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New clearing saws from Husqvarna
The new 355FX and 355FXT clearing saws from Husqvarna offer more power using less fuel, and offer power where it is needed most.                                   

The meticulously considered ergonomics make these powerful clearing saws much more pleasant to operate, the company says. A transmission specially developed for forestry maximizes cutting power. Husqvarna’s unique X-TORQ engine technology works for both the operator and the environment, providing plenty of power and reducing fuel consumption, and reducing emissions by up to 60 per cent. Its high, even torque provides power at both high and low rpms.                                   

The 355FX and 355FXT both offer cylinder displacement of 3.3 cu inches and deliver 3.8 hp. Maximum power speed on the saws is 9,000 rpm. Both units offer thumb-controlled throttles for efficiency and precision control, and to reduce strain on hand muscles. The 355FXT features thermostat-controlled heated handles, a handy feature in cold and wet climates.                                   

The Smart Start feature on the saws gets the operator up and running with less effort. A Trio-Balance harness ensures maximum comfort.                                   

The high blade speed and angled bevel gearing on the saws facilitate more accurate directional felling, says the company.