the ideal entry-level mill to portable sawmilling, according to the company. It double cuts with ease and has a dual winch system, which means less walking and more milling. Made of alloy and stainless steel, the ATS is lightweight, highly portable, robust and rust-resistant. The Winch Production Frame (WPF) is designed for fast production of high quality, accurate timber. It allows easy access to the log, while also letting operators cut timber from all sides and ends. There are a number of advantages to this model including excellent accuracy due to the one-point lowering system, optional Hi/Lo tracks, unlimited track extensions and easy log access.                                   

The Automated Swingblade Mill (ASM) delivers increased and consistent production with little effort. This mill can make horizontal and vertical cuts, change the size or depth of the cut, and offers the option of removing the previous board cut, all at the touch of a button. The operator can control the mill without moving an inch.

Silvana Import Trading Inc
With the M7 sawmill, mill operators can saw a tree on site in their woodlot and choose an optimum size for their boards. Because it is lightweight and easy to use, this one-man sawmill provides operators with the opportunity to make cutting decisions directly on site. The M7 sawmill is expandable to all lengths or into a timber frame/log house factory. The sled assembly glides effortlessly along a stable guide rail. This same rail system supports accessories such as the log house moulder, gas chainsaw and electric chainsaw powerhead. Logs are lifted with a turn of the hand-operated crank that is supported by maintenancefree bronze bearings. Visible and audible measurement gradations permit the adjusting of the sawmill settings to be both easy and accurate. The first Logosol sawmill appeared in 1988. Since then, the design has been greatly improved and Logosol has sold over 20,000 sawmills worldwide.

Wood-Mizer is introducing a wireless remote option that conveniently operates three of the company’s thin-kerf, portable sawmills. The LT40 Super Hydraulic, LT50, and the LT70 are now available with the optional wireless remote. With this unit, sawyers operate the up/down, forward/reverse, blade guide arm, and other head controls from any practical viewing distance, ensuring the best view of their work area. The remote is designed to be worn around the waist, placing the sawmill’s joystick and toggle controls at the user’s fingertips. It’s powered by four “C” batteries, protected in a weatherproof box, and features patented technology that prevents interference from frequency hopping. Wood-Mizer’s new wireless remote offers operators the flexibility to use the standard controls and walk with the mill or switch to the wireless for more freedom to move around.