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New & Noted
The Oregon Logging Conference is celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2008, and February’s OLC—as with the many previous OLC shows—did not disappoint those looking for new iron. There was a wide variety of logging equipment and technology on display at the OLC, held at the Lane County Fairgrounds in Eugene. Below are some of the equipment highlights.

Michelin’s new X One tire
Michelin displayed what it calls its revolutionary new X One tire at the Oregon Logging Conference. The all-position radial is designed for optimized weight savings and significant fuel savings in on/off road operations.                                   

Using aluminum wheels, drivers can experience weight savings from 672 to 1,302 lbs per tractor/trailer combination, and save approximately four per cent in fuel consumption, the company says. In addition, drivers will experience time savings with only 10 tires to mount versus 18, and less maintenance with no inside dual to reach. The overall width (sidewall to sidewall) is reduced with the X One. The use of the 2” offset wheel extends the vehicle track width by over 3” and the wider track improves stability.

Two new Volvo machines
Volvo introduced its new LevelMax, a tracked carrier leveling machine. The machine’s angle and rotating sensors continually monitor the carrier’s position relative to the ground, while an on-board computer controls its leveling hydraulics, smoothly and automatically keeping the carriers’s swing ring horizontal during travel. It automatically levels the superstructure of the carrier up to 21 degrees during travel through all axis points when working on steep slopes and uneven ground.                                   

It features a 330-type undercarriage, with 31” ground clearance, and a 290 upper with forestry guarding. It’s powered by a 205 hp, six-cylinder Volvo D7 diesel engine and is equipped with HD full length track rock guards with 8.5” link pitch. Loggers can see the official launch of Volvo’s feller buncher line this September at Demo International 2008 in Halifax.                 

Volvo also had on display its new L350F, a single pass unloading machine and Volvo’s most powerful log loader. It’s powered by a 532 hp Volvo D16E LA E3 engine. It features the Z-bar lift arm system with heavy-duty cylinders. The increase in lift pin height increases loading height and the dual pin seals prevent contamination of pins. The machine is fuel efficient and the standard lock-up torque converter helps both to reduce fuel and increase transport speed.

Komatsu Forest feller bunchers
The 430FX/FKL and 450FXL feller bunchers are new to the Komatsu line. The 430FX/FXL feller buncher/harvester features a new Komatsu-engineered undercarriage. The machines include the company’s specially designed carbody and track system with “up-sized” 8.5” pitch track chain.                                   

The sturdier tracks and thicker dozer-weight shoes are said to increase mobility and improve machine stability. The four-way leveling model incorporates massive Komatsu final drives for even greater performance. It comes with a new 300 hp Tier III Cummins engine and the Tier III cooling package has wider cooling fins, which improves cooling, particularly for the hydraulics. It also features an enlarged cab for all-day comfort.                                   

The 450FXL features a specially designed forestry track system with largest-in-class 9” pitched track. The Komatsu-designed carbody features the “next-size-up” leveling components and added structure to withstand the stress of heavy forestry work. The larger leveler has 3.5” pins and tapered bushings, with 7” cylinders, all joined to a much heavier swing bearing. It also has the Cummins Tier III 300 hp engine.

John Deere 1490D Eco III
John Deere had on display its new slash bundler, the 1490D Eco III. It comes with the same innovative Eco III features as previously launched Eco III harvesters and forwarders, and is available with either a fixed or detachable bundler unit. The detachable bundler unit is mounted on the rear frame. It can be detached and then equipped with a loader space, allowing it to be used as a forwarder. Many load space options are available.                                   

The 1490D Eco III also comes with John Deere’s PowerTech Plus engine, which has a power increase of six per cent. It’s specifically designed for heavy-duty use and conforms to Tier III emission regulations.

Carlton’s new harvester chain
Carlton introduced its new G7EP harvester chain at the OLC. It features new semi-chisel design cutters that cut smoother and faster than standard chipper style harvester chain. Built on the proven G7S chassis, the G7EP chain has a wider gullet and improved grind angles for increased chip clearance and faster cutting. The chain features 0.100” thick cutters and tie straps for maximum strength and to minimize “knife edging” on guide bar rails.                 

All Carlton saw chain is injected at the rivets with a hypoid lubricant to reduce wear during the chain break-in period. And all chain cutters and drive links are shot peened for increased tensile strength, similar to a process used on automotive leaf springs.

Log Max’s 10000XT head
New at the show was the Log Max 10000XT, a head designed for use in very large timber. It was developed specifically for tracked carriers, with a choice of harvester or dedicated processor. The 10000XT cuts wood up to 35.4” in diameter and both versions feature an integrated top saw.                                   

With completely new one-piece cast roller arms and felling link, the 10000XT weighs only 6,680 lbs, including rollers and rotator. This enables the head to be mounted on a smaller size carrier, leading to savings in both machine and fuel costs.                                   

The head has powerful 1404 cc roller motors equipped with all new steel rollers and a powerful 30 cc saw motor with 3/4" pitch chain. The processor configuration is equipped with integrated top saw and processor link. And the processor style delimbing knives have replaceable edges and mechanical stops.

Boman’s Z-7900
Boman Industries introduced its new carriage, the Z-900. The lightweight carriage offers more speeds and power in a 4,300- lb package. For use on a 1-1/8 to 1-3/8” diameter skyline, the Z-7900 motorized carriage is powered by a 160 hp Cummins diesel engine. Line pull ranges from 52,000 lbs on a bare drum to 31,000 on a full drum, and it offers speeds up to 700 feet per minute. Like all Boman carriages, it’s controlled by an advanced digital radio system and options include skyline clamp and high speed gearing.

Cat’s new motor grader
Cat had on display its new 140M motor grader that has a number of features including: a Cat C7 engine with ACERT Technology; a technologically advanced cab with joystick controls; and full systems integration with advanced electronics, including Cat Messenger, AccuGrade blade control system and Cat ET. The grader has a 140M frame and the DCM (drawbar, circle and moldboard) deliver service ease and precise blade control. An electronically controlled power shift transmission assures smooth shifting and maximum power to the ground. And a modular rear axle and hydraulic brakes simplify serviceability and reduce operating costs.

Multitek’s new firewood processor
Multitek North America LLC introduced the model 1610EZ firewood processor at the OLC. The processor has a highly mobile design, optional integrated conveyor, and a plentiful one-cord-per-hour production rating. The 24 hp Honda engine and heavy duty log lift and log deck provide solutions for the firewood producer with no support equipment.                                   

Building on the success of the company’s proven bar and chain models, Multitek now offers several models with a circular saw, including the popular Model 2040XP2. New innovations such as bundle-wood wedges, wood cleaners, pilot operator style controls, and new safety features enable firewood business owners to reduce costs and add value.